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Caffè leccese

Coffee, ice and almond milk: you only need two ingredients, since the third is just ice water, to prepare the leccese coffee. A tasty drink, refreshing and perfect against the summer heat and not just a coffee. Lecce coffee is not just a drink, is a symbol of the Apulian way of life: Lightweight, greedy, Intriguing. Like the wonderful Lecce, Baroque capital of Puglia. Obviously the worthy accompaniment of the lecce coffee are the leccesi mess, a lard-based shortbread filled with lemon cream. A breakfast full of simplicity and yummy. Then, save this recipe, because the one of the pi pirates will come very soon: those you see in the picture I made them. If you want to combine it with something fresh, try the SEMIFREDDO AL CAFFE’: a perfect match for the after-meal.

The Sicilian alternative: the “half cold”

In Sicily we have the ritual of coffee served cold with a spoonful of granita with coffee, or so frozen that it has slightly frozen on the bottom, and whipped cream. It's called “half cold with cream” and it's pure poetry. Thanks to the presence of granita. and not ice, coffee doesn't water down (you can't understand my disappointment when I drank a shaken coffee in Milan: bitter and watery, without flavor) and the cream makes it look like a cold cappuccino. A small caloric bomb. In Lecce I found the pleasure of drinking cold coffee when I discovered the Lecce coffee: in Sicily the mixed granita of coffee and almond milk is a summer must. The pairing is therefore well known and loved for me. The mix of hot coffee and almond milk creates a perfect temperature balance.

For a perfect lecce coffee

Is’ it is important that the ice cubes are large, otherwise they melt when you pour the boiling coffee. You can make coffee with mocha, but use an intense mixture and make a very small coffee. If you love coffee with cream instead, use the machine. The recipe is practically not there, in the sense that making the coffee is very simple: first you put the almond milk, then the ice, finally you pour the coffee. Coffee, lighter than almond milk, remains on the surface and two distinct layers are formed.

Before you drink you must of course mix it all up. Sugar is useless, because almond milk is already sugary. You can make it in a small cup, strictly transparent to be able to admire the layers, or in a larger one if, like me, prefer the maxi version. Have a good day!


Caffè leccese

COFFEE LECCESE (easy recipe)

Portions: 4 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 5.0/5
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4 espresso coffees
30-60 milliliters of almond milk per person
abundant ice



Making the leccese coffee is very simple: I recommend using a mixture of coffee with an intense taste, that contrasts well with the sweetness of almond milk, and a quality almond milk. In supermarkets you will certainly find Sicilian almond milk Condorelli: in Rome it is found without problems and I use it often. When you prepare ice, favorite cubes quite large, so they don't melt with hot coffee.

Make coffee: if you use mocha make a strong and restricted coffee.

Almond milk should be very cold. Pour almond milk into cups or glasses: the dose is at will, but if you want to make a coffee in a small cup I recommend 30 milliliters of almond milk, if in a large cup 50-60 milliliters. Add plenty of ice. Pour the hot coffee on the ice. You'll see that coffee, lighter than almond milk, will stay afloat creating two perfectly distinct layers.

Before you enjoy the coffee, you just have to mix it well, so that the sugar contained in the almond milk mixes with bitter coffee. Servite immediatamente e non dimenticate i pasticciotti. Have a good day.

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