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Sa Tanca (crostaceria)


In the streets around via Nazionale, in Rome, If you want to eat fish, especially shellfish and raw fish, There is a small Sardinian-inspired restaurant: It's called Sa Tanca-Crostaceria. The venue has two other locations, in Guidonia and Nomentana in Rome, all with a different culinary identity. Here the chef is from Sardinia and in certain dishes and touch the raw material are seen clearly. The environment is highly sought after, Baroque at times: soft lights, carpets, Flemish paintings, many (too many) gilding and I loved the Leopard chairs at the entrance, but overall the feeling is a luxury enjoyed but not annoying. Definitely deserves a mention room staff: courteous, affable but not subservient attitude, attentive and helpful. Pleasant prosecco offered with a chef's welcome upon arrival at the restaurant and music, a soft background jazz.

Let's get to the food. Being a crostaceria, I recommend you try the raw fish, who loved me: fresh, sand absent, variety in the offer. You can choose the platform (from 60 euros for two people up to 140 euro) or single parts can be ordered at a cost more than fair (Razor Clams, hard clams, almonds 1,5 euros, oysters to 3-4 euro, Sicilian red prawns to 3-6 euro). Good tartare: I've tried a shrimp and papaya, a very delicate sweet tones (12 euros), pleasing the warm salad of cuttlefish and cherry tomatoes (8 euro) and the Octopus carpaccio.



Among the first (large portions) good spaghetti with clams (looks like a dish easy but it is not for nothing) and those of Gragnano with prawns. Main courses cost 12-14 euros, except for the tagliolini with lobster or lobster (30 euros) and the dish that I recommend, that is a rich fregula with lobster cooked quite al dente, well seasoned with a tasty crustacean bisque and with half a lobster (18 euros). Not exciting the risotto with shrimp cream, that you are not enfranchised by the use of cream in the mixing.

As for main courses, prices obviously go up – especially when it comes to shrimp, shrimp and lobsters – and the portions are decreasing. Very good Sicilian prawns with orange sauce (24 euros), but a little’ overcooked the prawns. Definitely well made lobster alla Catalana (12 euros per hectogram), Sardinian Vernaccia turbot inspired with olives (18 euros), well executed as well as the pezzogna with caponata (20 euro), Although the caponata is unlike the Sicilian, as almost always happens.

Among the desserts, great traditional Sardinian honey and garnished with fried appetizers warm (6 euro): good pasta, rich stuffing. One of the best appetizers I ate, including many dine in Sardinia. A little’ disappointing the chocolate cake (5 euros), prepared espresso but result overcooked and therefore not enough liquid in the Center. Fresh and light the pineapple carpaccio ravioli with a slight almond mousse (5 euros). Sweet prices are very affordable. As for the wines, the paper has high average mark-ups, but the choice is vast: the glass has some exciting and I drank a Vermentino Vermentino di Gallura Docg Riserva di Piero Mancini (6 euro per glass). Recommended restaurant, If you want to eat raw fish and love and crustaceans, at prices in line with the offer and with the location of the premises, in the heart of Rione Monti in Rome.

(reviewed 2 April 2016)