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Made in Italy. Tradition and modernity on Etna: the Cantina Benanti

by Ada Parisi
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In the dark, at the bottom of, warm, under the snow there is life. In the dark, fertile land on the slopes of Etna Park There is a rich vegetation which seeks to return to the light. Is, Sicilian Etna becomes muffled in winter white and cold and clear, screws await their moment. To treat them in their path there are hundreds of winemakers constantly to turn each year the gifts of a land barren and inhospitable appearance only and made fertile by the black lava of the volcano instead. ' Iddu's call in Sicily: ' He '. If you find yourself in Catania take a small detour to Viagrande, not far from Acireale: Here is a must visit in one of the cellars that are considered the architects of the Renaissance in wine etneo and, with it, Siciliano. The Cantina Benanti.

Joseph and his two sons Antonio and Salvino carry on, After having rediscovered in 1988, the work started in the late 19th century in this corner of Sicily by his grandfather Joseph, When producing wine on the volcano were really in a few. From the same era is the Manor House, stunning in her black stone of Etna, severe and majestic together as all the beautiful villas that you will meet along the streets that wiggle on the volcano. The merit of the cellars Benanti lies in believing and in believing that Etna is a unique environment, where not only the landscape but also the products of the land are able to express specific characteristics and unique, Thanks to the contribution of volcanic soils and microclimates with high temperature. Respecting the natural qualities of the places and processes to achieve the highest level of quality.

That's why upstream Greenhouse (five hundred meters of altitude) the family Benanti sustainable farming methods, minimizing interventions. The traditional Sicilian grapes selected for the production host microzone: Nerello Mascalese, Carricante, Minnella, Nerello Cappuccio, that the winery has chosen to promote as its distinctive both in Italy and abroad. Il vigneto di Monte Serra, in particular, It houses some thousands of pre-phylloxera strains (vine disease caused by an insect pest that, in the second half of the 19th century, destroyed the vast majority of Italian vines). The range of wines ranges from whites, the gingers up in sparkling wine, the Carricante. Visit the winery Badra also means rediscovering how to make wine on Etna, as the ancient millstone fully recovered in his eighteenth-century style. Tradition and modernity here travelling together. The farm is open year-round for tours and tastings. We were lucky enough to do, with producer, a vertical of Nerello Cappuccio grapes (a vine often considered unfit to be vinified its grapes in purity compared with Nerello Mascalese) from 2002 to 2010. Beyond the technicalities of tasting, This wine has been confirmed as the territory, combined with the skilful hand of man, It can create elegant products and great international scope, Fortunately now obsolete paradigms that way from Sicilian wines often are powerful, high alcohol content but little graceful.

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