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Italy and Carnival, from chatter to struffoli through the thousand regional recipes

Recipes Carnival: chatter

Italy is full of regional traditions to celebrate Carnival. From chatter to struffoli through pancakes and chestnuts: every Italian region has its sweets, simple and often fried, delights young and old.

Carnival recipes found in some regions, like Sardinia, an immense variety of pancakes, simple in composition but often complex in preparation and decoration. Like the acciuleddi, that look like little woven gold bracelets.

In Sicily, instead, it is the triumph of sweet rice pancakes soaked in hot honey or sphinxes stuffed with ricotta, while in central Italy gossip and chestnuts of all kinds dominate.


Neapolitan potato wedges

Potato wedges

Potato wedges, also called Neapolitan staples. Fluffy sweet pancakes typical of Carnival and St. Joseph, with potatoes…
Frittelle di mele

Frittelle di mele

Frittelle di mele, easy recipe for a perfect result. Baked or fried. A classic carnival snack dessert

Sicilian Sfinci of St. Joseph

Sfinci di San Giuseppe, a traditional Sicilian sweet and fried ricotta stuffed that will make employees. In Sicily…

Acciuleddi Carnival

Acciuleddi Carnival, Sardinian recipe: a fried crispy pastry glazed with honey and orange peel. One leads to another.

The struffoli Carnival

The struffoli Carnival, perfect recipe: raise your hand if a child has never licked your fingers eating…