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Soft pretzels yogurt and lime

Un dolce semplice e profumato

by Ada Parisi
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Ciambelline soffici yogurt al cocco e lime

Soft and with a pungent scent, the ciambelline soffici con yogurt al cocco e lime sono dei dolcetti semplici, senza burro ma golosi. Come tutti gli impasti a base di yogurt, as the PLUMCAKE YOGURT AND STRAWBERRIES, also this is soft and butter-free. All’interno di questi dolcetti con yogurt al cocco c’è poco olio di semi, that you can also replace with a very light extra virgin olive oil. Sono lo yogurt al cocco e il succo e la scorza del lime a dare a queste ciambelline un profumo esotico e pungente. You have already tried my TORTA CON FARINA DI COCCO, LIMONE E UVETTA? Is’ spongy!

Le ciambelline soffici yogurt e lime senza burro si preparano in 15 minuti e glassarle è semplicissimo, just dilute icing sugar with very little lime juice. Indeed, Be careful, because the lime juice or in any case the liquid to be added to the icing sugar must really be added drop by drop. This is because otherwise the glaze will be too liquid and less opaque and you will not get this nice 'snow' effect.

Obviously, potete aromatizzare questi dolcetti al cocco e lime come preferite, changing the taste of yoghurt and citrus. They are perfect for breakfast or snack and are a healthy and delicious dessert. I'll leave you recommending you take a look at all my PLUMCAKE OF RECIPES, fluffy and creative, full of fruit, frosted or less, like the yummy LEMON PLUMCAKE AND RASPBERRIES and my OF MUFFIN RECIPES if you prefer single portion treats. Have a nice day!

Ciambelline soffici yogurt al cocco e lime


Portions: 6 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 5.0/5
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75 grams of flour 00

25 grams of maizena or starch

100 grams of creamy coconut yogurt

50 milliliters of sunflower oil

1 large whole egg (About 70 grams)

80 grams of caster sugar

grated lime zest

a pinch of salt

half teaspoon baking powder (8-10 grams)

butter and flour for the baking mould


250 grams of powdered sugar

lime juice

lime zest to decorate


Ciambelline soffici con di cocco yogurt e lime

Donuts with coconut yoghurt and lime are very easy to prepare. First you have to preheat the oven to 170 degrees static.

Put the whole egg in a bowl, the pinch of salt and sugar. Whip with electric whips until a swollen mixture is obtained, fluffy and whitish, more than doubled from the initial volume. Combine the grated lime zest and lime juice, then flush with the seed oil, blending the mixture at the minimum speed.

Sift the flour together, maizena and baking leaven for sweets and add them to the mixture slowly, alternating them with coconut yoghurt. This is so that the mixture does not become too liquid or too dense causing the formation of lumps.

When the mixture is smooth, thick and without lumps, pour it into the doughnut-shaped molds (or in muffin pirouettes) buttered and well floured .

Bake already hot at 170 degrees for about 25 minutes or until the treats are swollen and well golden. Churn out the donuts with yogurt and lime and let cool completely.

As the sweets cool down, prepare the icing by mixing icing sugar with a few drops of lime juice. Remember to add juice literally drop by drop if you want to get a nice thick, full-bodied glaze. If you add too much, the glaze will be more liquid and less opaque. Cover the treats with icing and, while it's still not represented, decorate with a little grated lime zest. Bon appétit!

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