Falsomagro Palermo style

Falsomagro Palermo style, a second traditional Sicilian cuisine and rFalsomagro to Palermo: Meat stuffed with salami, spinach frittata.

Today His Majesty falsomagro, a big meatroll stuffed. This is one of the second most typical Sicilian main dish, with a lot of variations across the island. In Messina it is called "farsumagru” and it is preferably cooked in a tomato sauce, while in Palermo it's called "bruciuluni” and prepares more often agglassato, "aggravated", that is cooked in a sauce made with wine and onions. What I present is just the falsomagro Palermo style, and you can also found the VIDEO RECIPE on my YouTube channel.

The origins

The word falsomagro (well written, all attacked), It has controversial origins: It could come by the appearance of a simple piece of meat 'falsely skinny’ because in reality it is stuffed with a lot of good things. Or it could be a Frenchism from "fairce de maigre” ie stuffing thin. In any case, the falsomagro farce are the most various: boiled eggs or omelette, cheese, spinach or chard, cold cuts such as mortadella, ham or bacon. Some spread on a layer of ground meat seasoned: I do not love. If you want to prepare a meal made in Sicily, I recommend to combine this dish to INCASCIATA PASTA Messina, the one made famous by Montalbano and maestro Andrea Camilleri.

The cut of meat

The cut of meat for the fake fat is the cover below, but it also goes well the topside. I do not recommend the walker, too thin and dry. Much it depends on the skill of the butcher, which should be able to derive a fairly thin slice and homogeneous dimension. The meat in the pictures and VIDEO RECIPE STEP BY STEP on my YouTube channel, for me is not thin enough, but in Rome they were not able to do better. In any case, I suggest you beat the meat with a meat mallet to sfibrarla and it thin as possible, so that it becomes more tender as possible.

The traditional boundaries

Traditionally the falsomagro slowly cooked is served with baked potatoes cut into large pieces and flavored with rosemary and peas stewed, but I also broke a lance in favor of a nice mashed potatoes. The falsomagro is also a traditional dish of Sicilian Christmas, then save the recipe. Obviously take a look at all my SICILIAN RECIPES and my MEAT RECIPES. Have a good day!

Falsomagro TO PALERMITANA (Sicilian recipe)

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  • 800 grams of veal or beef in a single slice (rump or cover below)
  • 200 grams of mortadella sliced ​​half a centimeter thick
  • 200 grams of ripened cheese
  • 4 eggs
  • 40 grams of grated Parmesan cheese
  • 300 grams of fresh spinach
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • chopped parsley, to taste
  • butter, just enough for cooking spinach
  • extra virgin olive oil, to taste
  • sage and fresh rosemary, to taste
  • 2 medium onions or one large onion
  • dry white wine, to taste
  • twine to tie the falsomagro
  • a bit of butter and a teaspoon of cornstarch for the sauce


Falsomagro Palermo style

The preparation is a bit falsomagro’ laboriously, but it is not anything particularly complex. We start from the flesh: place that the slice of meat should be of regular size (tending to rectangular shape) and of equal thickness, I advise you to beat and sfibrarla with a meat mallet to make it more tender. Remember also that the meat will then be rolled up in the direction of fiber, otherwise it will be tough.

Once you beat the meat as you have seen me do in VIDEO RECIPE stepper falsomagro SICILIAN (subscribe to my YouTube Channel), cover with plastic wrap and set aside.

Wash the spinach, drain well and cook them in a pan with a little’ of butter and a little salt. Cook the spinach and covered over low heat until they are tender. Drain the spinach and leave them in a colander to lose water vegetation: the spinach must be dry, otherwise dampen the falsomagro.

Prepare the omelette beating eggs with parsley, the Parmesan, salt and pepper. Try to make sure that the omelet has the size of the slice of meat that you will use to make the falsomagro.

Is’ well that the cheese is in one block, because the larger less will melt during cooking (but it is normal for a bit’ Cheese comes out of the kitchen in falsomagro, do not worry because the sauce further insaporirà).

Lay the meat on the work surface, cover the meat with slices of mortadella, have on the omelet mortadella, cover with boiled spinach and well squeezed and, Finally falsomagro place on the cheese as you see in VIDEO RECIPE on my YouTube channel.

Roll the falsomagro on itself trying to fold the edges of the short sides inwards, so as not to spill the filling. Stopping the short sides with wooden skewers, that will remove after cooking. At this point, falsomagro you have to tie with kitchen string, so that it is firmly.

Having tied the falsomagro, sprinkle with salt and massage it on the whole surface, so add salt evenly. Slice the onion into slices not too thin.

Put in a pan abundant olive oil and brown the falsomagro medium heat on all sides, so that it is evenly golden. Add the onion and saute. Deglaze with white wine and let evaporate the alcohol. Once the alcohol will be blurred, add a pinch of salt and spices: the tradition is to use fresh sage and rosemary. Cover and bake for an hour falsomagro.

Finish cooking, remove the falsomagro from the pan and set it aside. I advise you to let it rest for several hours falsomagro, so that it is compact and insaporisca. Blend the sauce in a blender, so as to obtain a compound omegeneos. Put the sauce in the Pan. Mix a little butter with a teaspoon of cornstarch, manipulating them with his hands and put the butter mixed with the cornstarch in the sauce. Like this, cornstarch will not make lumps. Cook the sauce over high heat until it reaches the desired density.

Slicing falsomagro thick slices one centimeter. The traditional contour of falsomagro agglassato (farsumagru aggrasciatu) They are baked potatoes with rosemary and peas stewed. Serve the meat sprinkled with hot sauce and the contours. Bon appétit!

THE PAIRING: Cerasuolo di Vittoria Docg. We chose Amaranto, a Sicilian red wine produced by Tenuta Santo Spirito, to victory in the province of Ragusa. A Frappato grape blend and Nero d'Avola. The fermentation and aging take place in stainless steel. This allows you to keep intact as much as possible the varietal characteristics: nose of red fruit (cherry, currants and flowers), very fresh taste, elegant. From serve around 16 degrees of temperature.


Falsomagro Palermo style


The falsomagro you can safely prepare a day in advance and refrigerate for two to three days.

Falsomagro Palermo style

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