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strawberries: calories and 17 easy desserts

by Ada Parisi
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Torta madeleine con ricotta e fragole: una base sofficissima e delicata, una gustosa crema di ricotta e tante fragole fresche. Il dolce perfetto per la festa della mamma.

Red, luscious and fragrant: May is the month of roses, but it comes with the scent of fresh strawberries. If you don't know what the properties and calories of strawberries are and how to use them in the kitchen I'll explain it to you in 17 recipes for easy and fragrant desserts. On the other hand, the same name “strawberries” comes from Latin “fragrate”, indicating something that smells good. Today we talk about this fruit so loved by adults and children and so versatile in the kitchen.

They are delicious on their own when they are sweet and sugary, great fruit salad simply seasoned with sugar and citrus juice and perfect in any kind of pastry pairing. The SWEET RECIPES WITH STRAWBERRIES they are a lot: cakes, Loaf pan, ice cream, frozen desserts, mousse and pastries. I propose 17 to taste. But, beyond sweets, remember that strawberries are also excellent for enriching salads that accompany savory dishes such as l’STRAWBERRY SALAD, FENNELS AND TUNA BRESAOLA or in a MIXED SALAD WITH STANDARD CHICKEN PETTI.

Is' strawberry time: beneficial properties calories and recipes of 17 easy desserts

Strawberries: botanica, variety, calorie, tips and all recipes

The ones we know today, especially in the larger varieties, they are the result of crosses between different varieties of wild strawberries that occurred around 1700. But still there are varieties of strawberries that grow naturally in the undergrowth, also in Italy. Today there are over 600 known strawberry truths, different color, dimension, taste and taste. Perhaps not everyone knows that, botanically speaking, the red pulp of strawberries is not the fruit of the plant, but the bulge of the stalk that occurs after fertilization of the flower.

The true fruits of the strawberry are those little yellow seeds that cover it completely and which are called achenes. The plant Strawberry (Fragaria Vesca, belonging to the family Rosaceae) It is a low plant, with their winding stems on the ground, that they are rooted creating new plants. Its cultivation is quite simple, so to be able to be done in house balcony.

The varieties of strawberries that are normally found in supermarkets are usually Belrubi, Always milk the child, Madeleine, Roxana and the Sabrosa, hence the now famous varieties Candonga produced in Basilicata. But there are some high quality varieties such as strawberry of Tortona (Slow Food) and the strawberries of Nemi, that are located in production areas, the scent and unique taste. Or strawberries Terracina (Field beans Terracina), sweet, which are located around the center of production in Lazio.

Calorie and nutritional properties of strawberries

Strawberries are low in calories and have many beneficial nutritional properties for the body: don't forget to eat them alone or by trying one of my 17 sweet recipes. They are rich in antioxidants and an excellent source of vitamin C. In addition, contain sodium, potassium, football, phosphorus, iron and Xilitolo (counteracting dental plaque formation. They have diuretic properties (thanks to potassium and vitamin C), purifying, remineralizing and astringent. Their consumption is recommended for everyone, even to diabetics. Obviously natural, no added sugar.

100 grams of strawberries contain
  • 30 calorie
  • 90,5 grams of water
  • 0,9 grams of protein
  • 0,4 grams of fat
  • 5,3 grams of sugars
  • 1,6 grams of fiber

(source Create)

How to choose and store strawberries

At the time of purchase it is difficult to choose strawberries that are with certainty tasty. Greatness, the shine the color are not in itself guarantee of taste. But surely it is preferable to choose strawberries without dents and dark parts, bright in color compared to those with a dull color. The pigeon must be bright green and meaty.

Pay attention to transport and temperature, because strawberries can't stand the heat and, having no peel, a little bump is enough to damage them. Also keep in mind that soft or mouldy strawberries ‘infect’ the other fruits immediately and should be discarded. Then, check with strawberries carefully placed in the bottom of the pans that are purchasing.

Using strawberries in the kitchen and little tricks

Remember to wash strawberries under running water and never keep them in a bath, because they impregnate themselves with liquid. Strawberries are among the most perishable fruits: refrigerate for two or three days without washing and storing them on a single layer, after removing the bruised fruits. Better cover them, to prevent their smell from being transmitted to food. If your strawberries are no longer fresh, it is better to keep them already cut, sweetened and flavored with lemon or orange juice, which improves the color. Strawberries can also be frozen, but then you must use exclusively for preparations that require cooking. Low in calories and rich in nutritional properties, strawberries are perfect for our sweet recipes: I'll leave 17 to try.

Strawberries in 17 easy and delicious recipes

With strawberries you can prepare many sweet recipes: I leave you in 17, from the softest cakes to Sicilian frost to delicious and easy to prepare tarts. Off the charts there is one of the jams most loved by young and old: the STRAWBERRY JAM AND GINGER, that will make your breakfast a party for months and months.

Soft cakes with strawberries

For those who love soft and fluffy cakes, perfect for breakfast or snack, the perfect solution is the STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM CAKE SOFT. The cream is not only above but also inside, thanks to small holes drilled in the dough: when you cut it you will surprise everyone. Alternatively, the PLUMCAKE YOGURT WITH STRAWBERRIES it is a recipe for sure success: yogurt makes the dough very soft and, If you want, you can also put a few pieces of strawberry in the dough.

Birthday cakes with strawberries

They are also very popular in birthday cakes, as the LAYER CAKE WITH CREAM AND STRAWBERRIES. Is’ my brother's favorite dessert, who for 42 years has elected him as an inevitable dessert for his birthday. The recipe is simple, but the dessert is scenographic, all covered in whipped cream and wild strawberries. Sumptuous. Perfect for those who love modern sweets, the MADELEINE PIE WITH CHEESE AND STRAWBERRIES it is my personal creation: a soft and buttery madeleine base, with Strawberry Compote, ricotta cream, fresh strawberries and small meringues. Is’ a dessert to amaze those who love you.

Yet, if you want to celebrate an important anniversary, one of my favorite desserts ever arrives: PISTACHIO CAKE, COTTAGE CHEESE AND STRAWBERRIES. A rich layered dessert inspired by my Sicily in its ingredients, in flavors and aromas. I am sure it will enchant you.

Tarts and shortbread with strawberries

Among the easiest and best recipes with strawberries there are definitely i PASTRY PASTRY WITH CREAM AND STRAWBERRIES. They prepare in 10 real minutes, with ready-made puff pastry, whipped cream and wild strawberries or normal ones cut into small pieces. And one pulls the other. Very simple even the Tartlets WHITE CHOCOLATE AND STRAWBERRIES: short pastry, a cream with white chocolate and cream and many berries for a delicacy that the little ones will love.

The queen of simple sweets with strawberries is definitely the CREAM AND STRAWBERRY TART: short pastry, lemon custard and lots of fresh strawberries for the easy dessert with the most loved strawberries ever.

White chocolate tarts with berries: easy recipe

Crrostatine white chocolate with berries

Simple, slight, with an elastic dough and without eggs it is the LIGHT STRAWBERRY TART (STRAWBERRY PIE). It is an American dessert with a fruit-only filling, sugar, lemon juice which when cooked becomes a soft cream with pieces of fruit. Of exaggerated goodness.

Another variant of tart with strawberries, more creative and elegant, it has a delicate and creamy taste TART EATING WHITE, STRAWBERRIES AND THYME. A rich milk cream, a creamy frost with strawberries and fresh strawberries: perfect for a romantic dinner.

Spoon desserts with strawberries

The chapter of spoon desserts with strawberries is potentially infinite: my favorite is definitely, for reasons of the heart, the FROST SICILIANO STRAWBERRY WITH CREAM. Very simple to make with any type of fruit, frost is a typical dessert of the Sicilian tradition, creamy and very easy to make. In this case the classic combination of cream and strawberries becomes irresistible.

Yet, the TIRAMISU’ CREAM AND STRAWBERRIES it's a great classic: I prepare it with the classic tiramisu cream and a dip made with the juice of fresh strawberries. Very good also in single portion version. The WHITE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE WITH STRAWBERRIES MADE it is another extremely simple but choreographic dessert to be made. Creamy and delicate, everyone will like it.

Fresh, easy and delicious, to prepare the CUP YOGURT ICE CREAM WITH STRAWBERRIES it only takes 10 minutes. This creamy and light spoon dessert can be made with any type of juicy fruit, but it certainly has something extra with strawberries.

For those who love spoon desserts a little’ there is details CREAM BAKED STRAWBERRY, a French dessert called 'flognarde'. Quick and easy, nothing but an egg cream, milk, sugar and flour baked in the oven with many fresh strawberries. Excellent hot, also accompanied with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. Original and elegant, the RICOTTA CUSTARD, Meringues AND STRAWBERRIES it is ideal if you want to end an important dinner with a dessert on the plate, this is the one for you. The last dessert that I leave you is a masterpiece of pastry chefs: Pavlova STRAWBERRY. A candid and crisp basket of meringue filled with whipped cream, strawberries and berries. I particularly like it in single portion, but you can also make a single large pavlova. Now you know all about strawberries: their nutritional properties are exceptional, they are low in calories and versatile in the kitchen, try one of my 17 sweet recipes!




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