Watermelon Frost (Frost Melone)

Frost Sicilian watermelon

Not only cannoli and cassata. Sicily is also the land of watermelon frost, or 'the frost muluni'. A creamy delight, scented with fresh jasmine flowers (you can also use a pinch of cinnamon, I would not put it because I prefer the taste of pure jasmine) and traditionally enriched by dark chocolate (I prefer to Modica IGP, crunchy and less sweet). Inside the frost, you can also put pieces of candied pumpkin and you can decorate with pistachio.

In Palermo the watermelon frost is considered among the most traditional sweets of the Sicilian pastry and prepares also in the form of delicious sable pastry tartlets or covered tart filled with watermelon frost. In Palermo this dessert is called 'mellone frost', why is the Italianate dialect word 'muluni', indicating watermelon. In the rest of Sicily, the watermelon frost is also called frost melon, although watermelon (or watermelon) and the melon are two completely different fruits. The recipe is simple, vegan and gluten-free, because all the frosts of Sicilian fruit (a confectionery preparation of Arab origin) thicken with cornstarch (corn starch).

A tip

Here on my You Tube channel you will also find video recipe for watermelon Frost, step by step. Needless to poke fun: fresh jasmine (Jasminum Grandiflorum, or the Sicilian jasmine from edible flowers) are crucial to give the frost that scent of starry summer nights that characterizes this sweet. Without, the watermelon frost has little taste. L'alternative? You can buy in health food dried jasmine flowers, but you'll have to pay close attention to the dosage, because their flavor is much more intense than the fresh jasmine. How much chocolate, the tradition wants it on the bottom of the bowl, but pouring hot frost melts and I do not like, so I only use it on, but the choice is yours.

I would not want you sfuggiste the regional ceramic saucer-shaped watermelon: I love it and it is a creation of Marcella Orlando, talented decorator ceramic Furnari. If you like the pottery, take a look at the site Ceramics Terre Solari, A beauty sea. At this point, We just need to have a look at all my recipes GELI FRUIT and my SICILIAN RECIPES, and have a good day!


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  • a liter of watermelon juice (net weight)
  • 90 grams of corn starch (glutenfree), frumina or flour 00
  • 110-130 grams of sugar depending on the sweetness of watermelon
  • 30 jasmine flowers infused in 20 milliliters mineral water for a whole day
  • dark chocolate (I Modica's IGP), to taste
  • candied pumpkin (Optional)
  • pistachios to decorate (Optional)


Frost Sicilian watermelon

To frost of watermelon, you'll have to get the watermelon juice. There's only one way to do it: You must pass the watermelon in Blender. If you have the centrifugal, that separates the pulp from the juice, you can use it safely. The idea of ​​blending watermelon with kitchen mixer is doomed to failure: if the blend will get juice and pulp and frost will be too hard, opaque and lumpy. Proceed then to cut the watermelon into pieces and to eliminate visible seeds (so the others will remain in the mill), pass the fruit to the mill and, once obtained liter of juice, set it aside.

Mix in a saucepan the cornstarch with sugar and pour slowly the watermelon juice, stirring with a spoon or with a whisk, in order to dissolve the powders to obtain a first batter, then a cream and finally a homogeneous liquid. Add the water in which you have infused jasmine flowers.

Don't forget, before baking frost of watermelon, sample of the liquid to check whether the amount of sugar is sufficient, because the amount depends greatly on the sweetness of watermelon.

Frost Sicilian watermelon

Cook over low heat and stirring constantly watermelon frost (as for custard) until it thickens: Be careful, because the watermelon frost tends to stick on the bottom of the pot. When the ice has thickened, becoming a cream, let simmer (stirring constantly) for a minute.

Remove from heat and, with a whip in hand, stir vigorously frost of watermelon, then pour into cups. If you want to unmold the ice watermelon, you have to wet the cups with cold water before pouring the frost. If you're putting on the bottom of the bowl dark chocolate and candied pumpkin, It is the moment.

Let cool the watermelon frost at room temperature and, When it is cold, cover with plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator overnight or for at least 12 hours. At this point you just have to decorate watermelon frost with chocolate, pistachios, candied fruit and fresh taste and jasmine. Bon appétit!

Watermelon Frost (Frost Melone)

Watermelon Frost (Frost Melone)

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alessandro Priano 6 September 2019 at 12:28

Hi Ada.
I have not eaten this delicacy for decades !…ho molto memorie mangiare questo a uno dei bar a piazza mondello con la mia famiglia 🙂
a question please ….It will be very difficult to find fresh jasmine flowers here ……..pero wua we have two things that are called ” aqua roses” and ” aqua orange”….pensi that I put to use this instead of jasmine ?
I looked at the other recipes of fruit frost and are all delicious ..no wait to try them!
Thanks Ada
Alessandro xx

Ada Parisi 6 September 2019 at 16:42

Hello Alexander, Yes, test with a few drop of one or the other, my pocket pocket. And let me know! The fruit gels are all very good and there is one for every season. A warm greeting


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