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Full focaccia with burrata mortadella and pistachio

Homemade but as good as in a pizzeria

by Ada Parisi
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Focaccia integrale con mortadella, burrata e pistacchio

Full focaccia with burrata mortadella and pistachio: Recipe for a homemade focaccia but as good as in a pizzeria. The mortadella pairing, Burrata and pistachio on focaccia and pizza has become fashionable for a few years now, but it's one of the few food fads that i totally agree. The Romans have always known that “pizza and mortazza” it's a divine union. And this is borne out by the long ends in the Campo dei Fiori and Pantheon area in front of some famous and historic shops that sell this divine sandwich.

On the tables of the pizzerias the focaccia and pizza with mortadella burrata and pistachio have arrived for some years. But they came to stay. I propose to you a full focaccia with mortadella burrata and pistachio. Cooked in a baking tray like the PIZZA IN A BAKING TRAY homemade, but slightly higher, highly scented (depending on the flours you use) and really delicious.

The pistachio cream is homemade Pounding the mortar unroasted pistachios, pistachio oil or extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt. This whole-grain focaccia brings together the good of Sicily (Pistachio), Emilia Romagna (mortadella Bologna PgI pistachio) and Puglia (Burrata of Andria PgI). The result is amazing.

Whole focaccia with mortadella, burrata and pistachio

The ingredients of this focaccia are double zero and zero flour, whole meal or multicereal flour, water, Salt, yeast, extra virgin olive oil. I suggest a 12-hour rest of the dough in the refrigerator (one night) so you have an easily workable and ripe dough at the right point. But, If you prefer, you can also leave everything at room temperature and make a leavening in the day.

Pizzas and focaccia, many recipes to try

And with this whole-grain focaccia with burrata mortadella and pistachio, I add another piece to my collection of pizzas and focaccia. Declined with sourdough, fresh or dry brewer's yeast. So don't forget to try

Focaccia integrale con mortadella, burrata e pistacchio


Portions: 6 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
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280 grams of soft wheat flour type double zero (the zero type)

170 grams of whole meal or multicereal flour

300 grams of oligomine water

l3 grams of dry brewer's yeast (or 70 grams of sourdough or 8 grams of fresh brewer's yeast)

10 grams of salt

15 grams DOP extra virgin olive oil


250 grams of burrata from Andria IGP

200 grams of Mortadella Bologna PgI with pistachio

100 grams of Bronte Dop pistachio

extra virgin olive or pistachio oil

ground black pepper

roasted pistachios


Sift the two types of flour and put them in a bowl or kneading machine. Combine all the water and dry brewer's yeast. Mix with your hands, with a wooden ladle or setting the kneading machine in motion at low speed. When you have a coarse mixture, add salt and extra virgin olive oil. Knead for 5 minutes until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Put it on the lightly floured work top and work it briefly with the palm of your hand until you get a smooth dough. Round the dough, cover it with a bowl or food film and let stand for ten minutes.

If you use sourdough or fresh brewer's yeast, remember that both must be dissolved in water at room temperature before being inserted into the dough.

After 10 minutes, round the dough until you get an oval dough and put it in a container, covered with contact food film and hermetically sealed. Let the dough rest for the wholemeal focaccia in the refrigerator, at a temperature between 4 and 6 degrees, for 12 hours or one night.

Whole focaccia with mortadella, burrata and pistachio

The preparation of homemade pizza on the pan

After the interval of rest (12 hours), remove the container from the refrigerator and leave the dough, always covered with plastic wrap, at room temperature 8m it is baked with light) for three hours. Meanwhile, carefully grease the baking tray for focaccia with extra virgin olive oil, especially along the edges. When the dough is at room temperature, put it on the work plane well floured. Spread the dough giving a rectangular shape, the same size as the baking tray (30centimeters by 40 centimeters).

Put the focaccia dough in the baking tray, widening the sides so that they coincide with the edges of the baking tray. Brush the entire surface of the focaccia with little water (you can also vaporize it) and cover with film for contact foods. Leave the focaccia to rise at room temperature or in the oven with light for one hour.

Preheat oven to 220 degrees static. Grease the focaccia with a little extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle with a little salt until maldon salt. Cook the wholemeal focaccia for 15 minutes or until it is swollen and golden.

The dressing of the pizza in the pan

For the pistachio cream, beating to mortar (or whisk) the pistachio with as much extra virgin olive or pistachio oil as necessary to get a cream. Let the focaccia cool for a few minutes, then distribute on the whole flatbread the mortadella Bologna PgI in thin slices, the burrata (mettetela intera e apritela una volta portata la focaccia in tavola) e completate con la crema di pistacchio, pistacchi tostati e pepe nero. Bon appétit!

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