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Drive in Bergen Norway: what to see and where to eat

Fisketorget, Rosenkranz Tower and Fortress and the views from Mount Floyen

by Ada Parisi
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Bryggen, il quartiere storico di Begen. Cosa vedere e dove mangiare a Bergen

Travel tips: Bergen in Norway. What to see, Where to sleep and where to eat

Magical Bergen: Today I'm going to leave you a travel guide to the beautiful city of Bergen in Norway: And I tell you What to see and where to eat in this place nestled between sea and sky. Bergen is the capital of the Norwegian fjords: Sustainable city, second most important centre in Norway (after Oslo), It's one of those places you won't forget. Well worth a trip and at least three days of stay for the richness and variety of the tourist offer. You can getting around Bergen with ease on foot, but Renting a car is necessary if you want to make some unmissable trips out of town. I have used AUTO EUROPE And I had a great time. In this VIDEO ITINERARY for a three-day holiday in Bergen On my YouTube channel I show you The City Live: Come with me to this wonderful Nordic capital to admire the fjords of Bergen and its old-fashioned charm.

Before you go, Visit the online Bergen Tourist Information Centre where to get information to visit the city and where to buy the Bergen Card. A useful pass for getting around by public transport, Visiting the monuments, museums and numerous art exhibitions of this Norwegian city. In addition to having Discounts on food and beverages in many restaurants, souvenir shops and cafes. Bergen è una città immersa nel mare: un mare nordico, molto diverso dal nostro mar Mediterraneo. Se amate i climi caldi, potreste pensare a trascorrere UN FINE SETTIMANA A MARSIGLIA, un città davvero originale e unica.

Things to see in Bergen in Norway

Known for its old district of Bryggen, Unesco, Bergen is one of the rainiest cities in the whole country, with an average of two hundred rainy days in a year. Located in southwestern Norway, is frequented by thousands of tourists, often passengers of the Large Cruise Ships,who disembark in large numbers at the large port piers, especially in the summer.

Bergen is located at the foot of Mount Floyen, along the bank of the Vaagen River, and It is the largest medieval town in Norway. His Old Port It is studded with the characteristics of Colorful wooden houses, which in the past were places of trade and fish processing. And today they are home to museums, handicraft shops, pub, bar, Restaurants & Galleries. Bergen has an airport, But I went to Bergen to see OSLO WITH A RENTAL CAR. I crossed Norway and stopped in Flam, for TAKE AN UNFORGETTABLE CRUISE ON THE BEAUTIFUL NAEROFIJORD: You can admire it too watching this VIDEO about my experience. In any case, now reaching Norway is now really simple and on TRAVEL UP Find many Flight offers to major destinations in Europe and beyond. Like Marseille, The perfect place for a THREE-DAY ITINERARY.

What to see in Bergen in 2 days

Among the first things to see in Bergen, assuming a stay of 2-3 days, There's definitely a The Fish Market (Fisketorget). The Hanseatic port was the seat of the Hanseatic League merchants from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century. Today it is animated by a lively Seafood market which has very ancient origins. Since the thirteenth century, This commercial space provides fish to the locals. Is, today, satisfies the many visitors who can find the typical specialties of this area throughout the day.

Bergen: Experiences between food and wine and nature

Discover the local food and wine specialties. In Bergen You can also have a fun GUIDED TOUR TO DISCOVER THE SPECIALTIES’ LOCAL Between the market and the old town. Is, If you are a true gourmet And yours is a travel that points about food and wine, I suggest you a Beautiful experience: TASTE OF NORWAY, a visit to Bergen's main food shops with coffee tasting, traditional croissants and sweets such as Kanelbullar (Norwegian Cinnamon rolls) and tasting dinner based on local specialties.

From whale salami to fresh fish soups, from caviar to herring, passing through all kinds of molluscs and crustaceans, but also paella and reindeer burgers, accompanied by local beers. The old town, close to the port, preserves its medieval layout, with narrow cobblestone-covered streets, which today are full of premises and services for residents, from bakeries to tea rooms and cocktail bars.

Don't miss Mount Floyen: is one of Bergen's most popular attractions. It's a place surrounded by greenery from which you can admire a Panoramic view of the city and the sea, with the gaze that is lost in the numerous fjords that surround it. To get to Mount Floyen, Possibly take the Floibanen funicular (Time 5 minutes) and reach the wooded heights. From here you can make Quiet and easy hikes on well-marked and marked trails, or have a simple coffee while admiring the views.

Especially For children I suggest you see Bergen Aquarium: for a fun and educational experience, The aquarium is home to a wide variety of marine life, including sharks, Rays and sea turtles.

If you love the nature, You can visit the area of Ulriken: it is the highest of the seven mountains that surround Bergen. It's a great place to hike and take in the stunning views of the city. It can also be reached with a spectacular cable car which reaches an altitude of 650 meters above sea level.

Monuments and Old Town of Bergen: what to see

A visit to Bergen's Old Town must of course start in Bryggen (Unesco heritage). Is’ The city's historic district, with its unmistakable Colorful wooden houses that often, formerly, They were damaged by large fires and then rebuilt. There are about sixty left. Located on the Right bank of the harbour, Walking distance to the fish market and Bergenhus Fortress, the district of Bryggen is usually. Since 1979 it has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From that date on, a great activity of protection and promotion of this late-medieval district and its unique architecture began, that form a kind of labyrinth. And that make the city of Bergen one of the most visited places in all of Norway.

If you're short on time and don't know what to prioritize, I advise you to rely on those who have more experience and book a GUIDED TOUR OF BERGEN'S MAIN TOURIST ATTRACTIONS.

A must visit the Bergenhus Fortress and the Rosenkranz Tower: It is a fortress that dates back to the thirteenth Century, where you can learn more about the history of the city of Bergen. From the walls of the fortress you can enjoy beautiful views of the port and the surrounding hills. A stone's throw away is the Rosenkranz Tower, one of the oldest buildings in Norway, Built in the year one thousand two hundred, at that time the residence of the King of Norway, Eirik Magnusson.

Yet, Don't miss out Bergen Cathedral: along the Lille Øvregate you will be able to admire works of street art, that made Bergen famous around the world. Bergen Cathedral is just down the street. A cannonball is lodged in one of its walls, as a testimony to the Battle of Vågen, between the English and Dutch fleets in 1665. The building is dedicated to the patron saint of Norway, Olav II, Martyred in the Battle of Stiklestad, in 1030.

By taking one of the many local buses you can go and visit the Damsgard country mansion: is a Rococo style building, Entirely made of wood. Among the many present in Bergen, it is the one that has been best preserved. Built around 1770, hosts a Museum and a well-kept garden which are both visitable.

Where to eat in Bergen, Norway

  • Al Fisketorget: Eating in the fish market It means being able to try the various dishes in kiosks and small outdoor restaurants. You can choose between a table or stroll through the stalls. There are several restaurants, also takeaway, And my favorite was FishMe. Here you can enjoy, among other things, a delicious sushi with local fish.
  • Bryggeloftet & Stuene restaurant: Traditional restaurant, Where you can try halibut dishes, reindeer, Pavlova with mullet. The first floor of the restaurant is beautiful, where you can also enjoy an excellent craft beer.
  • The Unicorn fish Restaurant (Quaint restaurant, housed in a historic wooden house in the Bryggen district. Traditional dishes in a refined setting, such as traditional fish soup or whale carpaccio. Honestly a little bit’ overpriced compared to the quality of the food.
  • Bryggen tracteursted: A lovely traditional restaurant, housed in the heart of the wooden houses of the old Bryggn district. Offers local dishes such as stockfish au gratin, marinated salmon, Reindeer tartare, Mutton ribs.
  • Bien Basar, Where you can try Persetorsk, Ancient traditional cod dish, marinated in a solution of salt and sugar and served with a pea puree, a butter sauce and trout roe.
  • Cornelius Sjømatrestaurant à haute cuisine restaurant, offering a tasting of Norwegian sea rarities with fish, molluscs and crustaceans. It can be reached by boat, in about 30 minutes, after a beautiful journey through the fjords which is included in the price. Is’ a wonderful experience that I recommend to anyone going to Bergen.
  • No Stress: one of the best cocktail bars in Norway, Modern and informal environment. Here you can experience mixology of the highest quality, with preparations obtained from original Norwegian spirits together with the great international classics.

Where to stay in Bergen, in Norway

We have decided to house at Thon hotel Bristol Bergen, Very central, a stone's throw from Fisketorget, The Fish Market. But on Booking.com Find many Central hotels to choose from according to your budget. Sleeping and eating in Norway is typically quite expensive, But there is a great offer and you will certainly find accommodation that suits you.


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