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Christmas roasts: 15 recipes to surprise guests

by Ada Parisi
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Falsomagro alla palermitana, un secondo tradizionale della cucina siciliana

You want 15 recipes of easy and elegant Christmas roasts to surprise your guests, make a figurone and save the Christmas menus from the bore bore of the mundane meat seconds? I'll tell you something you already know: it's hard to come up with a vast menu like Christmas or New Year's Eve (you've already snooped in the SPECIAL CHRISTMAS RECIPES AND MENUS?). The most complicated part for me has always been the second courses, especially on meat menus. Because I love fish a lot and cook it frequently. That's why I often and willingly take refuge in a roast on important occasions, simple or stuffed, cooked in a pan or in the oven, of different meats as long as they are very tender and cooked in dot.

I guess you're all very busy figuring out what to prepare not just for Christmas dinner and lunch but generally throughout this holiday season. A festive period to spend, though, with a sense of responsibility and in ranks a little’ reduced given the health emergency.

As you know, roast is normally a touch of meat generally of medium to large size that can be cooked in a pan or in the oven. It can also be stuffed inside or stuffed and rolled up on itself. A great roast can be prepared with any meat: beef, calf, pig, Lamb, Rabbit, chicken. In my opinion, the most versatile meat is pork, but the rabbit rolled up, For example,, it's an un peered delight.

Pork sirloin steak with orange, with dried figs, chestnuts and onions

Some tips for perfect Christmas roasts

Now, there are some small tips common to any Christmas roast recipe you choose to surprise your guests at the table. The first tip, that may seem trivial, is to choose a high quality meat, asking your butcher the right cut based on the recipe: Lonza (without bone) or arista (with bone) of pork, rack of lamb (with bone), disoxed rabbit, lacerto or beef rose or veal, beef or pork fillet. Yet, bought in time that kitchen thermometer that I tell you to buy for years (on Amazon you find a wide choice, for all budgets, you have no excuse). Knowing with absolute certainty the temperature at the heart of the meat is indispensable to get a perfect roast, not raw and not dry.

Keep the meat for at least an hour at room temperature before you start preparing the roast and salt it carefully, massaging it from all sides. The meat must be well browned on each side in extra virgin olive oil. Do not rush, because browning causes the “Maillard reaction”, a transformation of sugars and proteins that gives the roast that typical and delicious taste.

Browning is not necessary, instead, in “seal” the meat and not to let out the juices, as we read from many quarters. To prevent juices from having come out there are only two things to do: don't overcoo the meat and never pierce it. That's also why you need the kitchen thermometer, better if to probe: you put it in the middle of the meat when it's still raw, sounds at the right temperature and you take it off at the end of cooking, so the meat doesn't lose liquids. And what will be the right temperature? Now I'm going to tell you.

Roastbeef in English

The perfect temperatures for roasting

  • Beef: 45°-52° to the blood (au bleau if under 50°) – 55°-65° medium cooking (pinker and softer under 60°) – 65°-70° degrees well cooked
  • Lamb: the temperature also depends on the cut. For ribs and carrè the recommended temperature is 57°-60°, for loumbath 65°, for the 80° thigh
  • Pig: the recommended optimal temperature is 72-75°, for the thread the recommended temperature is 68-70°
  • Chicken: the chicken you eat well cooked. The minimum temperature must be 72°-75°
  • Rabbit: the minimum cooking point is 74°

Easy but delicious roasts for beginners

Some of these 15 Christmas roast recipes to surprise guests are a bit’ complex to do, but there are three that are really very simple. The simplest roast ever, with three ingredients that give life to a very simple but delicious recipe, it's definitely the PORK LOIN WITH MILK. To serve with a classic (and much loved) side dish of baked potatoes seasoned with black pepper and rosemary. Meat sauce is created on its own, thanks to the coagulation of milk, and it's absolutely amazing. And you can also look at the VIDEO RECIPE step by step with all my advice.

If you have a cooking thermometer, for you to prepare an authentic, very elegant and juicy ROASTBEEF IN ENGLISH it's going to be a walk. To be served strictly with potatoes and perhaps make even more special accompanying it with a supreme sauce with mushrooms and cherry. To make your guests look good.

Is’ a recipe French but it has nothing difficult the recipe of the Carre’ BAKED LAMB : fatigue does it only the butcher, who has to prepare you for the right cut, that is, the ribs. For the rest, it's all downhill: and there's something more scenic than seeing this majestic lamb roast coming to the table?Pork Tenderloin with beer and chestnuts

Roasts of pork fillet: very tender

If there are few of you (and this Christmas I'm really afraid that big family gatherings are banned), then you could choose to make a roast with pork fillet instead of loin. The fillet is much smaller, but much more tender and succulent. And of course he cooks even in less time. Is’ the ideal choice for 2-6 people. My three absolute favorite recipes are all a blaze of taste and are perfect as a second Christmas dish.

We begin with the PORK FILLET WITH PLUMS AND SHALLOTS: the plums give the sauce a sour and sweet taste at the same time that goes perfectly with pork and shallots are an original side dish alternative to the usual potatoes. The pork and fruit pairing is established: comes from the countries of Northern Europe but has conquered us too, starting with apples to finish with figs or plums.

The second Christmas roast I propose to you is the PORK TENDERLOIN WITH BEER AND CHESTNUT. In this case the fillet cooks already cut into portions (Comfortable) and wrapped in raw ham. Chestnuts and beer create a robust and delicious taste and sauce: not to be missed.

He could not miss among the Christmas roasts the PORK TENDERLOIN STUFFED SICILIAN. Also this recipe includes single portions already stuffed with cheese and dried tomatoes, ready to serve on the table. Is’ delicious and above all original, not the usual roast.

Roasts in a pan with fruit: original and delicious

Between the roast in the oven and the one in the pan I almost never doubt: I much prefer baking in a pan after a nice browning, because it leaves the meat softer and allows me to also prepare sauces and soft and delicious sauces. This is especially true when they combine meat with fruit. And speaking of 15 Christmas roast recipes to surprise guests I couldn't help but include some recipes with pork and fruit pairing, really wonderful. Is’ traditional the one with apples, but maybe few have tried to serve pork with quince. A common custom especially in north Africa. That is why I propose to you the PORK LOIN WITH QUINCE, orange and rosemary juice, with a pleasant sweet and sour taste and very fragrant.

For those who love contrasts, here's the ORANGE PORK LOIN, WITH DRIED FIGS AND CHESTNUT. A majestic second course, delicious and perfect for important moments.

Finally, if you love more traditional combinations, the recipe for you is l’ROAST PORK WITH MUSHROOMS AND CHESTNUT. A delicate taste, scent of undergrowth and winter. To be served with baked potatoes, but also with a soft and buttery mashed potatoes or pumpkin.

Sicilian stuffed rabbit

Stuffed roasts: scenic and surprising

When we talk about stuffed roasts, my eyes shine. First of all because there is less meat and more stuffing. Then because they are fully customizable according to taste: I, For example,, i don't like ham cooked in dishes, and I often use coppata bacon, but you can also use raw ham or mortadella. You can use different types of vegetables or cheeses. In short. stuffed roasts are almost sartorial dishes.

Among the 15 Christmas roast recipes perfect to surprise your guests on the table , the first place in the ranking belongs to the Falsomagro TO PALERMITANA, that “lean” obviously has nothing, Indeed. Is’ a rolled beef or veal stuffed in a rich and colorful way, baroque and inviting. Like the RABBIT STUFFED SICILIAN, with bacon, cheese and spinach, to serve with its velvety and tasty sauce. The perfect dishes if you really want to surprise everyone on the table for Christmas or New Year's Eve.

Always rolled up is the’STUFFED VEAL ROAST with boiled eggs, whole carrots and cheese: it is an ancient dish of the Sicilian tradition, while it's definitely more modern and has a stronger taste l’ROLLED PORK WITH ARTICHOKES and bacon, to serve cut into slices with its sauce and mashed potatoes.

Classic, not rolled up but stuffed inside with dried plums, l’PLUM PORK ROAST it's a very very simple stuffed roast to prepare. Definitely the simplest of the stuffed roasts. Serve it with potatoes first boiled and then roasted with rosemary oil and you will bring a delicious but not too heavy dish to the table.

Finally, it's not a touch of meat and so it's not a roast in the strict sense, but i couldn't help but include in this ranking the SICILIAN STUFFED MEATLOAF, bacon filling, cheese and boiled eggs, stuffed, with a delicious sauce and lots of golden potatoes. Definitely the least refined dish, but that's what he knows most about family and love, and therefore also Christmas. And the kids are crazy about it..

At this point, on meat seconds you shouldn't have any more problems, but you haven't decided on your Christmas menus yet, I advise you to peek into the SPECIAL CHRISTMAS RECIPES AND MENUS and take a look at my recipe collections:






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