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Stuffed squid with tomato sauce Sicilian

by Ada Parisi
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Stuffed squid with Sicilian tomato sauce. Typical recipe of sicilian cuisine at home. ' Filling ': Here's, in front of this word I melt. It doesn't matter what it is filling and what made the stuffing. I like it anyway. These are squid. stuffed with their stewed tails and a dough of breadcrumbs, pecorino cheese and parsley and then cooked in a simple tomato sauce. The potatoes are cooked in sauce and so this is already a tasty single dish. But do not forget to buy bread, because in this case the liner’ It is really mandatory. I admit that the recipe is a little’ long, and for this I have made on my You Tube channel the VIDEO RECIPE squid stuffed with tomato sauce, where I'll also see how you clean the squid (and squid): you have no more excuses!

If you are, like me, fans of squid, also try the SQUIDS STUFFED WITH POTATOES IN WHITE, cooked in white and with the tomato in the stuffing. In Sicily, At home, we often do this dish using squid instead of squid: I really like, They have a more intense flavor and firm and the sauce becomes much good, so as to be perfect for pasta. I totani (which also cost significantly less than the squid) But they need a longer cooking, then you must use a very liquid tomato passata.

If you want, found on my YouTube channel also VIDEO RECIPE step by step of SQUID STEW WITH POTATOES. Obviously, do not forget to have a look at all my RECIPES WITH SQUIDS and all my SICILIAN RECIPES. Have a good day.


Portions: 4 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 4.0/5
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small calamari 8 (already clean and whole, with their tails apart)

300 grams of grated stale bread

capers, to taste

extra virgin olive oil, to taste

salt and pepper, to taste

a clove of garlic

fresh basil or parsley, to taste

grated pecorino Dop, to taste


a liter of tomato sauce

a clove of garlic

Basil, to taste

extra virgin olive oil, to taste

a small piece of chili pepper

salt and pepper, to taste

60 ml white wine

4 potatoes


Before starting to prepare the stuffed squid in tomato sauce, look carefully VIDEO RECIPE in which I will explain how to clean perfectly and how to fill and close the squid in the correct manner.

For the sauce: put in a large pan of a wire 5 extra virgin olive oil, chilli and a clove of garlic in shirt (with the peel and lightly crushed) and cook on low heat. When the garlic is slightly golden, to add the tomato puree, a few leaves of basil and season with salt. Cover and cook over a low heat for 5 minutes, then remove the garlic and chilli.

Peel the potatoes and cut into pieces of uniform size. Fry the potatoes in another pan, always in extra virgin olive oil, until evenly browned, then add the tomato sauce and cook for another 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare the squid: chop the tails into small pieces and finely the garlic and some parsley. Sauté the tails of squid, with garlic and parsley, in a little extra virgin olive oil. Fry for 5 minutes, then put the tails in a bowl, Add the bread crumbs, parsley or basil, chopped, garlic and chopped capers and grated pecorino cheese. Season with salt and pepper and add just enough oil so dough is still grainy but soft.

Fill with this mixture the squid, if necessary using a spoon, as you see in VIDEO RECIPE: be careful not to fill them too much otherwise might crack during cooking, where platters leaving a space of about 1 cm before the edge. Close the ends of squid with a toothpick and put them in the sauce. Add the white wine and allow to evaporate the alcohol.

Cook the squid into the tomato sauce (with the lid) for 15-20 minutes and when they are cooked, fire off, add to the sauce some more basil leaves. Serve the squid along with their sauce and potatoes, accompanying them with slices of toasted homemade. Bon appétit!


OPTIONS: you can add some diced tomato (peeled and seeded and vegetation water) dough. This way you can put less oil, because the moisture will soften tomato, however, the stuffing. This dish can also be prepared with the squid, but require a slightly longer cooking.

MATCHING: with this dish rich in fish suggest a sparkling wine, the Rosamaro, a brut sparkling wine produced by the winery Farms Abbasi, located in Puglia. A wine that has as its base to 100% Negroamaro grape, Lightweight, with hints of white fruits and red fruit, very delicate and frizzante.

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Sayed April 12, 2013 - 03:18

thank you can you send to me any new food

Sicilians creative in the kitchen April 12, 2013 - 12:21

Hi! Sure you can get our recipes. I will enter your email address in our database and you will receive an e-mail communication. You just have to confirm that you want to get our recipes and you will always have the recipe of the day. Regards, ADA

Claudia April 11, 2013 - 09:41

Ada Bonjour!!
Then…Obviously yesterday I found the squid. Though I had a great desire to try the recipe I got the squid, knowing full well that it would not be the same thing…variety too small and heavy legs…and indeed the heads are broken during cooking…
Anyway, the recipe is very good even with the squid…let alone when going with Squid!!! A warm greeting!!

fratelli_ai_fornelli April 11, 2013 - 12:52

Hi Claudia! Yesterday I suggested the squid because to do fillings are quite ' untreatable '…I'm glad you enjoyed the same, see for squid is all a walk…ADA

Claudia April 10, 2013 - 09:26

Ada Bonjour!!
Tonight the provo…I hope only to find the squid!!

fratelli_ai_fornelli April 10, 2013 - 12:42

Fingers crossed for the squid! Let me know and best wishes!

barbara's kitchen blog April 9, 2013 - 23:57

But how nice that is this blog!
I love it, I will follow you with pleasure!

fratelli_ai_fornelli April 9, 2013 - 23:59

Hi Barbara, How nice to have you here! Thanks for the compliments that I replied to you…yours is really nice, refined…A warm greeting!

Julia April 9, 2013 - 16:27

Hello! that good! I really like :))

fratelli_ai_fornelli April 9, 2013 - 16:33

Hi Julia! Thank you very much! :-), a hug, ADA


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