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Pizzeria Selection (Cagliari)


I attend Cagliari for years, my partner is Sardinian and I really love this bustling city, nice, Solar which, until today, however, it lacked a good pizza. And I've tried dozens, finding myself forced to admit, at least for my taste, Cagliari a really well-made pizza, with a long rising and quality ingredients, digestible, flavorful, still there. Indeed, there was not. Because since last December has opened Selection, in the central Corso Vittorio Emanuele II (at number 263), But not in the middle of the nightlife area, near Piazza Jenne, but in the end, in an uncrowded area. And the peace I like. The motto is 'pizza at kitchen' and the reason is clear: behind Framento there Pierluigi Fais, talented chef I've got to know and appreciate the restaurant guide Josto the Duomo, Oristano, which has now closed and moved to Cagliari.


In the kitchen there were Fais creativity and tradition, surely the chef - very young - still had to grow up and take some 'of measures, lightening the hand of some particular, and by filing a defect youth, but his hand was already happy and you could see the passion in every dish. He moved with the idea of ​​opening a restaurant in Cagliari that reflects his talent, Fais waiting decided to open a gourmet pizzeria: a long, narrow room, with brick vaults, just 40 seats and perhaps less, decidedly spartan but comfortable. noisy course, because it is always full and without reservations is not placed Cagliari because they taste good and have already realized that here the pizza is good. Indeed excellent.


Appetizers? Only fried mixed vegetables, portion from spizzico as not to spoil the appetite, with a crispy batter and dry (5 euros), raw ham cut to the knife (the Sardinian, yummy, a 5 euro, the Spanish 10 €) and a selection of three cheeses.


Then only pizzas, and not an endless list but small, small: 5 classic pizza always on the menu (Napoli, Regina Margherita, Sarda, Capricciosa and sausage and onion) and special 4 that change from day to day. We have touched the one with zucchini, mint and mullet, the one with potatoes and truffles, the one with capers cream.


Yeast is obviously a yeast, flour is milled in stone, integrals, and then tasty and rustic, a long leavening process produces a light and tasty dough, cooking is perfect, with the bottom of the clean and crisp pizza, a nice dry ledge and without burns. The use of bran during the forming step of the pizza confers aspect dry and rustic that I would greatly appreciate. The ingredients are top quality: Sardinian pecorino cheese and sausage and olives, fior di latte of a local dairy, Cantabrian anchovies (and here may I ask if there are no sardines or anchovies at least of equal quality and less Italian fashion, perhaps Cetara or Sicily), capers Selargius, German sausage.


Pizza, served in beautiful plates of colored clay that I would gladly took home, it's not big, but it is so well-seasoned and the dough is so structured that one is more than enough, inter alia is served already sliced ​​to favor the 'exchange' between diners. Prices? Margherita a 7 euro, Napoli 10 €, Sarda and Capricciosa at 12 euro and 11 euro Sausage and Onion. The special at 13 euro. Very small selection of pastries: due, that change from day to day. A waiting tables the same Fais, in the white chef's uniform, which leads pizzas and clears the table with a smile. I also take off my curiosity about the name, "Framento ': the frammentu in Sardinia is just the yeast. Well worth a visit.

(reviewed June 16, 2016)