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Guide to Milazzo in Sicily: between nature and culture

Worth visiting is the largest fortified citadel in Sicily and the marine reserve

by Ada Parisi
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Milazzo, in provincia di Messina

Today I leave you a short guide to Milazzo in Sicily: A destination between nature and culture perfect as a weekend destination in every season. I'm going to show it to you in all its beauty in this VIDEO ITINERARY filmed last summer. Milazzo is a town in the province of Messina, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and the main starting point for those who want to reach the Aeolian Islands by boat or by hydrofoil. If you were to spend a weekend in Milazzo, You could use a day to make a BOAT TRIP FROM MILAZZO TO PANAREA AND STROMBOLI.

But don't just leave for the Aeolian Islands: Milazzo is definitely worth a visit of one or two days. I know Milazzo so well that for me it is almost home: I've been there hundreds of times and I love it very much. I have so many memories linked to its historic center and Capo Milazzo that I am almost unable to remember them all.

How to get to Milazzo and where to stay

If you land in Catania, you can reach Milazzo either by Sais bus or by a PRIVATE TRANSFER (Possibly also available from thePALERMO AIRPORT). Or, You can RENTING A CAR from Palermo, Catania, Ragusa and other main Sicilian cities to reach Milazzo in comfort. Is’ A service that I often use when I arrive at the airport.

And if you are looking for a hotel, I suggest three in three different styles: For those who love the sea, the right choice is definitely the’EOLIAN MILAZZO HOTELS, with swimming pool and 200 meters from the beautiful beach of Capo Milazzo. Still with a sea view but in the city, find the’UPPER BOUTIQUE HOTEL, in a minimal chic style. Finally, near the bay of Tono, There is the MANZONI 46 – HOSPITALITY’ SICILIAN, Design hotel with terrace in every room.

A weekend in Milazzo in Sicily: What to see

Dominated by the Arab-Norman Castle from the top of a small hill, Milazzo has now become an important centre in northern Sicily as well as a Very popular tourist destination. In the summer it comes alive with shows, Concerts and events, But restaurants and nightclubs make it attractive in any season. For me, That I love less crowded places, The best times to visit are out of season: autumn, Spring, Beautiful winter days. Milazzo is a perfect destination for a two-day visit or even a single day.

The castle with the fortifications, The long beaches and the old town are the main attractions of this town that was the site of the famous battle of Milazzo. The Battle of Milazzo took place between 17 and 24 July 1860: Giuseppe Garibaldi's Thousand defeated the Bourbon troops in the years in which the path that led to the Unification of Italy was being completed.

And here's what to visit in a weekend in Milazzo, in Sicily. Start by strolling along the tree-lined promenade and looking at the beautiful gulf of Milazzo. The sea is blue in color, coloured by small fishing boats. In summer there are numerous yachts. Right on the seafront there is A destination for foodies: Stop by Sikè Gelato to try one of the best artisanal ice creams in the whole province of Messina. Along the inner side, You will see splendid eighteenth-century noble palaces, such as Palazzo Catanzaro-Gemelli, Palazzo Bonaccorsi, Proto Palace, Syracuse Palace, Greek Palace, Palazzo Marchesi-D'Amico.

The castle of Milazzo and the historic churches

Among the most important attractions is the Federico II Castle, An imposing Arab-Norman fortification, then enlarged with high walls by the Aragonese and considered one of the largest fortified citadels in all of Sicily. Inside you will also find The Muma, The Museum of the Sea, and the Archaeological Antiquarium, with finds dating back to the Neolithic period, but also the Museum of the Sea. Not to be missed, a visit to the Sanctuary of San Francesco di Paola, with a Baroque-style church and an adjoining convent, Built around the year 1460 and then remodeled.

In a guide to Milazzo, in Sicily, You can't miss the many questions: among the most beautiful, the Ancient Cathedral near the Castle and then the Church of San Rocco, the Church of the Immaculate Conception, the Church of St. James the Apostle, the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie And the Church of SS. Salvatore. Don't miss the Art Nouveau Milan of Villa Vaccarino (designed by Gaetano Bonanno, an engineer from Messina), of the romantic Greek Cottage and of the Trifiletti Theatre. Also worth visiting is the Town Hall, also called 'Palazzo dell'Aquila', of the neoclassical era, built in front of the sea to the architect Giuseppe Ryolo.

Capo Milazzo and the beaches of Ponente

In Milazzo, In addition to culture, there is also room for those who love nature: It is imperative to set aside time to do a visit to the spectacular Capo Milazzo and its marine protected area (since 2019), where you can admire, surrounded by nature, an incomparable view of the Aeolian Islands (especially Vulcano, Lipari and Salina). in the summertime, in the marine protected area you can also take an unforgettable swim in the famous pools of Venus. A natural bay carved into the rock by the waves of the sea. Admire in this VIDEO ITINERARY the splendour of this marine protected area among olive and prickly pear trees.

The roads leading to the beaches of Ponente and Levante are dotted with Art Nouveau villas and noble houses that will make you understand how important Milazzo was from 1700 to 1900.

For one of the most beautiful sunsets in Sicily, the beach I recommend is the Ponente beach, Very crowded in summer and particularly impressive in winter. When the mistral blows, The sea stirs and creates an impressive spectacle in which the power of nature shows itself in all its power. In front of you, on the blue background of the sea, the beauty of the Aeolian Islands. A swim in the bay of Tono is a must, A corner sheltered from the currents: on days when visibility is high and the sky is clear, you will feel like you can touch the Aeolian Islands by stretching out an arm.

Scenically beautiful, but with a more open sea, is the Baia Sant'Antonio. You can reach it by walking down the suggestive steps that also lead to the Rock Sanctuary of St. Anthony, Carved into the rock. During the summer, Milazzo is the liveliest town in north-eastern Sicily. Ice cream, restaurants, street food, art, exhibitions and live music are the daily bread for thousands of tourists who love to spend their holidays in Milazzo. But I invite you to visit it out of season: You will be enchanted by it.


  • The old town and its narrow streets
  • Castle and walled city with fortifications
  • Museum of the Sea
  • Archaeological Antiquarium
  • Muma, The Museum of the Sea
  • Sanctuary of San Francesco di Paola
  • rock sanctuary of Sant'Antonio
  • the churches in the centre and the Art Nouveau villas
  • seafront-promenade Marina Garibaldi
  • Ponente beach and the bay of Tono
  • Capo Milazzo marine protected area and Venus pools


  • Siké ice cream: one of the best and most awarded artisanal ice creams in Sicily
  • Trattoria La Casalinga: The 'Casareccio' restaurant’ which is always a guarantee
  • Balice Restaurant: Gourmet restaurant for those who love different experiences
  • Pasticceria Fiumara: All the great classics of Sicilian pastry and ice cream
  • Rusticando (street food): Sicilian rotisserie in all its many facets
  • Bar Washington: cafeteria, pastry shop and ice cream parlour specialising in cocktails and aperitifs overlooking the sea
  • Double Zero: Pizzeria and restaurant in an elegant setting
  • Electric Verace: gourmet pizzeria inside the Parco Corolla shopping center

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