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Fregula with artichokes and saffron

by Ada Parisi
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Fregula con carciofi e zafferano. Dalla Sardegna un primo piatto semplice ma buonissimo, perfetto per i vegani, ma potete arricchirla con burro e formaggio.

Sardinian Fregula with artichokes and saffron. Alternative recipe to risotto for a simple and delicious dish, prepared as a risotto. Every time I go back to Sardinia with something good: this time, I brought to Rome a fregula bag and some prickly artichoke and I prepared a dish in my opinion wonderful in its simplicity Obviously on my YouTube channel also find VIDEO TUTORIAL ON HOW TO CLEAN ARTICHOKES perfectly.

A plate that can also be vegan

Everything here is Sardinian: in addition to fregula and artichokes I also used the saffron of San Gavino. But not only: This is a dish so rich and tasty that it is also excellent in a vegan key. That is without adding butter and pecorino. Ingredients which also go wonderfully well with this dish, and you can safely add fregula turning this into a kind of very creamy risotto. To me, I confess, like simple, seasoned only with olive oil and plenty of black pepper, slightly softer than a risotto, because they feel the tastes of hard wheat of fregula and that of artichokes. But even creamier version, similar to risotto, and creamed with butter and cheese is amazing.

My brother does not eat rice, and the fregula is a great alternative to rice, because it can be treated in the same way: I offer it in fact risottata version, ie before roasted and then cooked slowly, gradually adding the vegetable stock, exactly like a risotto. If you do not know the Sardinian fregula, no fear: read my article and watch this video on how to do handmade Sardinian fregula and have a look also to all my RECIPES WITH fregula SARDA as the FREGULA SOUP WITH CLAMS, and my RECIPES WITH ARTICHOKES. And now I wish you good day!

Fregula con carciofi e zafferano. Dalla Sardegna un primo piatto semplice ma buonissimo, perfetto per i vegani, ma potete arricchirla con burro e formaggio.


Portions: 4 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
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320 grams of Sardinian fregula (or you can simply use rice)

4 Sardinian thorny artichoke

one shallot or fresh onion

saffron or two sachets of saffron powder

vegetable broth, to taste

60 milliliters of dry white wine

extra virgin olive oil, to taste

40 grams butter (Optional)

pecorino sardo Dop, to taste (Optional)

salt and pepper, to taste

little finely chopped parsley


Fregula with artichokes and saffron. From Sardinia a first simple but delicious dish, Perfect for vegans, but you can enrich it with butter and cheese.

Fregula with artichokes and saffron

To enjoy your fregula with artichokes and saffron must first clean the artichokes and I show you how to do that VIDEO TUTORIAL ON HOW TO CLEAN ARTICHOKES: eliminate the extreme part of the stem and the tough outer leaves, until you get to the heart. Then cut the artichokes in half, remove the outer beard and put them in a bowl with water acidulated with lemon juice.

Finely chop the shallots or onion and brown in olive oil and a little hot water. Chop the artichokes and add them to the onion, sauté over high heat and add the fregula. roast them for a minute, then blend with the white wine. Let evaporate the alcohol and start cooking the artichokes fregula like a risotto, gradually adding the boiling vegetable broth. As a risotto, do not add more broth until the previous dose has not been absorbed by the fregula. Halfway through cooking, add the saffron and half the finely chopped parsley. Season with salt and pepper.

Continue cooking until the fregula is cooked but still al dente and, fire off, add the remaining chopped parsley. You can decide whether to leave the Sardinian fregula with artichokes and saffron as well, completing the dish with only a few drops of extra virgin olive oil (It is very good, delicate and vegan), or serve it as a risotto, then creamier. In the latter case, to accentuate the taste, you can keep the fregula with a little extra virgin olive oil or butter and Sardinian pecorino Dop grated. Serve the Sardinian fregula with artichokes and saffron immediately. Bon appétit!

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