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Blue cocktail with blue curacao and gin

And cranberry juice. An easy and magnetic after-dinner

by Ada Parisi
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Cocktail blu (Curacao gin e succo di mirtilli)

How to make a blue cocktail at home after dinner with gin, Curacao & Cranberry Juice

At home as well as at the bar: Here's how to make a Blue cocktail perfect as an after dinner with Blue Curacao Gin and cranberry juice. All you need is Three ingredients and a little’ of ice and your Short drink with an intense and magnetic color will be ready. In VIDEO RECIPE on my YouTube channel You can see for yourself how simple this is to prepare. Blue cocktail with Blue Curacao and gin. If you love refreshing cocktails, you should definitely try the WATERMELON COCKTAILS (with and without alcohol) or the one with mint, CUCUMBERS AND GIN.

What is blue curacao: The origins of this liqueur

The Curacao is a Liquor Born in’Curacao Island and is obtained from the distillation (in copper stills) of skins Dried of the orange (Laraha Variety) flavoured with spices. The island of Curacao is located in Central America, in the southern Caribbean Sea and is part of the Netherlands Antilles, not far from the coast of Venezuela. It was the Spaniards, Around the sixteenth century, to plant oranges of the Valencia variety on this small island. Here, The fruits have adapted to the climate, developing particular characteristics, like a strong bitter taste found in traditional liqueur. TheCuracao is therefore an orange liqueur and has a strong orange taste.

The Curacao is a ingredients of many cocktails, and is much loved and used in the Modern Mixology. Its best-known version is the Blue Curacao, that you get thanks to the addition of a food coloring Traditional Liqueur Certificate, so that the characteristic blue color is obtained.

Cocktails with curacao blue: What ingredients to use at home

Using the Blue Curacao can be created lots of cocktails like the Blue Angel, the Blue Spritz, the Blue Hawaii or the Blue Lagoon. We decided to create a Original and simple to make homemade cocktail. We used the blue cUracao of the historic Company Dutch Lucas Bols and we opted for a short drink to offer as an after dinner. The base of the cocktail is the traditional Bacur gin by Bottega as a base of the cocktail and as a concealer the cranberry juice. We thought we'd sweeten the mix slightly with some cranberry juice, To be dosed in drops, in order to obtain a Ink Effect, that remains suspended in the cold liquid. Finally, We have decorated with fresh blueberries.

Cocktails with blue curacao: Alcohol content and calories

To prepare this After dinner with Blue Curacao Gin and Blueberries We used the shaker and of the Ice in cubes. The glass chosen is a cup or a Champagne glass small size, which we have placed in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. Being a after dinner, This cocktail It has a High alcohol content and should be enjoyed in small sips. The dose chosen per person is 45 milliliters. L’Alcohol unit of this cocktail is just over 1, considering the quantity used and the alcohol content of the two liqueurs (40° gin and 21° curacao blue). A glass of wine equivalent to 125 millilitres with an alcohol content of 12%. Are approximately 90 total calories.

Cocktail blu (Curacao gin e succo di mirtilli)


Portions: 2 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 5.0/5
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60 ml gin (2 units of alcohol)

30 ml Blue Curacao (0,5 units of alcohol)

drops of cranberry juice

fresh blueberries (to decorate)

glass: Champagne glass (cold)


Blue Cocktail (Curacao gin and cranberry juice)

This blue cocktail made with Blue curacao, Gin and cranberry juice is really very simple to prepare, as you can see in the VIDEO RECIPE. Remember to put the glasses in the refrigerator at least 30 minutes before preparing the cocktails.

Place the ice cubes in a shaker (Boston). Add 30 millilitres of gin and then 15 millilitres of blue curacao.

Close the shaker and shake vigorously for ten seconds. Open and filter with the sieve (Strainer) directly in the cold glass of the refrigerator.

Add two drops of cranberry juice to the cocktail (without stirring) and garnish with fresh blueberries (3 or 4). Serve immediately.

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