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Guide to Rometta Superiore: The Sicilian village that surprises

From the Byzantine church to the Norman palatium to the early Christian caves

by Ada Parisi
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Guida a Rometta Superiore: un borgo sorprendente in provincia di Messina

Things to see in Rometta Superiore, Sicilian village in the province of Messina

Today I'm going to leave you a guide to Rometta Superiore: This little Sicilian Village is located in the province of Messina, And it really is among the most characteristic villages in the area. An ancient village that It can be considered a castle town, Built On a hill, to almost 600 meters above sea level, Rometta Superiore It preserves Arab and Byzantine traditions, churches, Medieval palaces and streets. Visiting Rometta Superiore in one day is a pleasant discovery.

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This little Sicilian Village which matters today about thousand inhabitants in the province of Messina, is an ideal destination for a trip Out of Town, for all tourists who want to dedicate a whole day to a particular place, rich in history and traditions, even Gastronomic. Easily reachable from the motorway that connects Messina to Milazzo and Palermo, you can reach Rometta Superiore By car or bus departing from Rometta Marea, The hamlet that is located on the coast, overlooking the sea. In this guide to the Sicilian village of Rometta Superiore we will show you how Sicily has some small jewels yet to be discovered. What Agira or Ispica. And not just big and crowded tourist destinations.

Rometta Superiore: History of this small and surprising Sicilian village

Rometta Superiore, due to its highly strategic position on the Peloritani Mountains, It was a Byzantine stronghold and it was the last city in Sicily to fall under the domination of the Arabs before the year 1000. Afterwards, after the conquest by the Normans, Became seat of Count Roger of Hauteville and also of Frederick II of Swabia, who loved staying here, al fresco, in the hottest periods. Around 1200, The Norman rulers had the Palatium, a fortification that resembles a castle, of which some high walls remain, together with a Prison Tower. Rometta Superiore can be reached by car, passing through the Milazzo Gate, The only access route to the historic centre.

What to see among Byzantine views and jewels

From Rometta Superiore, having regard to its dominant position, can be admired Beautiful views. For example, from Piazza Margherita, where there is a large water fountain, The gaze can go to the south and to the west, From the mountains Peloritani to the Mountains Nebrodi, Up to the volcano Etna. On the other side, from Porta Messina, The gaze soars from the Calabrian coasts to the Dinnammar Shrineand, above the city of Messina. North, Towards the Gulf of Milazzo and the islands Aeolian, from Stromboli to Alicudi.

The historic centre of Rometta Superiore Boasts Byzantine buildings, such as the Church of Santa Maria dei Cerei, built between the sixth and tenth centuries A.D. (Greek cross plan, surmounted by a spherical dome) It has survived several earthquakes thanks to its robust architectural structure.

The early Christian caves of Rometta Superiore

A few kilometers before reaching Rometta Superiore, along the provincial road that climbs towards the historic village, you will meet the evocative Early Christian Caves. This is rock cavities carved into the rock sandstone, that can be reached on foot, After parking the car, in a few minutes along a well-kept road and in the middle of greenery. This is A dozen spaces, partially enclosed by masonry structures, that look like niches.

Some of them are Frescoed, A testimony to the ancient presence of man. According to some scholars, These caves were places of worship in the Byzantine era. In time, have been Also used as shelters for tools and as a shelter for animals. Within this Underground structure, There are also The remains of an early Christian basilica: Traces of frescoes remain in the walls and some pillars that delimited the naves of the church.

Things to see in Rometta Superiore in Sicily

– Early Christian Caves
– Early Christian basilica of Sotto San Giovanni
– Byzantine Church of Jesus and Mary or Church of Santa Maria dei Cerei
– ruins of the Norman Palatium
– Church of Sant'Antonino
– Church of the Madonna della Scala
– Fountain of Piazza Margherita
– Mother Church

Where to eat in Rometta Superiore

– Trattoria Sottocastello (appetizers, pasta alla norma, Roast meat, snails)
– U Catoju (Focaccia, arancini, pidoni, Almond pastries and traditional breads)

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