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Sa Dissected, pizzeria and country kitchen (in Sardegna)

pizza in progressAfter having won a Michelin star in s'apposentu to Siddi, a small country of Marmilla and have created a professional school of cooking that has students from every continent, the eclectic Sardinian chef Roberto Petza decided to tackle another challenge to creating Sa Dissected, a pizzeria with “country kitchen” in Baradili, the smallest town in Sardinia, with just 84 inhabitants. A project, the Academy of Home Puddu, that always comes with one goal: educate and create value and work in the territory, enhance local production and make the system Sardinia share, also and above all from the kitchen and gastronomy, among the strengths of the island.
pizzas ready
Is’ so that takes the Sa Dissected, ' the school ', within a large private local that the Academy has leased and retrofitted to accommodate both the cooking school is the pizza restaurant. The village is a gem-stone, with a few old houses, wooden portals, courtyards and fountains: SA Dissected is located in the heart of this tiny country, next to the Church. After crossing a small courtyard campidanese, leads to a large clear, with well spaced tables, some interesting bits of modernism (dressers and sofas) and a Spartan and minimalist conception of spaces. On the table Napkins made of paper for the American fries.
A few tables in the courtyard, While the entrance stands a Blackboard, just like at school, where are reported the daily suggestions. In room two people and maybe there would take a third for faster since the local, which opened in early July 2016, seems to have already taken the right direction and customers begin to attend assiduously. The local (open for dinner from Tuesday to Sunday) She also makes takeaway pizzas.
Stefano lonni
The paper is restricted: in the first instance are the pizzas, three room types. Seven classic, four seasonal gourmet and four: competitive prices, ranging from 5 euros to 10 euros of Daisy gourmet pizzas that are designed personally by RobertoPetza. For the rest, is Stephen Lonni, the young pizzaiolo bergamasco, but with the heart in Sardinia (the wife is of Siddi and works in Hall) to devise and take care of what comes out of the pizzeria.
Pizza napoli
Use of yeast, a rise of 48 hours (of which 24 hours reserved only to individual Pats), the use of 4 flours (including semolina and flour) and exclusively local products, from the mozzarella to tomatoes, the capocollo with anchovies, make this place one of the landmarks of Islanders for pizza lovers. The base of the pizza is great: is an Italian base, not high and not low, crumbly, light and flavorful. I tried the classic pizza Napoli, made with fresh anchovies (“I don't even have apribarattolo”, explains Lonni) and fresh oregano: and once more I have to say that you can never go wrong with the classic ever.
Pizza pig
Then the pizza with the ' Parry’ namely the pig, cooked at low temperature in the kitchen and then cut into thin slices: a pizza that might sound heavy given the presence of pig, but whose taste is rewarded in good balance between FAT and the acidity of the tomato.
gourmet pizza
Finally, I tasted a pizza with egg cooked at low temperature, potato foam, tomato, Bacon and truffle Laconi: a dense flavor pizza, full-bodied and almost winter, very seasoned and that maybe in the summer should be lightened: I would be less generous in potato mousse to give more space to the acidity of the tomato. I haven't tried, but definitely I will soon, two other pizzas that I think are particularly inspired by: the one with a diced sweet onions and bonito and pickled sheep.
Besides pizza Sa Dissected has a small kitchen defined “by campaign” and managed by chef Adriano Pumpkin : among the starters a great selection of local meats (10 euro), the capocollo salami ham, with cheese and pickles, served with homemade bread and Focaccia. Also the fish, with a pan of mussels (8 euro).
Among the proposals in the days I found the famous panadeddas (6 euro), a traditional Sardinian dish throughout the island in an infinite number of variations (I love those with eel or with artichokes and lamb): These are small quiches in a paste of flour and suet and stuffed, In this case, of veal and vegetables. Very well done.
Natalis chicken ragout
The first i tried the Natalis with white sauce free-range hen (8 euro): great meat sauce, I would have preferred a few minutes less cooking time for pasta. In traditional menu ricotta ravioli with tomato and cheese (9 euro).
The paper provides for two types of meat, the classic grilled beef steak (4 euros per gram) and 8 euros a quarter of grilled chicken with potatoes (8 euro): abundant, soft, rosy inside. Perfectly executed.
licorice Panna cotta
Among the desserts, the inevitable seadas (5 euros), the cream of the House (4 euro) and the proposals of the day: the tiramisu (4 euro) and the panna cotta with liquorice, with a crispy biscuit with butter on the bottom and fresh peaches to garnish (4 euro), very balanced. Tricky piece of Sardinian wine only proposals among Monica, Vermentino, Cannonau and Nuragus, at prices never beyond 12 euros per bottle, with a great value!. The inevitable birra Ichnusa, but you can also choose a craft beer of the brewery Marduk of Orosei (7 euros). If you are in Sardinia is worth a visit, highly recommended.