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Pizzeria 72 Hours


Recently I was in the neighborhood Don Bosco-Tuscolano pizzeria 72 hours. Another pizza place in the neighbourhood Appio-Tuscolano, that seems to have developed a real vocation for quality pizza. The local, not very big and pretty loud, is minimal decorated in shades of white and taupe.


To Lord it a pizza Leavens, precisely, 72 hours. Obviously we use high quality flours: the dough is a mixture of 5 different flours including manitoba, soya and bran. As well as high-quality raw materials used for fillings. First, a note of credit goes to the service: all young boys, smiling, Nice but not sussiegosi.


Altogether discreet fried foods: very good la reginella (5 euros for 2 pieces), that is a sort of fried pizza (absolutely not greasy) topped with a great tomato sauce well balanced between sweetness and acidity, Parmesan and Basil.


Flavorful potato cake (2 euro), less good supply (2 euro) that, Despite a crispy Breading and the rice al dente, are showing a little’ too dry, little juicy. Great stuffed squash blossom filling mozzarella and anchovies (3 euro) but with too much batter to EnCase, in some places it was raw and springs. The potato chips (4 euro) While crispy and well done, were slightly weak in flavor.


The choice of pizzas is very wide and divided into white pizzas, redhead, calzones and spicy pizzas, offering a wide range of pizzas without dairy products. Another note about for prices, starting from 4 euros for the marinara and up to 9 euros at most more complex pizzas: just 4,5 euro Daisy, at 5 euros la Margherita with Buffalo.


I tried both the flowers and flames with ventricina, Zucchini Flowers, smoked cheese and spicy tomato cream and Sicilian, Provola, anchovies, onions and breadcrumbs (clearly inspired by the Sicilian pizza). Essential to say that it is very rich and well seasoned pizzas, with which you filled: I dare say perhaps too seasoned, especially with regard to cheese.


As much as it's raw materials with excellent, the abundance of the filling chokes a little’ the dough, that for its part it is light and flavorful. I think a smaller amount of seasoning would increase the features of this beautiful long dough leavening.


Disappointing instead sweets, dominated by an offer based on Nutella. I tried the tiramisu (I went for exclusion): the cream was heavy, little tasty, the biscuit little wet. You can do better. Small and selected craft beer, beautiful and entertaining the idea of one liter and a half pint. Value for money in the whole decidedly convenient. To try.