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Summer cocktails: Martini cucumber mint and gin

by Ada Parisi
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Cocktail: gin, menta e cetriolo

Today we prepare one of my favorite summer cocktails: with Martini cucumber mint and gin. And let's toast to my birthday, which falls right on this hot Saturday in July. A very fresh cocktail and very simple to make, based on white vermouth, gin and gaseous (or tonic water if you prefer it less sweet). With fresh mint, lime and cucumber juice. This is also, as the watermelon cocktail (even in VIDEO RECIPE) or the red sangria and Bianca it's a perfect cocktail for summer.

alternative, also non-alcoholic

If you want to prepare a slightly alcoholic cocktail but don't love (or not found) gin, you can also use vodka or white rum. E se (like me) prefer the sweetest drinks, add a teaspoon of granulated sugar or cane during the preparation of the long drink. Cucumber, lime and mint are instead irreplaceable, because they give the cocktail an extraordinary freshness. You can prepare this cocktail safely even in a non-alcoholic version, using only gaseous and tonic water: it will be extremely refreshing and refreshing.

Among the various summer cocktails this with Martini cucumber mint and gin is really simple to prepare. Perfect for an aperitif with friends. I have prepared a simple and fast one with homemade Apulian focaccia, the inevitable chips, sicilian pickled olives homemade, Apulian taralli and a tantalizing vegetable pinzimonio. If you want to amaze everyone, you can prepare mine APPETIZERS FOR THE APERITIF made from puff pastry: very fast and greedy. You will see that everyone will like your aperitif, especially if served on the terrace or in the garden. And remember that preparing cocktails at home is not difficult, just weigh the ingredients! Have a good day!

Cocktail: gin, menta e cetriolo


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Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
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30 milliliters of gin

60 milliliters of white Martini

120 milliliters of gaseous or tonic water

a thin slice of cucumber

fresh mint, to taste

20 milliliters of lime juice

lime slices, to taste

Ice, to taste


Summer cocktails:  today's one is with Martini cucumber mint and gin. Super easy and refreshing, even in a completely non-alcoholic version

Summer cocktails: today's one is with Martini cucumber mint and gin. Super easy and refreshing, even in a completely non-alcoholic version

The preparation of the summer cocktail based on Martini cucumber mint and gin is really simple. I recommend you to use all cold ingredients of refrigerator.

Slicing cucumber as thinly as possible: I suggest you use a mandolin. Place it in the glass so that it adheres to the glass, like a ribbon. Add ice cubes to taste.

Put in the shaker or in a jug a few ice cubes, add gin, the Martini or another white vermouth, lime juice and gazzosa or tonic water. If you want a sweeter cocktail, also add a teaspoon of brown sugar. Shake well and pour into the glass by filtering the ice.

Add a few slices of lime and fresh mint leaves and serve immediately. Good aperitif!

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Mauro July 12, 2022 - 10:04

Really shake the tonic water? sure??

Ada Parisi July 12, 2022 - 11:07

Hello, place we are just passionate about, the choice was this: not being a gin and tonic and wanting to slightly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide, to obtain a softer gas, we chose to use the shaker in a soft way. ADA

Maïté la Basque 24 July 2021 - 17:43

Good evening Ada,
I continue to feast and be inspired by all your recipes,
I wish you a pleasant weekend.
With all my friendships. Maïté

Ada Parisi 29 July 2021 - 12:42

Hallo Maite, Thank you so much. Sorry for my delay but I'm on holiday! Have a nice day!


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