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Reviews: Dal Corsaro, the creativity and Stefano class Dan (Cagliari)

by Ada Parisi
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At least 4 years, every time you exit the new edition of the Michelin Guide, I look forward to reading assignments of new stars. And I always look for a name: to Stephen Dang, Sardinian young chef at the helm of the family restaurant in Cagliari, Dal Corsaro. A name that still, in that guide, Starry not. And frankly every year I wonder how it is possible that the Michelin inspectors lack systematically recognize this guy bruno serious gaze and passionate one of the chefs not only sardi, but Italians, of greatest interest. Stephen Dan is no longer a promise, How could it be in 2010 when he won the award for best emerging chefs for the Sun 24 Hours and Touring Club: is a certainty. Graduated from Alma, where now teaches, Dan is what you would call a “Geek”: the passion for cooking combines a passion for study and research, for reading and testing. Those who know him imagine with facility closed in the kitchen at three in the morning trying to balance a plate still not perfect, to remove an ingredient to make it stark and minimal, watching it rise bread peeled with saffron and raisins while he reads technical manuals of the kitchen. My visit in late July has done nothing but confirm what I already knew: Dan (that is part of the JRE) is a champion and, as he has done before him Roberto Petza, has now become a chef that can enhance with intelligence and balance the Sardinian territory in his dishes. Enhance the work of Stefano would encourage not just him, but the whole new generation of chefs who are working on the Sardinian territory to continue on its path. It would mean valuing Sardinia, It deserves more than a single star allotted to Roberto Petza (and even Roberto at this point of his career deserves more).

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