Seasonal: fruit, vegetables and fish to buy in September

Summer officially ends on September 21, but yet, perhaps aided by the return from holidays for many, September is often considered just a month already autumn. Actually, September is a month of transition and, from the point of view of fruit seasonality, vegetables and fish, what is purely summer begins to mix with early Autumn Arrivals. Today, then, we talk about what to buy in September, to respect the seasonality of the land and sea, eat better and at a reasonable cost. Is, after learning what to buy in September, in the bottom of the article I will also suggest some recipes to try.

FRUIT September

Start of season
– fresh dates
– grapes, both white and red
– Pears
– figs
– fresh pistachios
– fresh almonds
– melograni
It ends with the September season
– prickly pear
– watermelons
– more, blueberries and raspberries
– meloni
– peaches (except in late varieties such as Leonforte Peaches IGP)
– Plums


Start of season:
– fresh beans (Cranberry)
– mushrooms
– Swiss chard
– broccoli
– cabbage
– Spinach
Continues the season
– Swiss chard
– Onion
– carrots
– fresh beans
– Eggplant
– Zucchini
– Peppers
– cucumbers
– tomatoes
– cucumbers
– celery
– lettuce
– radishes

FISH September

Start of season
– sea ​​urchins
– alalunga
– aguglia
– anchovies
– sardina
– cefalo of muggine
– swordfish
– mullet
– Red Snapper
– calamari
– moscardini
– cuttlefish
– kingfish
– bream
– orate
– sole fish
– lampughe
– turbot
– clams

(sources: Federcoopesca, Adoc)

Recipes to try to September

soft cake with fresh figs

sweet focaccia grapes

tart covered with pears and chocolate

creamy pear tart and chocolate

pasta soup and fresh beans

fried porcini mushrooms

pasta with porcini mushrooms

pasta with swordfish sauce Sicilian

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