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Fruit cocktails: The Bellini (original recipe)

A fresh and summery cocktail, with video recipe

by Ada Parisi
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Cocktail: il Bellini

Today One of the most famous Italian fruit cocktails in the world: the Bellini in its original recipe codified by theIBA, the International bartenders association, the international association that brings together bartenders from all over the world. Easy to make, how to see in this very short VIDEO RECIPE on my YouTube channel.

History and variants of bellini's original recipe

The Bellini is one of the 77 official Iba cocktails: born in Venice in 1950 , conceived by Giuseppe Cipriani of Harry's Bar, on the occasion of the exhibition of the painter Giovanni Battista Bellini, from which it takes its name. Bellini is part of the sparkling category, or sparkling cocktails. And it's based on sparkling wine (Prosecco Doc or Docg) and white peach nectar. A very simple cocktail, which then gave rise to different variants such as Rossini (strawberry juice and sparkling wine), Tintoretto (pomegranate juice and Prosecco) or puccini (mandarin juice and Prosecco).

The fishing it must be crushed or blended and passed through a sieve, to eliminate the pulp and obtain a perfectly velvety texture.

The Bellini is a fruit cocktail extremely simple to make in its original recipe. You simply have to pour the ingredients into an icy flute and mix gently, decorating with a slice of peach. Is’ Perfect for the summer season, when peaches (white, Yellow, Snuff factory) they are in their fullest brilliance. the alternative, if you love fruit cocktails, are the WHITE SANGRIA or RED or the WATERMELON COCKTAILS. If you love the most alcoholic tastes, try the one with martini, lime, mint, CUCUMBER AND GIN or the classic and timeless SPRITZ. To be served with a tray of appetizers for the aperitif based on homemade puff pastry.

Cocktail: il Bellini


Portions: 1 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
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100 milliliters of Prosecco Docg

50 milliliters of white peach juice

a slice of fishing


Cocktail: The Bellini

Cocktail: The Bellini

Bellini is one of the most famous Italian fruit cocktails in the world and simple to make.

You have to crush or blend the white peach (you can also use Nectarines or Snuffs or yellow peaches if you do not find the white ones) and then pass the juice to the sieve. This serves to eliminate the pulp, which makes the liquid pasty and more opaque, leaving it velvety instead.

All ingredients must be cold refrigerator, including glasses. So remember to put the flutes in the refrigerator an hour in advance so that they cool down.

Pour cold peach nectar into the flutes, add the cold sparkling wine and mix gently. Garnish the glass with a slice of peach and serve immediately. Good aperitif!

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Antonella Cataldi 25 August 2021 - 07:59

I can use the centrifuge x extract the peach juice x bellini cocktails??Thanks

Ada Parisi 25 August 2021 - 11:58

Certainly! A warm greeting, ADA


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