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Appetizers: the business card of lunches and dinners. Here's how to choose the most suitable

Mussels au gratin, among the most popular appetizers

The appetizer is the business card of your lunch or your dinner. So to be chosen and implemented with care. It is said to be a difficult appetizer to prepare, Also a well-made bruschetta can become a great appetizer.

Here you will find seafood appetizers, ground, vegetarians, economic and creative. Have fun finding the right one for you to enjoy elegant or casual dining, for a Christmas menu or a buffet. And remember that there is no limit to the imagination, and that any dish, in small portions, It can be a great appetizer.

Sicilian crushed olives

Sicilian crushed olives with carrots and celery. Traditional recipe to make when harvesting olives

Potatoes parmigiana

Potatoes parmigiana, with smoked ham, smoked cheese and rosemary. It is prepared in a snap with raw potatoes and…

Sicilian sweet and sour pumpkin

Red Pumpkin in bittersweet, a typical Sicilian dish that will make you see the pumpkin under another angle. A vegan recipe…

Sicilian pie sword fish

Sicilian pie sword fish: soft, tasty and good either hot or cold. easy recipe for a delicious appetizer.

Fried mushrooms

Fried mushrooms, crunchy and tasty. The perfect aperitif autumn, to dip into a yogurt and lime sauce

La Panzanella Toscana

La Panzanella Toscana, original recipe: one of the most popular Tuscan recipes, perfect in summer and customizable at will. easy Recipe.