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The revolution of Bardolino Chiaretto, 50 shades of rosé

by Ada Parisi
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In wine, as in life, There are easy years and years difficult. And while the easy years often pass without leaving significant traces, difficult ones always leave their mark. It not infrequently happens that difficulties arise new things and courageous. Is’ what happened to the wine Bardolino Chiaretto, that has made the time to vintage crisis in 2014 (much rain, grape diseases and therefore a commodity difficult to treat) an opportunity to be seized to maintain that the "rose revolution" was defined. The wine that everyone knew, intense aromas of red berries and pink in color, sometimes almost fuchsia, It has become just one year into a wine with citrus aromas, floral and pale pink color to become pale in some cases. A wine that aims to please women, but also to young “who want fresh wines and not binding, not high in alcohol content”, said the Chairman of the Consorzio di Tutela Franco Cristoforetti (Villabella), without forgetting the combinations with good food and especially with the modern kitchen, from sushi to various finger food.

I was a preview of the new magnificent claret on the Verona side of Lake Garda, in the delightful village of Lazise, one of the oldest towns in Italy ("The first" reads the front of the municipal building), where curiosity to see the new look of claret did get around 8000 people. In this edition, the preview are the producers of the southern Puglia joined, gathered under the banner of the association Gusto Salento (which includes wineries such as Cantele, Due Palme, Conti Zecca, Tenute Rubino) , signing a twinning that is beneficial to both and, in general, unit of Italian wine. Over 200 labels present, in a continuous tastings, is guided both blind, organized by the Consortium.

But what is the synthesis of the 'rose revolution'? In essence: news for producers, they had to change the production style, using 'croaker’ (the grape variety from which you make the Claret, but also the red Bardolino) in a new way, to obtain a wine with less color and more acidity and freshness; and news for consumers, They will find a wine in the glass colors that are closest to the Provençal rosés famous and the most elegant and fresh taste. The courageous decision of the Bardolino Wine Consortium will be judged by the market. Today the producers are about 70 to about 20 million bottles (half of which Chiaretto, but the intent of the Consortium should increase in the future), destined for much abroad, especially in the countries of Northern Europe. The idea is to maximize the characteristics of the main vine, Corvina Veronese, which it is able to give very fresh and easy to match wines with food. And here I can not mention the extraordinary tortellini of Valeggio, also called 'love knots', I ate at the restaurant The bag in a 'vertical’ made of fried tortellini, in broth, with butter and sage, with beetroot dough and stuffed with cheese and radicchio, and finally with pumpkin and macaroons.

Del Bardolino speak knowledgeably, because in these three days I ventured into all three blind tastings: that of the new claret 2014 (60 labels), the classic red Bardolino (55 labels) and rosés of the Salento (19 labels of 14 companies) all without getting drunk or to rage. I leave you my personal ranking, you know they are not a taster but only a lover of good food and good wine. I have a marked preference for wines not too citrusy (one of the main qualities of this new claret) and my favorite among Chiaretti were Bardolino Chiaretto Cavalchina, Monte del Fra 'and Three Hills. Special mention for the biological Vineyards Villabella and to Tinazzi. Among the Salento Rosati prevailed, always in my judgment, Kreos di Castello Monaci, Corerosa of Cantine Due Palme and Rosa Gulf homonym of Alezio cellar. Finally, among the Bardolino Classico 2014 top spots for wines of Joseph and Gian Pietro Girardi, Roccolo del Lago, kind, Marcello Marchesini, yet, Tinazzi.

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Hedwig 12 March 2015 - 14:21

I love the rose wines. My favorite are the full-bodied reds and important as the piedmont but not only like harsh, but also those that took his breath…become soft.
Cie wine, let's say so, Karst place called Teran. It looks like flavor with Refosco but is less alcohol in fact it's hard to get it out of Trieste because of conservation. I know someone sends it but it is not the same hand have increased the alcohol content. They trattorias plateau sorbet Teran…. fabulous.
Good day and good photos and the information super.

Sicilians creative in the kitchen 12 March 2015 - 14:39

Hedwig did you find a wine that I do not know. This Terrano… I have absolutely documenting. I like the rose but especially aromatic and fragrant white (adoro i Traminer) and red with the right amount of barrels, old and soft…. I'm going to understand more about your wine… ADA


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