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Coffee tart

by Ada Parisi
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Crostata al caffè

Tart with coffee cream, chocolate mousse and Praline nuts. The recipe that I propose today is a real indulgence, an anthem all & #8217; autumn, the intense flavors, creamy and rich taste of espresso and dark chocolate. Is’ a perfect sweet to finish an evening or a Sunday lunch with friends, over a coffee or a glass of sweet wine. O for breakfast. like all RECIPES OF PIES you find on the site.

Now, I know you just look at the ingredients list will l #8217; anxiety and think is a & sweet hard, but I guarantee that it is not so. There are some steps to follow, but all preparations are very, but very basic. If you want to try some other sensational sweet coffee, Don't miss the COFFEE BAVARESE’ WITHOUT EGGS and the wonderful and easy TORTA MOKA.

the alternative

L & #8217; only thing might be less simple for the most inexperienced is the Praline nuts, You can easily replace with chocolate chips, ground roasted hazelnuts or even fresh fruit, to give a pleasant acidity, like mango, Pineapple, blueberries. The cake can be prepared in advance and refrigerate and lasts 4-5 days if covered with care.

If you want to make a milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate mousse, You can use 150 grams of milk chocolate and cream 120 ml, and then add the amount of whipped cream as stated in the recipe. The dough is flavored with hazelnut flour, but you can also use almond flour in the same amount or make a common pastry using only 225 grams of flour 0. I told you everything, I would say that you are on time to try the pie at the cafe on the weekend, What do you say? Have a good day!

Crostata al caffè


Portions: 8 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 5.0/5
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190 grams of flour 00
25 grams hazelnut flour
100 grams of cold butter
100 grams of sugar
an egg yolk
whole milk or water, to taste
a pinch of salt


1 whole egg
2 egg yolks
250 ml of cream
60 grams of caster sugar
50 ml strong coffee ristretto
20 grams of corn flour or potato starch


150 grams of dark chocolate
10 grams of butter
150 ml of cream
150 milliliters of whipped cream (without sugar)


65 grams of almonds and hazelnuts
25 grams of caster sugar
a tablespoon of water
7 grams of butter


Coffee tart

For the pastry: put the flour on the work surface, the hazelnut flour, salt and sugar. Add the diced cold butter and knead with fingertips until dough composed of crumbs. Add the egg yolk and one tablespoon of milk, quickly knead until dough is smooth. If necessary, Add more milk if necessary, very little at a time. Form a loaf, wrap it in plastic wrap and let it rest in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

How cold and workable the dough will be, spread the hazelnut flavoured shortcrust pastry with a rolling pin to about half a centimeter thick and cover with care a buttered and floured. Prick the bottom and sides evenly with the prongs of a fork and keep in the refrigerator again.

For the topping: put the eggs in a bowl, the egg yolks, the sugar and cornstarch and beat with a whisk or a fork until the mixture is not mounted, but homogeneous. Heat the cream and coffee and pour coolant flush on the egg mixture and sugar.

Pour the coffee cream into the hazelnut pastry shell and bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees (static) for 40 minutes. Remove from oven and allow to cool completely, then remove the tart from its mold.

For the dark chocolate mousse: chop the chocolate. Put the cream and butter in a saucepan and bring almost to a boil. Turn off the heat and pour over the chocolate cream, stirring with a spatula until creamy dark, smooth and dense. The chocolate ganache to cool at room temperature and, Once you have lost heat, Add whipped cream, making a movement from top to bottom with the spatula to incorporate as much air as possible and have a light and frothy mousse.

Put the chocolate mousse in a pastry pocket and cover the entire surface of the cake, by decorating it as Favorites. Keep once again in the fridge.

For the Praline nuts: put sugar and water in a saucepan and cook until the syrup arrives at 119 degrees (If you don't have a thermometer, wait until the sugar starts to Simmons with small bubbles and dense). Add the almonds and hazelnuts and stir over low heat until the nuts will not be covered by some sort of whitish sand and continue until the sugar melts again creating a golden caramel. Remove from heat and add the butter, stirring quickly: will help the dried fruit to remain well separated. Pour onto wax paper and allow to cool completely.

Garnish the surface of cake with almonds and hazelnuts. Store the cake in the refrigerator and leave it at room temperature for at least 15 minutes before serving. Bon appétit!

MATCHING: When coffee, chocolate and hazelnuts meet there is nothing better than an Italian grappa. To choose it, We went in Veneto, particularly in Visnà by Vaibhav, in the province of Treviso, where Robert Carpenter create spirit of great depth. Grappa "Champion Leon 7 years reserve" obtained from Marc of selected high quality throughout Italy and aged for seven years in precious oak and cherry Woods. Amber, It is elegant and fine, with a flavor profile that goes from the spices at red grapes. On the palate the taste of vanilla, cocoa, Hazel. Overall, This grappa is harmonica, end and balanced. Combined with this tart, toasted notes of cocoa and softens the fatness of the chocolate mousse, achieving a balanced taste from manual.

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Silvia 19 October 2017 - 11:26

Hi Ada this cake is a show!! only question, and sorry the gullibility: the coffee cream bakes only in oven? No switching on the heat as a normal custard? Thanks, I would like to make it for tomorrow night and can't wait! Silvia

Ada Parisi 19 October 2017 - 11:36

Hi Silvia my dear! Then you, the cream bakes only in oven. Is’ a cream and fast, that I use in so many ways. On the site you'll find a PEAR Custard Tart, with berries… is perfect for making cakes even at the last minute. Mix all in Bowl, versa and put in the oven! ADA

Silvia 19 October 2017 - 11:41

that meravigliaaa!! Thanks as always

Ada Parisi 19 October 2017 - 12:18

Thanks to you, As always

Antonella 6 October 2017 - 14:13

ADA! What a delight it must be!
Just looking at it makes your mouth water! A triumph of autumn!!!
As soon as I get a day off I'll enjoy preparing it! At the bottom are approaching those afternoons a little’ those with a nice deep throat a peccadillo tea is fine, No? 😉
Thank you so much for this great recipe!

Ada Parisi 7 October 2017 - 09:05

Thanks Antonella! And let me know! Looks like a long preparation, but it is quite simple if you follow all the steps! A hug, ADA


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