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Guide to Leonforte in Sicily and the 'peaches in the bag'’

The land of the Gran Fonte and the broad bean

by Ada Parisi
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Leonforte, la Gran Fonte

Today I'm going to leave you a guide to Leonforte, a small and ancient village in the province of Enna and a product of excellence linked to it, the “Peaches in the bag”. That is, the peaches of Leonforte PGI, A niche product of extraordinary quality, as well as the broad bean of Leonforte. In this VIDEO ITINERARY I'll show you the beauty of this small town in the Sicilian hinterland. If you don't have a car, You can RENTING A CAR from Palermo, Catania, Ragusa , Enna and other major Sicilian cities to reach Leonforte in comfort.

Visiting Leonforte, which today has almost 15 thousand inhabitants, It means immersing yourself in the Sicilian environment of small villages, to savor the taste of that other Sicily that escapes the great tourist routes. This famous town in the province of Enna, founded in the 17th century by Prince Niccolò Placido Branciforti, It is a solemn country, golden and perched on the slope of a hill above 600 meters above sea level. Formerly the site of the settlement of Tavas, the current Leonforte was a Byzantine center, Arabic and Norman. The name 'Leonforte'’ it was given by Niccolò Branciforti himself in homage to his heraldic symbol: A lion rampant holding a banner. And don't forget, if you go to Leonforte, to visit the beautiful and nearby AGIRA.

Leonforte, The Great Fountain


Leonforte is best known The Great Fountain, also known as “Fountain of the 24 Cannola”, in Sicilian dialect. A monumental drinking trough in Renaissance-Baroque style built in the mid-1600s and 25 meters long from which clear water flows uninterruptedly from 24 bronze spouts. The central part is surmounted by the coat of arms of the powerful Branciforti family. From here, You can enjoy a beautiful view of an area rich in water and old mills. The Gran Fonte is always very suggestive to visit. The advice is to go there mid-morning, when the sun makes the stones shine and when the arches frame a panorama of high and turquoise skies. At sunset, the Great Fountain is tinged with golden red and is well lit at night.


Among the products to buy, definitely the broad bean of Leonforte it is an agri-food excellence not to be missed. But the most famous product of this town in the province of Enna is the Peach of Leonforte PGI, known as the peach in the bag. It is a Late Fishing, juicy, It is a very fragrant plant that is grown in Leonforte and in 4 other municipalities in the province. In fact, Leonforte fishing is a niche and an excellence to be protected. The PGI mark was obtained in 2010. This peach can be enjoyed until late November. And in this VIDEO I'll take you with me to pick the peaches of Leonforte in September!

Behind this production, There is a great deal of craftsmanship. In the ripening phase, The peach is closed by hand in a parchment bag to ensure that it grows protected from flies and bad weather. The harvest is also done completely by hand. They are very versatile in the kitchen and can be used for numerous preparations, from jam to peaches in syrup. Passing through many delicious desserts such as TART WITH PISTACHIO FRANGIPANE CREAM AND PEACHES. Pesca di Leonforte PGI can be purchased online or can be found in some Italian supermarkets, at a price slightly higher than the average of other Italian peaches. Quality is guaranteed.

The village of Leonforte, in the province of Enna


  • The Great Fountain
  • the ruins of Tavi Castle, called "u Castiddazzu", Fortress of Byzantine origin, Then Arab Defense Element, Norman and finally seat of the "Barony of Tavi
  • Piazza Margherita, built in a circular shape on the model of the famous Quattro canti of Palermo
  • the Villa Comunale
  • Piazza 4 Novembre
  • Branciforti Palace
  • the Church of the Capuchins (with sculptures by Gagini and the sarcophagus of Princess Caterina)
  • the Mother Church of St. John the Baptist
  • St. Stephen's Church
  • the Monte Altesina Nature Reserve (in the territories between Leonforte and Nicosia)


  • Osteria Ammangiari
  • Ariturismo Canalotto


  • Leonforte is an agricultural center with beautiful countryside, where wheat is produced, oil but above all niche products such as broad beans (with which to prepare a tasty macco di fave siciliano), the black lentil of the Enna hills and above all the September peach Igp (Late), call also “Fishing in the bag”.
  • 100% made in Sicily jewels by Sicily Giuliano di Franco.

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Andrea Caiazzo 2 November 2023 - 09:59

If it weren't for the Sicilians who still allow themselves to be used by criminals dressed as politicians , Sicily would be an Italian excellence to be visited and experienced ❤️

Ada Parisi 2 November 2023 - 10:58

Andrea, good morning, I share the idea of Sicily as excellence, But on the question of the Sicilians, while not blaming you in an absolute sense, I would ask you not to generalize so as not to offend all those honest and combative Sicilians who do not allow themselves to be used at all. There are so many, believe me. A warm greeting, ADA


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