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Baked cheese with wine beads

by Ada Parisi
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Formaggio al forno con pere al vino

Gluttonous starter, delicious one-dish or original dessert, baked cheese with wine pere is a recipe that will please everyone and will amaze even some diners. You know the saying about the farmer, cheese and pere? Is’ all true! L’abbinamento è strepitoso e la ricetta si prepara in 30 minuti: 25 per la cottura delle pere e 5 minuti per assemblare il piatto. Date una occhiata alla video ricetta e vedrete come può essere semplice preparare una ricetta gourmet.

Quick recipe but excellent ingredients

This dish is based on one thing only: excellent ingredients. I chose a Piedmontese toma, but you can use any semi-seasoned cheese. Cheese seasoning is important because it doesn't have to be too hard, otherwise it wouldn't melt and it would be too salty, but not too fresh otherwise it would lose consistency. On hazelnuts I leave you freedom of thought: I always use the Tonda Gentile hazelnut of the Langhe PgI: I order it every year in Alta Langa and in every available format. With the shell, shelled natural, Toasted, grained, flour and of course the hazelnut paste both neutral and chocolate. In short, I am a great admirer of the product.

Let's come to the pere: you'll need very firm peres, like the Kaiser, the Abbots or the Spinelle. Buy them not too ripe, because after cooking they must be consistent but keep. Use the wine you prefer with a little care: choose a ruby wine, rich in anthocyanins, that transmits this sumptuous color to the peres. Any suggestions? Barbera d'Asti , a Lambrusco di Sorbara or a Negroamaro of Salento.

Cheese and pere, some alternative

The cheese and pere pairing has always been much loved, always on the thread of the sweet-salty: you've tried my BIGNE’ GORGONZOLA WITH CARAMELIZED PEARS or the RISOTTO PERE AND GORGONZOLA WITH PISTACHIOS AND HONEY? And if you prefer quick recipes, try the SALTED TART OF FARRO WITH WALNUTS, PERE AND GORGONZOLA or the very quick SANDWICH WITH ASIAGO WALNUTS AND HONEY.
Baked cheese with wine beads

Formaggio al forno con pere al vino


Portions: 4 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 5.0/5
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4 slices piedmontese toma (or other semi-seasoned cheese) 2 centimeters thick
acacia honey, to taste
2 firm pere
40 grams of hazelnuts
red wine (Barbera, Lambrusco o Negroamaro) to taste
30 grams of sugar
star anise, cinnamon, Sichuan Pepper
ground black pepper, to taste
a handful of raisins


Baked cheese with wine beads

Baked cheese with wine beads is very easy to prepare. First you have to prepare the grapes for wine. Peeling the peres, put them in a low and wide pot with little water on the bottom. Add sugar, l'anice stellato, cinnamon in spler and pepper. Bring to a boil and add the wine until the beads are covered. Bake for 20-25 minutes. The peres must remain firm and have a bright red one.

Do not throw away the cooking liquid of the pere: you can make it a reduction, just add 50 grams of sugar and continue cooking until the liquid has become shiny and dense. You can use it to accompany cheeses, It is delicious.

Mettere l'uvetta a bagno in acqua bollente alla quale, If you want, potete aggiungere un po' di grappa. Toast the hazelnuts. Once the peres are cooked, cut them in half, in quarters and then sliced and keep them warm.

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees with grill function. Slice the cheese into slices about 2 centimeters thick. Put the cheese in 4 individual cocottes and bake at the top of the oven. Cook for about 2-3 minutes, so that the cheese begins to melt and form a slight superficial crust. Churning out, add the beads to the wine, l'uva passa ben strizzate e le nocciole tostate. Top with fresh ground black pepper and spray with acacia honey. Serve immediately. Bon appétit!

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