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Guide to Santo Stefano di Camastra in Sicily: City of Ceramics

A visit to the museum and a pottery factory is not to be missed

by Ada Parisi
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Santo Stefano di Camastra: la città della ceramica

Not only Caltagirone, Today I'm going to leave you a guide to Santo Stefano di Camastra in Sicily: city of ceramics on the east coast of Sicily, about 130 km from Messina. Despite the fact that Caltagirone is known throughout the world for the beauty of its ceramics, It is not the only Sicilian town to have a significant ceramic production: There are, For example,, also Burgio, Sciacca and Monreale. Is Santo Stefano di Camastra is famous for its handcrafted ceramics, whose production dates back to the 1700s. On St. Stephen's Day, enthusiasts can also Witness the production of ceramics in person visiting one of the many factories that are located around the village, exactly as we did in this VIDEO shot at La Spiga ceramic factory. And if you want to walk with me along the streets and shops of Santo Stefano, Look at this VIDEO ITINERARY.

If you are in Palermo in a group on holiday, You can have a nice private day tour PRIVATE TOUR FROM PALERMO TO CEFALÙ’ AND SANTO STEFANO DI CAMASTRA. Or, You can RENTING A CAR from Palermo, Catania, Ragusa and other main Sicilian cities to reach Santo Stefano di Camastra in comfort and autonomy. Among the particular activities in the area, I would like to point out one: in Reitano, just a few minutes from Santo Stefano di Camastra it is possible to take a SICILIAN COOKING CLASS IN A COUNTRY HOUSE: the ideal place to learn how to prepare pasta alla Norma and, Obviously, Eat.

Santo Stefano di Camastra: The City of Ceramics

The ceramic art of Santo Stefano di Camastra

Today in Santo Stefano di Camastra there are still about 50 craft shops that create wonderful objects, both in the classic and colorful Sicilian style and in a modern key. Walking along the main street it is impossible not to buy something: from simple souvenirs to colorful pine cones, from sumptuous Moor's heads to dinner sets to sculptures. But not only, Santo Stefano is also a tourist hotspot for its sandy beaches, The blue sea, Its historical monuments and culinary traditions. Not to mention the wonderful Museum of Ceramics.

Traces of ancient kilns would bring back the origins of the ceramic art of Santo Stefano di Camastra to the Arab era, But if you want to find a certain date, you have to go back to 1682, When an earthquake caused the country to move and rebuild further south. Thanks to the abundant presence of clay around the village, For the reconstruction, clay tiles and, in the 1700s, From roof tiles to majolica tiles. An art that made the country rich and flourishing. Stefano's ceramics are characterized by copper-green colored glazes, Yellow, Orange, cobalt blue: Garden Tables, jars, Cones, planters, Large Moor's heads stand side by side with small sculptures, Vases and jars, Dish-Sets. In short, It was a short step from ceramics of necessity to artistic ceramics.

Things to see in Santo Stefano di Camastra

But Santo Stefano di Camastra is not just ceramics, It is a city rich in history and culture. On your list of places to visit, in addition to Museum of Ceramics, which is located in a magnificent old palace (Trabia Palace) and has floors that will remain etched in your heart, can not miss Porta Palermo and the Avenue of Palms with the majolica belvedere. And still, the Sanctuary of the Holy Cross (called 'Holy Bed'), The Old Cemetery, Palazzo Armao (Seat of the Municipal Library). But also the St. Joseph's Church, the Church of San Francesco and the Church of San Domenico. If you love museums, You can also visit the Museum of Peasant Civilization.

Where to eat and where to stay in Santo Stefano di Camastra

  • Decorated entirely in ceramic and in the center, The Bed and Breakfast PAGLIARO PALACE is the ideal starting point to visit Santo Stefano di Camastra
  • Civic number 35 is the restaurant of Palazzo Pagliaro, A beautiful location and local cuisine
  • In the center there is the historic trattoria By Giannino: Typical fish and meat dishes and generous portions. Great cakes
  • in Reitano, just outside St. Stephen's, There is the farmhouse Il Casale 1882: A beautiful stone structure where they serve typical dishes. Don't miss the charcuterie appetizers and fried foods, but also pizzas
  • Bar da Franco and the Caffè Belvedere, two addresses in the historic center for breakfasts made in Sicily with granita, brioche, ice creams but also savory rotisserie.

How to get to Santo Stefano di Camastra

  • by train, from Messina in about 2 hours and from Palermo in 1 hour and 20 minutes
  • By car, from Messina with the A20 in about 1 hour and 30 minutes and from Palermo with the A20 in 1 hour and 35 minutes
  • by car from Catania in 2 hours and 20 minutes on the A19
  • with PRIVATE TRANSFER from Palermo

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