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Homemade rusks

by Ada Parisi
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Fette biscottate fatte in casa

But you want to put the satisfaction of eating homemade rusks with a wonderful jam for breakfast, also made at home? Maybe of STRAWBERRIES AND GINGER, since we are in the right time for strawberries? Homemade rusks are not difficult to prepare, even if the process is a bit’ long. Because first you have to prepare a sort of brioche, much more workable than brioche because it only contains a small amount of butter. Then, Once cooked, the brioche must cool and you have to cut it into slices. Finally, you have to dry the slices in the oven. And then green light to the imagination to taste them in the way you prefer.

Homemade rusks are slightly sweet, very crunchy, very fragrant and have a decidedly more complex taste than those produced industrially. To make the dough for the rusks you need a planetary mixer (kneading), because containing eggs and butter it is difficult to work it by hand (the butter melts on contact with the heat of the hands) and the dough must be stringed, smooth and uniform.

To make the rusks you have to prepare a sort of brioche with eggs, butter and sugar. And the planetary mixer is necessary, because containing eggs and butter it is difficult to work it by hand. In fact, butter melts on contact with the heat of the hands. In addition, this dough must match like the dough for the BRIOCHES SICILIANE WITH Tuppo or the PANETTONE. For the recipe I took inspiration from a recipe by Luca Montersino, but I radically reduced the yeast doses and, Consequently, I modified the whole leavening procedure. This is because I used sourdough (but I leave the doses also with fresh and dry brewer's yeast). And I matured in the refrigerator for 24 hours, then followed by rising at room temperature.

Dough and planetary mixer: it is always necessary?

Since you often ask me for advice on which brand of planetary mixer to buy (I have a Kenwood) and if to buy it, I advise you to read the purchase guide for Habu.it mixers, that I often consult when I have to buy an appliance. Here you can get a precise idea of ​​the most suitable model for you. Because the planetary mixers are not all the same. And it is not mandatory to have one. For some types of dough, like that of bread or pizza, you can also do without it. Without fear of fatigue and using a little’ of elbow grease, it is possible to prepare lean dough’ like the one for bread or pizza, easily by hand.

But if you want to make homemade croissants, Croissant, meringues, panettone and in general dough enriched with butter, eggs and other fats, then the planetary mixer will be an indispensable tool for you. On the other hand, the mixers also have important prices (due to the characteristics but also to the brand), and it is not necessary to buy the 'Ferrari of the mixers’ if you only use it to make relatively simple doughs and in small quantities. Then, read up well before buying. At this point I leave you with the recipe for homemade rusks and I wish you a good day.

Fette biscottate fatte in casa


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Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
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325 grams of flour 0 (with a percentage of protein between 12% and 13%)
50 grams caster sugar
3 grams of salt
40 grams of butter at room temperature
125 milliliters of whole milk
1 whole egg
40 grams of mother yeast (or 2 grams of dry brewer's yeast or 4 grams of fresh brewer's yeast)


Homemade rusks

Melt the MOTHER YEAST (or the FRESH BEER YEAST), in milk at room temperature (or rather slightly warm, at about 26 degrees and not beyond). Put the flour in the mixer, salt and sugar. Add the milk with the dissolved yeast and start kneading at low speed. If you use DRY BEER YEAST, you must add it to the solid ingredients before pouring the milk: dry brewer's yeast does not need to be dissolved in a liquid.

When the flour has absorbed the liquid, beat the egg in a bowl and add it to the dough. Once the egg has also been absorbed, add the butter two or three times. Continue to knead at low speed until you get a strung mixture, smooth and homogeneous.

Remove the dough from the kneading machine and let it rest for 30 minutes on the work top covered with food film. After the interval of rest, grease and flour one carefully standard size plumcake mold. Form a loaf and place it in the mold. Cover with cling film and put the mold in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours (and 24 hours maximum).

Homemade rusks

Spent the time of rest in the cold, put the mold to rise in the oven with the light on until the dough doubles. The time required for leavening will depend on the temperature, by the moisture and strength of the yeast you used. The dough must reach the edge of the mold.

When the dough for the rusks is doubled, preheat the oven to 180 degrees static and bake the brioche pan for 50 minutes or until the dough is browned gold. Remove from the oven, remove it from the mold and let it cool completely.

When the brioche is cold, cut it into slices of the thickness you prefer (between 0,5 millimeters for thin and crumbly slices and one centimeter, if you love thick and full-bodied slices). Arrange the slices on one oven tray and let them dry in the oven at 100 degrees, turning them over once, until they are dry and light. The timing will depend on the thickness of the slice.

Let the rusks cool (that is, cooked twice) its a gratella. The homemade rusks are perfectly preserved for a week if preserved, closed in a frost bag, in a cool and dry place. Bon appétit!


If you want to shorten the rising times, you must use more yeast and skip the rest phase in the refrigerator. You can use 80 grams of mother yeast, 5 grams of dry brewer's yeast or 10 grams of fresh brewer's yeast. In this way the leavening will start faster and, within 3-4 hours, your bread for the rusks will be doubled.

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