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Lady's Kisses

Ricetta tradizionale piemontese dei biscotti alle nocciole

by Ada Parisi
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Baci di dama fatti in casa: due semisfere di frolla alle noccioli unite da un velo di cioccolato fondente

Come preparare i baci di dama nella ricetta tradizionale piemontese

Today ricetta dei baci di dama: a dolce tradizionale piemontese nella versione del maestro pasticcere Luca Montersino. The baci di dama dei biscotti alla nocciole farciti con una crema di cioccolato fondente e sono piccoli e letali. Si tratti di friabilissime two hemispheres and buttery made with almond or hazelnut flour, as in my case, unite da un velo di cioccolato fondete. They are eaten in one bite and one leads to another. Ogni volta che vado in Piemonte non rinuncio ad assaggiare the Lady's Kisses ogni volta che posso e ho una mia personale classifica dei più buoni.

L’ultima volta ho acquistato una eccezionale farina di nocciole Tonde Gentili delle Langhe Igp e ho deciso di fare i SHORTBREAD WITH HAZELNUTS e i baci di dama a casa, anche perché sono perfetti da regalare e si conservano bene e a lungo. Se vi piace l’idea di regalare biscotti fatti in casa, I suggest you take a look at all my COOKIE RECIPES. You will surely find something good to prepare for you or to give to someone you love. E se amate le nocciole dovete assolutamente provare la PANNA COTTA ALLE NOCCIOLE, davvero super semplice e deliziosa. Indeed, date una occhiata a questa compilation di DOLCI CON LE NOCCIOLE, tutti golosissimi.

Come fare in casa la farina di nocciole o di mandorle per i baci di dama

Obviously, se non trovate la farina di nocciole o di mandorle, potete farla a casa tostando le nocciole (o le mandorle If you prefer), eliminando la pellicina esterna e frullandole brevemente con poco zucchero. Sugar is used to make sure that essential oils are not lost but are absorbed by sugar (the amount of sugar may then be subtracted from that of the recipe).

Tutti i trucchi per fare baci di dama perfetti

The procedimento per fare i baci di dama è semplicissimo, but there is a little trick to follow: una volta fatto the dough, deve essere tenuto in frigorifero per almeno 12 ore. Like this, butter content in the mix is ​​rassoderà. And you manage to get, manipulating the dough by hand, balls perfect it in the oven will become hemispheres equally perfect. I, personally, after forming the balls, I keep them at least another hour in the refrigerator before baking cookies.

Is’ indispensabile che le palline abbiano tutte lo stesso peso: my all weighed 6 grams, in hindsight, I would make her even more tiny. Then, call to laziness and weighed every single ball. In so small a cookie, also 1 gram of difference is seen, all right.

Finally, the temperatura del forno, strictly static, must be 150 degrees. Not more and not less. I stuffed the Lady's Kisses, as usual, with melted chocolate in a bain-marie. But you can also use the cream to the chocolate or hazelnuts. Attention, though, that with a spreadable cream of kisses the two sides do not will weld and thus will be more difficult to handle. Have a good day!

Baci di dama fatti in casa: due semisfere di frolla alle noccioli unite da un velo di cioccolato fondente

Lady's Kisses (recipe by Luca Montersino)

Portions: 6 Preparation: cooking:
Nutrition facts: 250 calories 20 fat
Rating: 5.0/5
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240 grams of flour 00 (W180, okay a normal supermarket flour)

200 grams of powdered sugar

200 grams of hazelnuts (reduce flour) or hazelnut flour

200 grams of butter

1 egg yolk

20 grams of whole eggs (Beat an egg, weigh it and just get half)

a pinch of salt

dark chocolate filling for the Lady's Kisses


The preparation of the Lady's Kisses is very fast. If you do not have the hazelnut flour, toasted hazelnuts in the oven or in a pan for a few minutes, eliminated the skins strong rubbing (less than those without skins) and shake it in a blender with 50 grams of sugar. The amount of sugar used for blending the nuts must then be subtracted from the overall quantity of the recipe sugar.

Put on the work surface, in a bowl or in the global hazelnut flour, sifted flour 00, Salt, icing sugar, the egg yolk and the whole egg. Work all the ingredients until the mixture is smooth and homogenous. Wrap the mixture in plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours.

The next day, form of the compound for the lady kisses balls weighing 5-6 grams each. It is important that you weigh every single ball and that they are all of equal weight, both to be able to get the Lady's Kisses perfect, and for even cooking biscuits.

Arrange the balls on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, not too close (cook the balls slightly swell and become the hemispheres). Put the baking tray with lady's kisses in the refrigerator and let it rest for at least an hour.

Preheat oven to 150 degrees static. Bake the Lady's Kisses and cook for 20 minutes or until lightly golden brown. Remove from oven and let cool completely without touching the biscuits (you sbriciolebbero). Melt dark chocolate in a double boiler, allow to cool slightly. Couple the balls handling them with care, because they are very brittle. Stuff the Lady's Kisses with dark chocolate and wait 30 minutes before you taste them, so the chocolate rassodi. Bon appétit!

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