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Bean soup and kale

Bean soup and kale

Bean soup and kale: a dish full and rich in vitamins, anti oxidants and minerals. recipe…
salt cake kale, pasta con broken integrale. A single dish easy and tasty with a vegetable that is good.

salt cake kale

salt cake kale, with yogurt filling in and integral pastry crust. A single dish, easy and tasty with…
Orecchiette with cabbage

Orecchiette with cabbage

Orecchiette with cabbage, a dish easy, tasty and rich in vitamins thanks to cabbage, a true superfood
Black Cabbage fried with potatoes

kale with potatoes

kale with potatoes: easy dish and rich in vitamins. Adding a fried egg becomes a tasty single dish.…
Acquacotta to Maremma, original recipe easy

Water cooked at the maremmana

Water cooked at the maremmana: a typical Tuscan recipe from the farmer taste, simple and good. It is made with garden vegetables,…