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Reviews: Baglio Soria, in the realm of Gaetano Basir

by Ada Parisi
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If you find yourself in the Trapani area there is a restaurant, within a beam of 1600, Sicilian cuisine is reinterpreted with passion, creativity and great respect by chef Gaetano Basir. Is’ Baglio Soria, the restaurant of the resort from Firriato, that with this facility completes the offer of wine experience present in Sicily with Cavanera on Etna and the estate of Calamoni in Singapore. The restaurant, with high vaulted ceilings and large Windows that let in the island's beautiful natural light, preserve the old Winery with wine collection tanks, concrete symbol of the great attachment to traditions that is also found in the kitchen.

The chef, After doing several international experiences, before arriving at the restaurant guide of Baglio Soria had also successfully opened a restaurant in Trapani, the Serisso 47. Today, Basir has further honed his art and offers a menu focusing on Sicilian culinary heritage and, more detail, on that of western Sicily: by Red prawns Vastedda del Belice Mazara del Vallo via the almonds of Avola, the pistachio, tomato pizzutello, garlic of Nubia. Awesome, both the freshness of the fish is for presentation, the appetizer of raw fish (20 euro), where the chef's touch is in drops of puree from vegetal hints, in tomato water, in herbs and sprouts that exalt the mullet meat, tuna, Grouper, greater amberjack, shrimp.
King prawns
Good also the Red prawns to Marettimo, with burghul, Mint and citrus peel (15 euros): a delicate dish and well-balanced: perfect cooking shrimp, fresh citrus scent. In paper, even more traditional entrees, as the Aubergine pie with roasted tomato and caciocavallo (12 euros) some sort of Eggplant parmigiana revisited and made lighter; But even the most creative dishes, as the sphere port with white fish and red shrimp (16 euros).
As a starter, do not hesitate and choose the couscous of two seas (23 euros), obviously up by hand and served with broth and meat of fish: a couscous rich, served in portions plentyful, with mussels, calamari, King prawns, the fish available during the day and fresh note of lemon zest. Even in this case, as in raw fish, hits the great respect for the raw chef running masterfully a recipe of ancient tradition. Undoubtedly, the best couscous I ate on my trip between Trapani and Marsala. In paper, also several fresh pastries: with Eggplant puree, almonds and chopped tomato (14 euros), a nice first with the amberjack inspired by the classic pasta with sardines (16 euros), with Pistachio pesto and herbs from the garden (16 euros), sauce with fried swordfish pizzutello (16 euros).
The fish also dominates among the second: the croaker in Breading of citrus (18 euros) a grouper with all flavours of this corner of Sicily (18 euros): tomatoes, Capers, Red garlic and oregano. I tried the swordfish with chopped olives, capers and anchovies and crispy vegetables: balanced, soft, Maybe just one second less cooking and it would have been perfect.
Then a meat dish, the only menu between the seconds, and then for this to try. An amazing slow cooking veal seasoned with bay leaves, spring onion, Laurel, cinnamon and Nero d'Avola: truly elegant presentation, with a certain something Oriental in impiattamento, flesh soft without being bloodless, a creamy vegetable soup.
Finally, sweets, also these all made in home chef: dishevelled cassata, that is, without the sugar glaze. Little marzipan and lots of curd cheese for this very different from the traditional cassata. The excellent quality of the ricotta, tasty and crunchy caramelized walnuts, main cause of the marked difference in flavor with Sicilian cassata. semifreddopistacchioThen, I ordered a pistachio Spumoni with melted chocolate: very good ice cream, Although I would have preferred to be served in a more orderly (Maybe cut into slices) and with less melted chocolate, because when a cream is well done and raw materials, as in this case, are excellent, It is good that speak for themselves and are not covered by other flavors.
Wine list obviously focused on producing Firriato, but not only. Is’ possible to combine the meal a tasting of three goblets (15 euros) or five goblets (20 euro) Firriato wines, in concert with the young and talented sommelier of restaurant. In short, you understand that my judgment about this restaurant is more than positive; the only suggestion I would give the chef is to study a tasting menu to be proposed, in order to conduct the most willing through a guided sensorial, between food and wine, make them discover the beautiful face of Sicily. Highly recommended.

(visited on August 23, 2016)

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