Frisella caprese

bread seems, but it is not. The frisella, In fact, It is fired a first time and then, after being cut in half, It is baked again in the oven to dry: in this sense the delicious frisella is closer to a rusk (bis-cotto, baked twice) that bread. Dura, tough, when softened with water it is ready to be garnished in delicious and imaginative way. I have prepared a summer recipe, caprese frisella, because I dressed (I would say to the Sicilian 'cunzato', because frisella reminds me so much bread cunzato they do in Salina Alfredo) frisella with extra virgin olive oil, IGP Pachino tomatoes, yellow and red Datterini, DOP mozzarella balls and fresh basil buffalo. The frisella is a poor dish, poverty-stricken: It born tough because it was transported (tied with a thread, why frisella born with a hole) in the saddlebags of farmers or fishermen for days, and so it was maintained better. soft coverage by the ingredient poorest of all, the water (fishermen were using sea water, and so frisella had the taste of salt), He was then topped with what was: oil, garlic, tomatoes, Basil, oregano, olives, salted anchovies. Modern versions, richer, provide tuna or mozzarella. But frisella is nothing if not the palette on which the South Italy, and the wonderful Apulia in the first place but, other names, Also the Campania, Calabria, Sardinia (with his bread 'and fressa) and Sicily painted once a simple meal and, today, a street food has become fashionable and even gourmet.

FRISELLA CAPRESE (easy recipe)

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  • Frisella 1 large or 4 small Friselle
  • 350 grams of mixed tomatoes (Pachino, yellow and red Datterini, Piccadilly, Camone)
  • extra virgin olive oil, to taste
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • fresh basil, as Bastau
  • oregano, to taste
  • 300 grams of mozzarella di bufala Dop


Frisella caprese

Wash tomatoes and cut them in half and quartered. Place the tomatoes in a bowl and season with salt, extra virgin olive oil, oregano and fresh basil. Soak a few minutes the tomatoes seasoned. Chop the mozzarella di bufala DOP.

Before preparing any type of frisella, you have to wet it with water to soften it. The residence time of frisella in water depends on how you want it soft and varies from 30 seconds to a frisa a bit’ more tenacious up to a minute for a really soft frisella, maybe even to use chopped to prepare a panzanella.

Wet the frisella under running water in a uniform manner for 30 seconds (or more if you prefer), then put on the plate. Sprinkle with a little frisella’ of extra virgin olive oil and arrange the tomatoes seasoned. abound, as Southern Italian tradition frisella must overflow with tomatoes and needs to be soaked in their own juice. Once the frisella is well seasoned, arrange the mozzarella Dop buffalo. Garnish with fresh basil, some’ black pepper and even a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. And now enjoy your frisella and all the wonderful taste of Puglia. Have a good day!


OPTIONS: You can garnish with tomatoes frisella, pickled or salted anchovies, cheese and tuna in oil. Or, as they do in Calabria, with tomatoes, red onion from Tropea, fresh oregano and lots of chili. If you want to taste it Sicilian, you can use the pickled eggplant, the bucket tomatoes, tuma and anchovies in oil, or arrange over the traditional eggplant caponata. In any case, frisella will be the perfect base for any seasoning.



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elisabetta corbetta 16 August 2018 at 12:27

I love it with all those colorful cherry tomatoes
A big kiss

Antonella 16 August 2018 at 09:51

A poor dish, poor as you say, ADA, but behind which it hides intact all the richness of our Mediterranean diet today “boffins” found!
Allow me a little hint: They are also excellent with small flaps of roasted peppers seasoned with garlic and olive oil and chunks of mozzarella! 😎
The presto and buone vacanze!!! Antonella

Ada Parisi 20 August 2018 at 15:55

Hello Antonella, thank you for the suggestion. The variant which is very attractive propose. To try


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