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Il Pedrocchino (Sacile)

In Sacile, beautiful town of Friuli from medieval structure that is located on two islands of the river Livenza connected by a multiplicity of bridges, There is a restaurant that you would never lose, If you are a fish lover, a discreet luxury, champagne and don't have money problems: It's called Il Pedrocchino, and is also an Inn with a few well kept rooms: It is built in the image and likeness of the owner Giampiero Dalla Torre.
Made from a 15th century patrician tradition veneto-Friuli, with an inner courtyard, Il Pedrocchino is groomed. Inside is a succession of small intimate rooms with exposed beams, furnished with antiques, White tablecloths, Silvers. A central courtyard, a kind of patio, It revolves around an ancient olive tree. The restaurant has a wine cellar with over 700 labels, that leaves a big space to Friuli white wines and of course seen that fish is protagonist, with tags rare and almost impossible to find and customised vintages of champagne, Piero knows. Let yourself be guided by him in the choice of wines and you will not regret. And ask him or her to visit the winery: He will be happy and you will be amazed.
At the table, you have to accept a priori the idea that there is no menu and that the plates are read by Donatella, wife of Piero. This is the one particular that I did not appreciate, It is because despite having decided to spend prefer to know how much I pay, and because the list of dishes is long and it is hard to choose hearing quickly rattle off the offering to voice. I understand the points property to a clientele of a certain level, but I think a menu written, with prices next (at least for men, How do you in luxury restaurants in France and not only), would help the customer choose only better and more carefully. In addition, There is also a medical issue ', seen that when no menu is also an indication of allergens, What's the law (even though it is compulsory to expose them inside the restaurant also in special registers and not necessarily on the menu). In this note I tie a Board: Why not prepare a tasting menu, a path that experience the chef's philosophy?
In the kitchen there is the son of Piero, Paolo Dalla Torre, After various experiences in international restaurants has returned to Sacile and offers a cuisine based on excellent raw materials, both local and international, worked very little to respect the natural qualities and flavors. Great attention to have a very enjoyable and colours, always lively and well matched.
Spider crab
Sparkling wine upon arrival, homemade bread and muffins, Welcome from our chef, pre dessert and petit fours: treatment is by Michelin, paying great attention to the aesthetics of the pot. Among the starters, spacious and luxurious the roundup of raw fish, including the Yellowtail carpaccio with crispy vegetables and passion fruit, that gives the dish a distinctly acidity; delicate and tasty salad of Spider crab (crustacean from the Friulian and Venetian lagoons).
Among the first courses, delicious risotto with pepper cream, Anguilla, sour cream and parsley: a perfect combination, delicate but tangy, in balance between vegetal hints and fatty elements.
Good also the paccheri al ragù di polpo: a portion of the first decidedly generous but without neglecting the refinement in the presentation of the dish, with beautiful contrasts of colors and flavors, Here, too, thanks to the introduction of vegetal flavour.
Among the second, a simple baked redfish, served with jumbo shrimp, roasted potatoes and tomatoes: also in this case a big portion and very well presented. Maybe a little’ dry redfish, I personally would have cooked a few minutes less, but overall a dish definitely well done.
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I especially love the mixed fruit plate served on the ice at the end of a meal, a tradition in Italian restaurants is almost forgotten.
Before and after the sweets, the chef indulges guests with a series of small delicacies: fudge, homemade marshmallows, small ricotta cheese cake and Panna cotta, Strawberry sorbet.
The prices are adequate to the quality of the offer, with medium to high costs. The cost per person ranges between 70 and 100 euros but a lot depends on the wine you drink. Highly recommended, If you have no problems in spending.

(visited on 26 June 2016)