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Cocktail: lo Spritz

Recipe for Italy's most loved cocktail with video recipe

by Ada Parisi
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Cocktail: lo Spritz

Who among you has never done an aperitif while sipping the Spritz? The Spritz is one of the most popular Italian cocktails as well as one of the 77 codified and recognized cocktails From’IBA. The International Bartenders Association, the international association that brings together bartenders from all over the world. The Spritz is a simple cocktail to prepare, based on Prosecco Doc or Docg, Aperol, soda and orange. The original Spritz recipe is simple but winning, since it has now become one of the Symbols of the Italian aperitif in the world. On my YouTube channel you will find the video recipe in 25 seconds of the Spritz.

And if you want to prepare some delicious cocktails, light and rich in summer fruit, try the WHITE SANGRIA or the WATERMELON COCKTAILS, in alcoholic and non-alcoholic version. For those who love white and fresh cocktails, there is the one with martini, lime, mint, CUCUMBER AND GIN. To be served with a tray of appetizers for the aperitif based on homemade puff pastry. Or with cubes of Spanish omelette in Spanish style piano.

History and variants of the Spritz

The Spritz was born in the nineteenth century in Veneto and precisely in Venice, where the official aperitif is now. Despite the codification of the IBA, there are numerous variations: you can find it prepared with still white wine and not with sparkling wine Or with Campari, Cynar or Select instead of Aperol. There is also the white Spritz.

Actually, the Spritz we know today is very different from the nineteenth-century one, when it was simply a local white wine ' stretched’ with a splash of carbonated water. So it was consumed by the Habsburg soldiers and to them it owes its name, since Spritz derives from “spritzen”, i.e. “spray”. Then, in the twentieth century, carbonated water was replaced by soda (and this is how the white Spritz is still prepared) and they began to add a bitter, The Select, produced in Venice. The inclusion of the Spritz in the list of official Iba cocktails codifies the version that today is reproduced all over the world, but the local variants remain numerous and resistant. Also because every city in Veneto has its own wine and its own bitter. Give it a try: you will see that good, Have a nice day!

Cocktail: lo Spritz

Cocktail: lo Spritz

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Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
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90 milliliters of Prosecco DOP (then Doc or Docg)

60 milliliters of Aperol

a spray of soda

1 slice of orange

Ice, to taste


Cocktail: lo Spritz

Cocktail: lo Spritz

The Spritz is a very simple cocktail to prepare. I advise you to put the glasses in which you will serve it in the refrigerator a couple of hours in advance, so that they are well cold. Soda and Prosecco must also be cold.

The Iba also suggests the most suitable glasses to prepare the Spritz: a large wine glass, the calix type, or a low glass and wide Old fashioned style (low tumbler), like the one I used myself.

Execution is quick and easy, as you see in very short recipe video on my Youtube channel. Put ice in the glass: 5-6 cubes depending on the size. Add Aperol and prosecco. Then spray the soda and mix gently. Finally, add half a slice of orange and decorate with another slice of orange.

Serve immediately. Good aperitif!

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Hedwig 1 August 2021 - 09:40

Spritz in Trieste only asked so it's wine with Campari so we always ask for spritz aperol. In the big bars seated spritz is what today, small local bars better to specify. I like it very much but I prefer it with wine. Have a good day

Ada Parisi August 21, 2021 - 16:54

Hi Hedwig, thanks for this detailed explanation. I realized this directly in Trieste…. 😉 a greeting


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