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Desserts with hazelnuts: 13 recipes to try

From shortbread to panna cotta to fluffy, gluten-free cake

by Ada Parisi
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Torta soffice di nocciole Igp del Piemonte (senza glutine)

Today we talk about Desserts with hazelnuts and I leave you 13 recipes to try. A collection of Simple and good desserts, from shortbread to panna cotta to the very soft but gluten-free cake. Hazelnuts, like all nuts, I'm a Essential ingredient in confectionery, both whole and in the form of flour, Grains or neutral and/or sweetened dough. They lend themselves to an infinite number of preparations: Who doesn't like hazelnut cream? And the biscuits, with that unique aftertaste? And ice cream? The hazelnut flavor in ice creams or parfaits is definitely my favorite.

Of course, hazelnuts They can also be used in savory recipes and, simply toasted, They are able to give a touch of crunchiness to any dish. They go particularly well with mushrooms (e.g. in risottos) and with onions.

But we are here to talk about desserts with hazelnuts and I have selected for you 13 recipes to try absolutely. In sweet recipes, The perfect match with hazelnut is undoubtedly chocolate. But also coffee, Apples, Bananas, pears and carrots (Three fruits that go well with dried fruit in general). Certainly biscuits and cakes take the lion's share in this collection of 13 dessert recipes with hazelnuts. But I also leave you three respectable creamy spoon desserts not to be missed: Parfait, panna cotta and mascarpone cream.

  • SHORTBREAD WITH HAZELNUTS: They are very simple to prepare but rich, buttery, with an intense taste of hazelnuts, covered with salt and granulated sugar. As good as in a pastry shop and perfect as a gift.
  • ALMOND AND HAZELNUT COOKIES: Also rich in butter, in Piedmont they are also called 'Langarole slices'. This recipe is by pastry chef Luca Montersino. One leads to another.
  • UGLY BUT GOOD WITH HAZELNUTS: They are called biscuits but are similar to meringues and therefore completely gluten-free and lactose-free: This is a super easy recipe with only 4 ingredients. Fundamental hazelnuts of the highest quality.
  • COCOA AND HAZELNUT BISCUITS: crumbly and intense flavor, They are biscuits that take advantage of a winning combination: hazelnut flour and unsweetened cocoa. Ready to be drenched in milk for breakfast.
  • CHOCOLATE SALAMI WITH DRIED FRUIT: In addition to hazelnuts, it contains almonds and pistachios and is egg-free. Really delicious.
  • SOFT CAKE HAZELNUT: gluten-free, A cake suitable for everyone and very easy to prepare, soft and good. Inside only hazelnut flour, cocoa and cornstarch, therefore perfect for celiacs or gluten intolerant.
  • HAZELNUT AND CHOCOLATE DONUT: a fluffy doughnut covered in dark chocolate and whole hazelnuts. A simple but elegant dessert, perfect for breakfast. quick and easy recipe.
  • BANANA BREAD WITH RAISINS AND HAZELNUTS: American original recipe easy, to use overripe bananas and not waste anything. A very soft and fragrant breakfast dessert, will become your favorite plum cake.
  • HAZELNUT CAKE, RAISINS AND PEARS: I used the Japanese Nashi variety, But you can use any type of pear. IN small single portions, it is also suitable for a dinner if accompanied by ice cream. But it's also perfect for breakfast, cut into rustic slices and full of flavour
  • WHOLE WHEAT CRUMBLE WITH APPLES, OATS AND HAZELNUTS: with wholemeal flour, Rolled oats and apples in the dough. Enriched with nuts, hazelnuts and apricot jam. Here the hazelnuts give that note of undergrowth typical of dried fruit.
  • HAZELNUT BROWNIES original American recipe. Is’ A dessert rich in butter and chocolate. Delicious, with so many hazelnuts, It can be prepared in 10 minutes but is not suitable for those who want to keep calories under control.
  • SEMIFREDDO HAZEL: One of my most loved recipes. An easy way for Making the perfect hazelnut ice cream, intense and enveloping taste, homemade and as good as the one bought in the best Sicilian ice cream parlors.
  • HAZELNUT PANNA COTTA: It is a very creamy and delicate spoon dessert, That will enchant everyone. Very easy to prepare, Like all panna cotta recipes.
  • MASCARPONE COFFEE CREAM’ WITH COCOA AND HAZELNUTS: Another spoon dessert with a very soft dark chocolate biscuit, without gluten flour and then, and lots of toasted hazelnuts.

Hazelnuts: Variety and Nutritional Profile

Hazelnuts (Corylus avellana) they are oilseeds, such as walnuts or almonds. In Italy, they are mainly grown in Piedmont, Lazio, Campania and Sicily. From the Trilobata hazelnut of the Langhe to the Roman Tonda Gentile, from the Nebrodi hazelnut to the Giffoni IGP, Italy is one of the main producing countries of this fruit rich in virtues. Highly caloric, like all nuts (655 calories per 100 grams of product), Hazelnuts are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and an important source of oleic acid and alpha linoleic acid. They have a decent protein content in addition to vitamin E, C, In, Niacin, Thiamine, Phosphorus and potassium.


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