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French puff pastry croissants

Perfect recipe by Michel Roux

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Croissant alla francese

French puff pastry croissants. What better awakening, in the morning, that a warm Croissant for breakfast? Prepare fresh croissants for French, with their intense scent of butter, It is not difficult. It only takes time and patience. Is, Once you get, you can freeze to have them fragrant every morning with your coffee or cappuccino. This is the recipe for Michel Roux, Chef with three Michelin stars. But if you love kneading, I suggest you also try the RECIPE OF THE CROISSANTS BROWSED by master pastry chef Piorgiorgio Giorilli. Or the PAIN AU CHOCOLAT, A classic of French pastry.

On the subject of brioche, I suggest you also try the TRECCINE RICOTTA, the BRIOCHES SICILIANE WITH Tuppo, the VENETIAN with custard and GIRELLE DANISH WITH CREAM AND RAISIN.

To prepare the French puff pastry croissants you need a stand mixer, or a food processor, although you can prepare the ’dough by hand, since the first loaf does not contain butter and, then, it's easily workable. In this recipe, we use fresh or dry brewer's yeast in small amounts but enough to get a fairly quick rise. If you prefer, instead, a croissant with very little yeast and a long ripening and leavening, the recipe for you is that of Giorilli that I was talking about earlier.

Croissants can be frozen already cooked and then thaw in the oven at 150 degrees temperature, or freeze raw and already yeasted, and then be baked directly. in any case,. I advise you not to freeze them and consume them just made. Have a good day.


Croissants browsed at the French

Croissant alla francese


Portions: 6 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
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250 ml whole milk

10 grams of fresh brewer's yeast or 5 grams of dry beer yeast

500 grams of flour 0 or 00

12 grams of salt

50 grams of sugar

250 grams of cold butter


an egg yolk

a tablespoon of milk

icing sugar


Croissant at the French

Croissant at the French

Put the flour in the planetary, sugar, the fresh brewer's yeast dissolved in milk at a temperature of about 22 degrees (or that of dry beer put directly in the dough) and start working the dough. Halfway through the processing add the salt and continue until the dough is smooth, homogeneous and well-strung.

Cover the bowl with the dough with food film. Leave to rise in a warm place at a temperature of about 27 degrees (oven with light on), until the volume doubles. Deflate the dough by gently turning it with your hand. Cover again with clingfilm and refrigerate for four to eight hours. After the interval of rest, transfer the dough to the work top, slightly floured.

Spread the dough until it forms a rectangle about one centimeter thick. Mash the butter loaf with the rolling pin, until you get a rectangle that covers two-thirds of the dough. Fold the third of the dough not covered with butter to the center. Then fold the other third of dough towards the center, the one covered with butter. Put the dough in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

After the interval of rest, roll out the dough again in the shape of a regular rectangle. Fold a third of the dough towards the center, then fold the other flap until you touch the smaller one. Finally, close the dough to book, that is, fold it in half. Put the dough back in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Let's get to the last lap. Roll out the dough again with the rolling pin on the floured work surface and perform a new fold: fold a third towards the center and then the remaining part to close. Put the dough back in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

Once you have the dough ready, To make croissants you have to roll out the dough half a centimeter thick in a rectangle of 65 centimeters by 40 centimeters. Then, trim the edges and cut them into two equal strips from which you will have to get many triangles of 10 centimeters by 18 centimeters: I take measurements with tape, for greater accuracy.

Make an incision at the base of each triangle of a centimeter and, to form the cornet, pull the two corners of the base of the triangle and roll the croissant from base to Summit. Brush the croissants with the beaten egg yolk with a tablespoon of milk and sourdough in a warm, about 24-30 degrees, for two hours: should double in volume.

Preheat the oven to 170 degrees, brush the croissants again with the egg and milk and bake for 14 minutes. Make it cool, Sprinkle with icing sugar and serve.

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