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Trattoria Da Teo (Trastevere)

DateoFor the series ' Trastevere restaurants ', Today we speak of the restaurant By Teo, I tried it recently. For the accuracy, I tried it on Easter Monday: a significant detail, Since two or three rounds of kitchen, lots of crowds and in a hurry, usually penalize service and quality. It is not so in the trattoria di piazza dei Ponziani. The restaurant, run by Teodoro Filipinos, Unable to withstand the pressure of a special day.


Not tall what I ate it lived up to my expectations (the carbonara, For example,, I continue to prefer Enzo to 29 or Happy in Testaccio), but undoubtedly by Teo is a genuine trattoria romana, where they feel love and passion for the craft. The dish that I liked most was an appetizer off the menu: a mille-feuille of carasau bread, chicory and burrata di Andria, fresh, flavorful, not greasy despite the abundance of high quality extra virgin olive oil. An original dish, definitely worth trying.


Good fried foods: the cod, crisp and dry (2,5 euros), and especially the artichoke alla Giudia (4,5 euros), really perfect. One a little’ uncooked batter of pumpkin flowers (2). Good also the Roman artichoke (4,5 euros), Well done, tender and flavorful. Great amatriciana (11 euros), one of the warhorses of the local. Instead, the carbonara (11 euros) was penalized a paste not quite al dente. Good homemade fettuccine with asparagus and mushrooms (12 euros): the asparagus were so abundant.


On second, very good baked potatoes, some’ disappointing the abbacchio (14 euros), little flavorful and overcooked. Large selection of traditional cakes at an affordable price (4-6 euro), from the Classic Tiramisu to ice cream with strawberries; interesting mascarpone mousse with strawberries, offered in three sizes: small, medium and large. Prices overall are slightly higher than those of a trattoria in Trastevere, at least with regard to the first and second. It must be said, though, the portions are very generous, more than anywhere else.


The restaurant also has a fish menu, always of Roman legacy is based on the catch of the day. The service is definitely friendly, the room is managed with sympathy but firm hand from friendly and knowledgeable wife of Teo. The restaurant is furnished in the traditional Beach Cottage style, rustic but cosy. In summer you eat out, in a small square delicious. Always book, and remember that Sunday didn't open never. To try.

(reviewed March 28, 2016)