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Campus Etoile Academy, the rigor and passion. Where dreams take shape

by Ada Parisi
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What would you do? If only I had the answer to be given to this question 20 years ago, Today I would definitely be a chef in a restaurant of my own. But 20 years ago the phrase "I want to be a cook" I uttered, I never even thought to pronounce it: I wanted to be a writer, the journalist, What that then actually I did. Today, though, I really, really do Cook and then you will understand the turmoil put in place in me from the three days I spent at Campus Etoile Academy of Tuscania. It is no coincidence that I chose at the beginning of this article – telling my experience on Campus but that mostly talk about me and what I feel – a photograph of a ladybug, surprise in the garden of the Academy between a leaf and the other: because the Ladybug is found only in the most pure, belli, clean, that fill our hearts and minds and there remain and bear fruit.

The real wealth of these three days was in contact and exchange of information, having breathed eagerly an air of passion, of study, of experimentation full of enthusiasm and desire to give and receive. I don't think I exaggerate by saying that, today, I see the end point of this my path of boundless love for the kitchen in the course enrolment Campus Etoile, both in terms of cuisine both for confectionery. Because I would really, turn what in me there is talent and intuition in strict professionalism and absolute.

And so, in these three days lived with others like me who are passionate about cooking (call us food bloggers, but did you know that this word does not find myself for anything) between cooking show, gourmet dinners, Workshop ' knead ', It happened to me more times to try a sentiment that doesn't belong to me: envy. Envy for the young age of these guys, not yet but certainly will be chef, and for those of their chef is already (Francis Triscornia, Simone Ameeta, Joseph Said and Ruggiero Carli on all), mature professionally but still with your whole life ahead of you. Envy for their ability to choose the right way at the right age, to see clearly the object of their passion and turn it into concrete business opportunity.
On this Campus who welcomed me without knowing that I was already in love with everything they had to offer me, I understood what it means to attend a higher education course where theory and practice come together for the sole purpose of creating tomorrow's professionals. Chefs getting dirty your hands every day, they have the power of enthusiasm and passion, supported by a strong technical base and a flawless knowledge of tradition. Humble, ready to share their knowledge with those who certainly has their experience, curious, without any prejudice.

Needless to say that, Obviously, the Campus is equipped with classrooms equipped with every futuristic machinery and equipment you can imagine: all that is in my dreams, in which I open the door of a kitchen immense (mine!) with roner, Blast chillers, vacuum packed, pacojet, slicing machines, dryers, cast iron cookware, steam ovens. There is a library with all fundamental study lyrics (and here I, I have dozens and dozens of books, I felt an immense envy) and with ancient texts and precious about the kitchen. There is a vegetable garden, the Orto dei semplici, where are the scents of herbs and colours of seasonal vegetables, where you can learn not only to use the foods and products of the Earth, but also to cure them, Watch them grow, respect them. All in a 14th-century structure, a former convent, Today perfectly renovated and restored conservatively, so as to leave transpire columns and capitals and ancient fountains mixed with the extreme modernity of the Campus.

There are beautiful rooms, clear, white, where students spend their lives during the courses, with tall windows overlooking the beautiful countryside of Tuscia. Courses, We can't deny it, they are tiring: every 3 months, two cooking classes and two classes of pastries fill the classrooms, times are long, it starts at 7:30 am, who knows when it ends, because that dictates the times are cooking, preparations, the risings. And the next day it starts. And after three months of theory and practice, there are another 5-month internship to prove on the field that has been learned at school. What this experience has left me? The desire to return, and to stay.


From last, I would like to thank Paola Maruzzi, I chose to participate in this experience, and the people who have lived with me: some of them I already knew, others I saw them for the first time at Etoile and all I have left something beautiful and new: Valentina (Appetitosando), Tamara (A piece of my maremma), Elisa (Kitty's Kitchen), Raffaella (Scent of cinnamon), Claudia (Green Cardamom), Alessandra (Mama duck), Mohammed Said (For a handful of capers), Maria Grazia (Cooking planner), Martina (Trattoria da Martina), Scarlett (But you've eaten), Silvia (Water and flour- Sississima).

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Hedwig November 7, 2015 - 14:13

Too bad that all these possibilities didn't exist when I was young and wandering spirit now are things that I could never fully follow not for lack of interest but also personal issues and que breast pocket :-((
Good weekend,

Ada Parisi November 7, 2015 - 18:32

Hedwig I can not for the same reason, Although other times: lack of time, a House to follow, a full time job and, last but not least, the cost… but dreaming instead it costs!!!

Martina November 7, 2015 - 13:49

Nice reportage Ada! And beautiful experience. I would share anytime!. When we re us nostalgia the various posts that each of us wrote…:)

Ada Parisi November 7, 2015 - 18:33

Thanks Martina, It made me really happy to meet you in person. Keep in touch, Maybe we will see you in another course! ADA

Raffaella November 7, 2015 - 11:31

Wonderful article, heard and useful staff for those in search of a sull'Etoile opinion that gives a judgment based on objective data, but also on a living. That envy you speak, They are sincere, I tried it I also. It's great to read you. I embrace you.

Ada Parisi November 7, 2015 - 18:34

Raffa hello dear! Is’ It was nice to see you again, and meet your family. We hope for a new opportunity soon!


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