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Outline, simple and tasty, like the Sicilian eggplant caponata

simple and tasty dishes: Sicilian eggplant caponata, original recipe

At each dish its perfect contour: in Italy there are no 'main dish', complete with side dishes that are served abroad. Because we prefer to prepare rich side dishes to suit every single dish, meat or fish. Among the Sicilian side dishes are a must eggplant caponata and all dishes such as pumpkin or sweet and sour fennel, Also delicious gratin. And then the artichokes and stuffed vegetables, mashed potatoes, potatoes prepared in many ways.

A nice side dish can also be served as an appetizer and can brighten even a simple slice of grilled meat

Winter artichoke caponata

Winter artichoke caponata: when there are no eggplant it is an excellent alternative created by the Sicilian genius in the kitchen.

This egg salad

Russian salad: the inevitable Festive table settings, Christmas, New Year or Easter it. And 'one of the most traditional Italian cuisine…

Sicilian apple caponata

Caponata apple, the brilliant Sicilian find in the season when the aubergines ended and have not yet begun…

Sicilian orange and fennel salad

Sicilian orange and fennel salad. This salad, which for me it is a Sicilian obviousness, instead it may surprise those who do not…