Pork chops in the pan

Pork chops with potatoes in a pan, Roasted shallots and lime

Pork chops with potatoes in a pan, Roasted shallots and lime: a rich second easy and elegant meat with a very versatile meat. In my house, meat seconds are rare. But I like pork: is cheap, lean and lends itself to many interpretation. And it's one of my favorite meats you'll notice it definitely peeking all my RECIPES WITH PORK. Where will you find scallops and ribs but especially pork loin and prepared in many different ways. As for example, the easy and beloved PORK LOIN WITH MILK, one of the most clicked and easiest recipes ever. It also found the VIDEO RECIPE OF PORK LOIN WITH MILK on my YouTube channel. The trump card of this recipe, however, is the outline: delicious and easy to make. As well as amazing in presentation.

They potatoes, Roasted shallots and lime kiln with Sage. The potatoes are cut into fairly large wedges, the shallots just half full with all the zest, and the lime slices. Tossed with extra virgin olive oil, Salt, pepper and fresh Sage form an excellent outline: the crispy potatoes, soft and sweet shallots and lime slightly sour taste. Since my partner is a carnivore, I paired a pork chop fried in oil with Rosemary and Sage, just to give a little’ of consistency at the plate. but you can try this side dish with anything else, even with the fish. You will not regret.

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CARLO December 28, 2016 at 19:45

Boni the pig custini, but who is ' stu “lime”, the plural of lima ? And you eat ?

Ada Parisi December 28, 2016 at 20:04

Hello Charles, Welcome! Something tells me you're siciliano ! You feel free to use our lemons, they are flavorful and sweet, I get the files because the lemons that I find in Rome to get them in the oven are too acidic… but know that I envy you and at home I always carry our limuna!!!!


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