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Popsicles and semifreddo: 12 summer recipes

Perfect result without ice cream maker

by Ada Parisi
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Gelato affogato al caffè

Summer: time of popsicles and semifreddo and here are 12 summer recipes not to be missed. You will find popsicles and semifreddo for all tastes: easy to prepare, no ice cream maker. Why making real ice cream at home is complicated: you don't just need a powerful ice cream maker, better if with built-in compressor. You also need a perfectly balanced recipe and specific ingredients, that not everyone has at home. Like dextrose (granulated sugar is not good), milk powder, natural thickeners such as guar flour, of locust beans or tare gum, and inulin if you want to make fruit ice cream or in any case without milk and eggs.

Semifreddo or ice cream: which one to choose?

As for the semifreddo, the process is simpler, the ingredients that are easy to find and the optimal result. All the recipes I leave you come from professional ice cream and pastry books.

For those who were a bit’ lazy or had no time, you will also find very easy recipes of both popsicles and 'clever' semifreddo, that is, prepared not following the professional procedure but with some 'shortcuts', such as the use of mascarpone or liquid condensed milk instead of pate à bomb.

The essential ingredients for a good semifreddo

What you can not give up if you want to prepare a quality dessert are a neutral hazelnut paste from Piedmont PGI or Green pistachio by Bronte Dop of the highest quality. As well as high quality chocolate.: my favorite for this type of preparations is the Callebaut chocolate, which also has the pink type Ruby, and buy it on Amazon. And still, a great freeze-dried coffee. And now, to work! Click on the individual recipes and have a good summer!

Homemade popsicles: fresh and light

Semifreddo and ice creams 'cunning’ and yummy

Cream seeds: a great classic


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