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Homemade biscuits: 18 easy breakfast recipes

Simple and good biscuits to make at home

by Ada Parisi
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Biscotti algerini, ricetta palermitana

There is nothing more beautiful than the scent of homemade biscuits and this is why today I leave you 18 easy recipes for breakfast, but not only. Also to be prepared together with your children. Easter has passed, but we still have to stay home and therefore we still have a lot of time to spend. And the kitchen has returned to the center of Italian attention, place where it mixes, you experience it, we meet to taste and chat. When the Coronavirus is gone, it will surely leave us fatter, more satisfied and more accustomed to eating well and above all to prepare ourselves to eat. This, in my opinion, will be one of the positive aspects of this health emergency. The re-appropriation of some natural actions such as cooking. But don't forget to do a little too’ exercise, otherwise disposing of the effects of quarantine on the scale will be really difficult!

Needless to say, all the requests I am receiving for recipes BREAD, PIZZA LONG PROVING, FOCACCE, BRIOCHE they make me happy: I see that many of you are passionate about leavening. I also see that many want to try to use little brewer's yeast. Making long leavenings to obtain digestible and well leavened products and I am really satisfied. Especially on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube I see many of you who follow me getting better and better. And I really hope that this passion for home-made will not pass when the emergency passes.

Sablé breton biscuits

Sablé breton biscuits

However, there is the problem of yeast, that is in short supply. And if you were to finish not only the fresh or dry beer yeast but also the cake yeast (you still have a look at my article on 21 EASY HOME-MADE CAKES AND CAKES?), today I leave you 18 easy and good homemade cookie recipes for breakfast. Or for a snack. Maybe in the company of your children, that will surely have a lot of fun with molds and cookie cutters. And you will make their home days greedy and more fun. Some have a small pinch of yeast that you can replace with a pinch of cream of tartar or baking soda activated by a few drops of lemon juice.

Homemade shortbread biscuits: easy recipes suitable for everyone

Among the easiest biscuits to prepare are i BISCUITS ALGERIAN, which in the original Palermo recipe are prepared with lard (you can use butter if you don't find lard or don't love it). They are simple lemon flavored shortcrust pastry disks and covered with powdered sugar, as simple as they are tasty. From Sicily also come the delicious REGINA COOKIES, covered with sesamus and the scent of cinnamon.

Very easy and crumbly also i COOKIES Tahini, or the Middle Eastern sesame cream, which you can replace with plain peanut butter. They are eggless biscuits that are prepared in 10 minutes and addictive in both versions. Both with sesame cream and peanut butter.

They consist of a simple vanilla shortcrust pastry embraced with a chocolate shortcrust pastry i VANILLA AND CHOCOLATE COOKIES SPIRAL, the little ones will have fun rolling them. And the hypnotic spirals of these cookies will enchant you with their delicate taste and crunchy consistency.

Simple but only in appearance i BISCUITS SALTED CARAMEL, with caramel in the dough which gives these biscuits a very special taste. Not recommended if you don't know how to handle caramel, which in itself is complex enough to prepare. Is, put in a cookie dough, It requires some little attention.

Who loves buttery biscuits, slightly salty, rich in taste (and calories) can go as far as trying i BRETON SHORTBREAD COOKIES or BRETON PALETS. A little’ more laborious to prepare and work, since they contain a lot of butter, but absolutely delicious and crumbly enough to melt in your mouth.

In season, to try the BISCUITS WITH FIGS AND WALNUTS or the delicious SEPTEMBER BISCUITS, that can be done both with fresh figs and with fig jam.

Biscuits with dried fruit: full of energy at breakfast

Dried fruit has always been one of the most used ingredients for making biscuits: its crunchy note enhances the taste of the pastry. almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, but also sesame and peanuts, they have now entered our pantries. And they are always at hand to create cookies and sweets always new. Among my favorites there are always the ALMOND AND HAZELNUT COOKIES in Luca Montersino's recipe. They are obtained from a buttery shortcrust pastry which is then sliced. I am of an exaggerated kindness, much closer to pastry products than common biscuits.

And don't forget the yummy ones SHORTBREAD WITH HAZELNUTS, with an intense and pleasantly savory taste.

Ideal To use leftover cornflakes that remain at the bottom of breakfast cereal packages, here's the CORNFLAKES AND CHOCOLATE BISCUITS: Very easy to prepare and keep for a long time.

In HOME-MADE GRANCEREALE COOKIES almonds are just one of the ingredients of a biscuit you will fall in love with. I prepared them with oat flakes, whole wheat flour, honey, butter and are even better than the originals.

I come from America BISCUITS WITH PEANUTS AND DARK CHOCOLATE, very easy to prepare and with a pinch of salt that makes them irresistible. As also i MAXI CHOCOLATE AND NUT COOKIES, so big that they will delight the little ones who, to eat them, they will have to hold them with two hands.

From Sicily come i PISTACHIO AND WHITE CHOCOLATE COOKIES, with pistachio flour in the dough, really easy to prepare and fun to decorate. And still the famous REGINA COOKIES, covered with sesame, the ciciulena or giuggiulena so loved by Sicilians. Also try the version CRISP OF SESAME.

Finally, if you have remnants of different types of dried fruit and dehydrated fruit such as raisins, you can recycle everything in the BISCUITS DRIED FRUIT, highly energetic and very easy to prepare.

Biscuits without and vegan, for special needs

For lactose intolerant, there are different types of biscuits that use extra virgin olive oil or coconut instead of butter. Of Italian tradition the INTORCHIATE PUGLIESI, that come from Puglia. A greedy intertwining based on oil and white wine decorated with mandole. While from Lazio and precisely from the Roman Castles, here are the famous ones RED WINE DONUTS covered with sugar and to dip in a good glass of sweet wine at the end of the meal.

Only three ingredients, without yeast, without oil, no butter, for the ALMOND PASTE SICILIANE, a white and soft goodness made only with sugar, almonds and egg whites. They are among the most loved cookies in the world and, more than just biscuits, they are real pastries to taste.

Instead they are vegan, prepared with oil and coconut milk, dried fruit, oats and wholemeal flour, the VEGAN AND INTEGRAL CHOCOLATE COOKIES, that I created on the model of the Grancereale with chocolate. Easy to do and good, everyone will like it and not just vegans.

Vegan & Delicious, Also the OAT AND CHOCOLATE BISCUITS: perfect for intolerances and can be kept for a long time.

Quick ricotta and lemon biscuits, no butter

They have no butter or oil but only ricotta, and they prepare in 5 minutes, the QUICK LEMON AND RICOTTA BISCUITS, and you can also found the VIDEO RECIPE step by step. Very fast to prepare, stay soft for a long time and are delicious.

For celiacs, there are the COCOA RICE COOKIES, these too in Luca Montersino's recipe, crumbly and with an intense taste, prepared with the finest rice flour.


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