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Watermelon cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)

Perfect summer recipe for an aperitif

by Ada Parisi
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Cocktail all'anguria (alcolico e analcolico), long drink estivo perfetto per l'aperitivo

How to make the summer watermelon cocktail

Today I'm going to explain how to prepare the watermelon cocktail in two versions: alcoholic and non-alcoholic. A summery long drink is simple you can find the VIDEO RECIPE on my YouTube channel. The Original version of our watermelon cocktail is slightly alcoholic: with gin, lime juice, fresh mint and lots of ice made using watermelon juice. Like this, when the ice melts, won't drown the cocktail. The non-alcoholic version it simply involves the exclusion of gin. In both cases, It is a Very fresh and naturally sweet long drink and therefore without added sugar. To inspire you you can also look at this very short VIDEO RECIPE of the watermelon cocktail: with the right tools even I can look like a mixology expert!

For me watermelon is definitely the best fruit of summer: i wait all year round to be able to taste it. And I admit that I make it unbed, both as a fruit, both in the form of granite and above all in WATERMELON FROST . Even in the version FROST-COVERED TART.

I love the Fruit Cocktails, as the SPANISH WHITE SANGRIA, but this Summer long drink with watermelon Lor Gianluca and I have balanced and I particularly care about it. If you don't love gin, you can also use vodka or white rum. As you can see, The amounts of alcohol in this long summer drink are very modest: this allows the watermelon cocktail to be fresh and light even in the slightly alcoholic version. If you prefer non-alcoholic cocktails, you just omit alcohol.

I decorated the glasses with green sugars and added a skewer made with watermelon bits and slices of lime to complete the cocktail. I didn't add sugar, but you have to taste watermelon first: if it's very sweet, as watermelon is often at the right degree of ripening, then you don't need to add sugar. In short, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic the watermelon cocktail is delicious, very easy to do at home and perfect for an aperitif among friends. Why always limit yourself to the usual Spritz and Mojito? Save the recipe and take a look at the others cocktail that we have studied for you. Have a good day!

Cocktail all'anguria (alcolico e analcolico), long drink estivo perfetto per l'aperitivo


Portions: 4 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
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500 milliliters of watermelon juice

80 milliliters tanqueray ten gin

lime zest

120 milliliters of lime juice

mint leaves, for garnish

ice made with only watermelon juice,

lime and watermelon to garnish

sugar to decorate the edge of the glass


Watermelon cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)

Making the watermelon cocktail is super easy: look at the VIDEO RECIPE on my YouTube channel. First you have to get the watermelon juice you need to make the ice and cocktail. The best method is to pass the watermelon with the green pass and then strain the juice, so that it is completely free of pulp residues.

Once ready, put some of the juice in the ice trays and set aside the amount needed to prepare the cocktails.

Squeeze the lime juice and make from the limes 4 peels to decorate the cocktails. Pour into the shaker or a normal ice jug, the lime juice, the gin if you decided to prepare the alcoholic version, finally watermelon juice and shake or mix well.

If you want to decorate the glasses with sugar (both abnormal and colorful), wet the edge with little cold water and then roll it into the sugar as you see in the video.

Put in glasses ice made with watermelon juice. You can abound, because melting ice won't dilute the cocktail, being made with the same ingredient. Pour the cocktail (without putting the normal ice, if you use a jug you will have to filter the liquid).

Add fresh mint and lime zest and, if you like the idea, decorate the glass with a skewer made with watermelon cubes and lime slices. Good aperitif!

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