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black Cabbage: beneficial ownership and 11 recipes to try

Soups, croquettes, gateau, First courses and side dishes

by Ada Parisi
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Cavolo nero: un ortaggio dalle mille proprietà, un concentrato di benessere che lo rende un vero e proprio super food

Benefits Properties and 11 recipes to try with cabbage: soups, croquettes, gateau, First courses and side dishes. Kale is a good vegetable, versatile in the kitchen, that does so much good to be considered a real super food. Is’ So a winter vegetable with a thousand health properties. There are two types: the Crepe kale, also called Tuscan kale, It is part of the cruciferous family Brassicaceae, specie Brassica oleracea acephala sabellica. It belongs, then, the great family of cabbages but not the 'ball appearance': for this reason it is called headless, or headless.

And black cabbage, as well as his brother collard (which in Italy it is produced mainly in Puglia and has tough leaves and fibrous, but equally tasty), has rather long leaves are dark green, and sometimes bluish, highly innervated, rugose and bollose. Originating in all of Asia Minor likely, in Italy he has found its land of choice in Tuscany, where it is irreplaceable in the popular Tuscan ribollita. It is a versatile vegetable perfect for preparing soups, QUICHES, first healthy fast food, even PANZEROTTI stuffed in a greedy manner. There are so many recipes where you can use the cabbage. Its main virtue is the great resistance to cold and frost (It bears well also -10 degrees). Indeed, it is said that the cabbage should eat after taking the first frost, otherwise the leaves will not be enough to hold.

The cabbage in the kitchen: 11 recipes to try

Among the most classic recipes, where all the properties of cabbage remain intact, There is the BLACK CABBAGE PESTO. A rich raw pesto anti oxidants and nutrients, because along with the cabbage there are nuts, almonds and pine nuts. A perfect pesto is on pasta, It is to be used to garnish delicious bruschetta.

The black cabbage can be used to season the pasta in a manner similar to the recipe of the pasta with turnip greens. Healthy and easy to prepare, the EARFLAPS IN BLACK CABBAGE please all. The fried bread crumbs and lightly spicy taste of this dish prepared in 10 minutes are irresistible.

The kale is also excellent in combination with the fish, such an unusual and tasty wedding, such as in PASTA AL RAGU’ THE SQUID AND BLACK CABBAGE.

Don't forget, the POTATO GATEAU AND BLACK CABBAGE, delicate taste, with cooked ham and stringy cheese. Perfect for recycling leftover cheese, meats and vegetables.

Obviously the cabbage is the perfect vegetable for soups, starting with the RIBOLLITA TOSCANA, one of the symbols of the Tuscan country cuisine. A concentrate of well-being to be allowed as often as possible.

A faster alternative to prepare than the ribollita, and the BEAN SOUP AND BLACK CABBAGE, typical of central Italy, ready in a few steps with both the fresh beans, is dried is already cooked.

Delicious and vegan is the CHICKPEA SOUP, POTATOES AND BLACK CABBAGE: A quick and easy detox recipe. Nutritious and rich.

It is seen that the preparation of ribollita, however, is a little’ laboriously, I invite you to try an alternative to SOUP OF BREAD, POTATOES AND BLACK CABBAGE. Very easy to prepare, It is a tasty dish with which you can also recycle old bread and I'm sure, Having regard to the simplicity and goodness, It will become one of your favorite winter soups.

The cabbage, which it has a delicate flavor despite the rough appearance, It is also perfect for preparing creamy risottos and fine, as the CRESCENZA RICE AND BLACK CABBAGE. In this case it is not even necessary to blanch, because the time of the risotto cooking are more than enough to cook the cabbage.

Among the most simple recipes to try there is BLACK CABBAGE rehearsed IN PAN WITH POTATOES, and you can also found the VIDEO RECIPE step by step. A few minutes into boiling water and then stir-fry, the cabbage and potatoes are an excellent side dish but also a unique pot if accompanied such eggs.

To eat this vegetable is rich in vitamins to children, you can try CROCCHETTE POTATOES AND BLACK CABBAGE from the heart melted and cooked in the oven, simple to prepare. On my YouTube channel also find the VIDEO RECIPE step by step.

I advise you not to lose PIE IN BLACK CABBAGE, with the yogurt in the dough and a crispy shell of pastry crust: a perfect pie for buffet, appetizers or as a main dish. The cabbage lends itself perfectly to join the farce and fillings, especially in combination with eggs or cheese. Such as in the original PANZEROTTI IN BLACK CABBAGE con anchovies and Swiss cheese. A street food baked, delicious and easy to prepare, with the recipe of the brioche dough Luca Montersino.

black Cabbage: a super food by the powerful antioxidant properties

The cabbage, like all cabbage, is a vegetable with a thousand virtues and a powerful antioxidant nature. It has in itself all the essential amino acids that serve our body to form proteins. And it's one of the most important sources of Omega-3 and Omega-6 (usually above content in fish). Is’ rich in vitamin A, C and K, in addition to vitamins of the B group and in particular the B6 and B12, or folic acid. In addition, black cabbage contains fundamental mineral salts such as potassium, iron, phosphorus, copper, Thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, zinc, calcium and sulfur. of calories Poor, about 40 calories per 100 grams of edible leaves, the cabbage has so many beneficial properties to be considered a super food with exceptional effects on the body.

Raw kale pesto with walnuts, almonds and pine nuts

black Cabbage: properties and benefits

Is’ demonstrated l’preventive action of black cabbage against some types of tumors, especially breast, bladder and digestive tract, from the colon to the stomach to the rectum. Yet, the antioxidant content exerts a anti-aging and protective action against the heart and circulation. Antioxidants counteract the activity of free radicals thanks to the high content of vitamin C (more than oranges and spinach), Polyphenols, beta-carotene and flavonoids (ne contains ben 45). The large amount of fiber helps control cholesterol levels and blood sugar and maintains a beneficial effect on intestinal transit. Vitamin K present in the cabbage is good for bones and teeth, because it facilitates the absorption of calcium.

The main contraindication to the intake of black cabbage It is for those who take beta-blockers. Because the cabbage is rich in potassium and, in the event that the kidneys were to have some problems, It could cause serious damage. Containing lots of fiber, It must be consumed with care by those suffering from colitis.

black Cabbage, a superfood rich in natural antioxidants

How to choose, clean and store the cabbage

If you want your cabbage to last long, you have to store it in the refrigerator, not wash, wrapped in a moist paper towel, or closed in the breathable plastic bags (bucherellati) suitable for vegetables. So it keeps it fresh longer. I recommend you put it in cold water for at least an hour before cleaning. If you want to freeze the cabbage, you first have to clean and wash. Then, blanch the leaves for 2-3 minutes, dry them carefully and put them in a bag and freeze in the freezer.

You can find it almost all year round for sale, but the best time to buy is the winter months, when it's cold. When buying you should choose heads with taut leaves, turgid and brilliant color, preferably relatively small. They will be more tender. Discard the leaves with spots or signs of withering. Clean the cabbage is simple: just remove the leaves from the stem with a decided movement. As you can see in the VIDEO TUTORIAL STEP BY STEP on how to clean the cabbage to perfection and without waste.

To enjoy all the beneficial properties of black cabbage, this vegetable should be eaten raw or slightly blanched as anti-oxidants and polyphenols are heat sensitive, ie they degrade with the heat. The alternative to raw consumption, for example in salad, It is a fast cooking in a little water or steamed. If you want to use it in soups, cut it into pieces and put into the soup in the last 10-15 minutes of cooking. Or prepare the BLOWN BLACK CABBAGE in a pan, stufandolo covered with little water.


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Mr.Loto February 23, 2022 - 17:22

A really delicious vegetable that I usually consume sautéed with garlic, oil, chili pepper and a little’ raisins. Its consumption is also good for health and its properties are supported by scientific studies. It is also the best source of vitamin K in the world.
A greeting

Ada Parisi February 24, 2022 - 11:47

I agree, is good, versatile and does very well. A dear saluto.Ada


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