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Carnival Sweets: regional recipes not to be missed

Struffoli Hotels, chatter, castagnole and much more

by Ada Parisi
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Le chiacchiere di Carnevale

Carnival sweets cross all of Italy and there are dozens of regional recipes not to be missed ready to delight young and old. Carnival sweets are almost always fried, although with the increased attention to diet and healthy nutrition they have developed many variations of baked recipes that once foresaw the only frying. In oil, butter and even lard. Carnival sweets, by struffoli at chatter until to castagnole, They have as a common denominator even being almost always sweet poor. Desserts made from flour, milk and eggs, and perhaps for this Fried, with the idea to then enrich them with granulated sugar, powdered or honey. Some are also fruit-based, like the wonderful APPLE PANCAKES trentino alto adige, that are now all year round.

Carnival Sweets, regional recipes not to be missed from Sicily to Sardinia

The fry, rapid to perform especially during street parties, also guaranteed quick to prepare and distribute sweets. Often the same cake is called, from region to region, under different names (Meals think about the chat or to struffoli), but the substance remains the same. Among the region with the rich tradition of Carnival sweets was without a doubt Sicily. But above all Sardinia, where there are lots of original recipes, with significant variations from country to country. You can also change the name of the sweet carnival, but all, both large and smaller, They love the chatter, the Castagnole, struffoli, the pancakes with raisins or those of rice, potato bombs or zeppoline.

The carnival, that does not have a fixed date, this year takes place from 17 January to 25 February, or fat Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. So you have plenty of time to experiment with some of these simple and good dessert recipes. And if the Carnival has, among its features, to be a period in which “exaggerate”, sweets Carnival (Fried, sprinkled with sugar and honey, with raisins, often stuffed) are definitely a sweet 'exaggerated'. To which yield 'one-off’ thoughtless. There are recipes' transverse’ and a little common’ throughout Italy and other typical of specific regions. Let's see what are the Carnival sweets in 17 regional recipes not to be missed.

The sweet bells carnival: the goodness of tradition

Go through all of Italy the tradition of struffoli Carnival, small balls made from eggs, flour, fried lard and seasoned with plenty of honey. They are called struffoli in Campania, pignoccata in western Sicily and pignolata in the east and Calabria, Pinos in Sardinia, cicerchiata in Lazio, Abruzzo and Umbria. The recipe, in all regions, and even within the same region, It is almost always the same: poor and delicious.

They are also the bells SAINT JOSEPH'S ZEPPOLE : a sort of large cream puffs stuffed fried pastry and garnished with a cherry. I've always leave them in a tasty but slightly lighter version, or cooked in the oven, but so stuffed to explode. In fact the donuts, as the name, They are traditionally made to St. Joseph, Father's Day, but now you find them throughout the year and especially during Carnival. From Campania comes the MIGLIACCIO NAPOLETANO. A cake without flour, made from semolina and ricotta, perfumed with orange flower water that I set before you in a personal version accompanied by a yogurt cream and honey.

Chatter, donuts and damselfish: sweets of the most beloved of Italy Carnival

Among the regional recipes of sweet carnival not to be missed the most beloved and popular from North to South, There are surely the gossip and the damselfish. The CHATTER They are perhaps the easiest sweet and absolute poor. You can find them, depending on the region, as the crostoli, sfrappole, Cenci, lies, hit, meraviglias. They are simple to prepare but you have to know a few tricks because there is nothing more disappointing than soft or greasy talk rather dry and crisp. The CASTAGNOLE I am among my favorite desserts of Carnival: soft meatballs flavored with liquor or citrus, also stuffed, addictive. And the more perfect success. To try, in addition to the classic castagnole, also the SICILIAN CASTAGNOLE stuffed with sheep's ricotta. And who does not like ZEPPOLE WITH RAISINS AND SAFFRON, Pancakes cooking deliciously sweet yeast dough. By eating strictly boiling getting his hands dirty with sugar.

The cakes of Sardinian Carnival: elegant and delicious recipes

In Sardinia the tradition of Carnival sweets is particularly rich, because it is a deeply felt holidays, both the folkloric point of view and religious. In the island the chatter take the poetic name of 'meraviglias', but no changes of note in the dough and in the proceedings. While the Sardinian version of damselfish has another wonderful name: ARRUBIOLUS or “brugnolus de arrescottu” ie sardines damselfish ricotta. They are small meatballs with ricotta, orange zest and a pinch of saffron in. Delicious and simple to do, one leads to another. The name comes from the word 'Arrubiu', which in Sardinian means 'red', Saffron color.

Always arrive from Sardinia PARAFRITTUS, a sort of donut swells and light, so orange peel, fried and covered with so much sugar. A sweet present in many other parts of Italy with bodies and similar forms. We come to my favorite Sardinian recipe Carnival: the Acciuleddi with honey. A poor dough but shaped like a jewel, like many chain bracelets, sprayed hot honey with orange peel: try without hesitation, You'll love

The Sicilian Carnival: Baroque with sweet ricotta and honey

I am sure you will forgive me for the many regional Sicilian dessert recipes Carnival I am going to remind you. Is’ my land and its traditions I have the heart. The desserts are baroque Sicilian Carnival, Fried, filled with ricotta cheese, garnished with honey or candied. In a word: exaggerated. We begin with two desserts that both belong to the Carnival as the Father's Day: the Sfinci SICILIANE SAINT JOSEPH , huge fried puffs stuffed with ricotta cream and garnished with chocolate and candied- And the delicious Crispelle SWEET RICE SICILIANE with honey. Two sensational sweet and high in calories rate that would make anyone happy.

Yet, They are typical of the Sicilian Carnival SWEET FRIED RAVIOLI RICOTTA , a kind of fried panzerotto stuffed with ricotta cream and dusted with icing sugar. Also excellent in the version of baked RAVIOLI SWEET BAKED CHEESE also called cassatelle in Trapani. Another dessert that is in the Carnival period but created to celebrate another anniversary is OLIVETTE DI SANT'AGATA. Traditional sweet with which celebrates the patron saint of Catania, Sant'Agata. I quote but I have yet to give the recipe, pignolata Messina: these are the struffoli but covered with a thick frosting half lemon and half dark chocolate. It is not yet clear how to make the frosting so perfect and so you have to wait. But if you spent on Messina I suggest you try it. Evergreen, Carnival like in any other time of the year, remain the SICILIAN CANNOLI and the CARTOCCI SICILIANI with ricotta. While if you want to impress with an unusual Sicilian fried sweet recipe for Carnival, I propose the ARANCINI SWEET CHOCOLATE with dried fruit and cream English.




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