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Christmas sweets with citrus fruits: 21 recipes

Fresh, fragrant and colorful

by Ada Parisi
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Tiramisù di limone e lemon curd

Christmas sweets with citrus fruits: 21 easy recipes, good and fragrant. What is the scent of Christmas? For me it is precisely that of citrus fruits: oranges, lemons, tangerines placed in the middle of the table. So beautiful to see, fragrant and sweet. In my house they never fail, together with a basket with dried fruit: nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, chestnuts and dates. A joy to nibble on, Peel, enjoy. Especially for the little ones.

Christmas sweets with citrus fruits: freshness at the end of the meal

If you have already taken a look at the 11 THEMATIC COLLECTIONS OF IDEAS AND RECIPES FOR CHRISTMAS, you will have already seen the collection of CHRISTMAS CAKES WITH RICOTTA, those CHOCOLATE and the DESSERT SPOON. Today I add a collection of the best 21 recipes of Christmas sweets with citrus fruits. From tiramisu to crème caramel to fluffy plumcakes, inverted cakes, Tarts, frozen desserts. All to do with mandarins, clementines, oranges and lemons. Perfect with their freshness and that sweet and pungent scent together to enrich Christmas sweets.

Christmas sweets with mandarins

Mandarins Have always a certain charm about me, especially at Christmas. But I've always loved them in sweets, because they have the right balance between sweet and sour. Perfect for flavoring custard, are the absolute protagonists of the MANDARIN TART WITH CITRUS CREAM, beautiful and easy to make. The same principle applies to the CITRUS CREAM AND PISTACHIO CUP, where you can sink the spoon into a delicious and fragrant cream.

On the other hand, there is a reason why mandarins are one of the most loved and used seasonal fruits in pastry. If you want to make delicious desserts for the Christmas holiday breakfasts you can try the SOFT CAKE WITH MANDARINS, a really soft inverted cake or the PLUMCAKE RICOTTA AND MANDARINS. with a delicious tangerine juice glaze Or, for conclude dinners in sweetness with a soft and refined spoon cake, I suggest you first of all the MANDARIN FROST Siciliano, served on a buttery cinnamon pastry. Yet, the delicious CREME BRULEE WITH MANDARINS, with a crunchy crust of caramelized sugar. Or the CARAMEL CREAMS WITH MANDARINS, creamy and fragrant, with a caramel made with sugar and tangerine juice.

If you love to end dinners, festive dinners and lunches with a cold dessert, here is the PARFAIT MANDARIN, which you can also serve using the zest of mandarins as a cup, just like you do in Sicily.


Oranges are my passion: Navel and Tarocco are my favorites. I must admit that I prefer those a little’ the sweetest, but let's face it: they are so good that they are all fine. Obviously oranges are an irreplaceable ingredient in desserts. And not only in cakes. The ORANGE JAM it's definitely one of my favorite things (and find the VIDEO RECIPE on YouTube). In addition to being very good is a Perfect 'edible gift'’ for Christmas, packed in a nice jar decorated with slices of dried oranges and cinnamon.

Beyond gifts, a dessert made with oranges and orange juice is ideal to conclude the Christmas lunch or the New Year's Eve dinner. Because the freshness and acidity of citrus fruits are irresistible, especially after having assimilated quite a bit’ of calories. Let's start with my great love: the recipe FROST ORANGE, that I serve with candied fennel for an even fresher effect. Nice to see and yummy. Two other desserts with a spoon instead enhance the extraordinary combination of chocolate and orange. The TIRAMISU’ CHOCOLATE and ORANGE And the CHOCOLATE-MOUSSE, ORANGES AND RASPBERRIES: both frost and these last two recipes of Christmas sweets with oranges are quite light, I could almost call them light. And they will allow you to really end in beauty.

Desserts: from tiramisu to puddings to creams, no one can resist

Tiramisu chocolate and orange

For holiday breakfasts, instead, you can not prove CHEESE CAKE AND MEAL WITH CITRUS FRUITS, a soft migliaccio based on orange peel, lemons and mandarins. A real concentrate of vitamins. Or the very fast ROLL WITH CREAM AND ORANGE JAM, so easy and delicious: children will go crazy. Finally, the UPSIDE DOWN CAKE WITH ORANGE: soft, compact, with orange juice and zest and slices of caramelized oranges. Truly sublime.

Christmas sweets with lemons

Among the recipes of Christmas sweets with citrus fruits can not miss cookies, cakes and spoon desserts with lemons. Perhaps one of the ingredients without which the pastry could not go on. From custard to sweet baths, lemons are the protagonists, with their elegant acidity and that wonderful scent, of countless sweet recipes. I can't not start from LEMON FROST Siciliano, that I serve with raspberries, to strengthen the acidic note, fresh and degreasing. Elegant, minimal. Perfect. For those who love intense but richer tastes here is the TIRAMISU’ LEMON, creamy and egg-free, to be prepared with the LEMON CURD, that can be used in a thousand ways. To fill cakes, Tarts, cookies, enrich creams and panna cotta.

For the Christmas snacks of the little ones, do not miss the LEMON BARS, buttery and delicious. The QUICK RICOTTA AND LEMON BISCUITS they are instead much lighter and faster to prepare, while a slice of Ciambellone OF LEMON CURD it's the perfect breakfast for Christmas morning. A little’ of softness before opening the gifts .


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