Fried salt cod alla romana

Salt cod fried in batter Roman: a soft thread encased in a crisp and light batter. easy Recipe.

Fried salt cod alla romana, and thus in batter. After having explained how to make COD’ FRIED NEAPOLITAN, it was necessary to make a tribute to the city where I live: so today I leave you the recipe for fried cod in batter but. I am sure that in much of Italy in CHRISTMAS MENU There will be one or the other based recipe video. And if you want to try some alternative dish, have a look at all my RECIPES WITH COD’.

It is a recipe typical of Roman cuisine and Lazio in every restaurant and pizzeria in the Capital. And the fillet of cod in batter is a classic street food, the ones sold in Trastevere or Campo dei Fiori. In theory, when you order the fried cod Roman restaurant, you should enjoy a meaty fillet of cod wrapped in a dry, thin batter. But too often instead of cod there is very little, while the batter is a lot and very greasy. In home, though, the music changes: buy a nice fillet of cod already soaked, remove the skin, cut into thick fillets at least 3 cm.

The batter for the fried cod alla romana

For the batter I would suggest that base, the most neutral and easy to prepare: ice cold sparkling water and flour. If you want a more intense flavor, You can replace the water with a beer (more or less intense depending on your taste) always ice. There are some types of batters that are made with flour and egg white Whipped Egg, and other with wine and a pinch of yeast. I like the batter is as neutral as possible, to enhance the taste of fish (vegetable or if you prefer). The batter should never rest, Once you prepared the fish is dipped well and fried immediately.

Unlike simply floured and fried cod, Here you can add a little salt (very little, I recommend) the batter. Remember, whether you're buying the cod already soaked, whether they ammolliate home (you have to hold it for 3 days in cold water, changing the water three times a day), the fish will always be a salt residue. I like to add the batter a pinch of freshly ground black pepper, but it is a personal taste.

The oil, which one to use and how to use it

As for the oil for frying, I repeat what I have already explained to you the recipe COD’ FRIED NEAPOLITAN. You can use: virgin olive oil, peanut oil or high oleic sunflower oil. Do not use vegetable oil mixed or simple sunflower oil because they have a smoke point is not suitable for frying. Remember that a good frying depends both on the type of oil used, both from the vessel (better to fry in a lot of oil, in 'dive'), both mainly by temperature. I never tire of recommending the purchase of a cooking thermometer: the ideal temperature for a dry frying, crunchy and healthy is between 165 and 170 degrees.

I recommend, while the floured cod is fried is good too cold or heated, It is a mortal sin to eat cold in batter: the batter is limp and the dish loses its charm. You have to enjoy it hot, freshly fried. Have a nice day.


COD 'BATTER IN ROMAN (easy recipe)

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  • 800 grams of cod in one piece
  • 100 grams of flour 00
  • ice cold sparkling water, to taste
  • a pinch of salt
  • ground black pepper (Optional)
  • peanut oil, high oleic sunflower or virgin olive oil, to taste


Salt cod fried in batter Roman

Remove the skin of the cod, then cut into thick fillets about 3 cm. If you use frozen cod, you must first decongelarlo in the refrigerator overnight and then cut into pieces.

Any type of cod are using, remember to pat the pieces well with paper towels, so that they are perfectly dry. Otherwise, the batter will be soft and frying many sketches will rise because of excess water in the fish.

For the batter, put the flour in a bowl, add a small pinch of salt and black pepper if you like, Then pour in a little’ of ice cold sparkling water, stirring quickly with a hand whisk. Add water a little at a time: the batter should be thick and smooth, No clumps, as pictured.

Preheat abundant oil seeds Peanut (or high oleic sunflower or virgin olive oil) in a pan with high edges (I recommend a wok frying). When the oil temperature will be at 165 degrees, Dip a fillet of cod in batter, holding it with forceps and turning it so that it is evenly coated with batter. Put gently in hot oil cod: the batter will immediately swell. Cooking is very short, but be careful that the cod is golden, not too light nor too burned.

Place the cod fillets on absorbent paper, so as to eliminate any excess oil and serve immediately, because the fried cod alla romana you eat hot. With hands. Have a good day!

Fried salt cod alla romana
Fried salt cod alla romana

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