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Travel itineraries: Agrigento, Sicily slow between temples, cliffs and ancient oaks

by Ada Parisi
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The Scala dei Turchi and the Valley of the temples. The first, created by wind and sea, bright white in the Sun; the second forged by hand, dotted with columns, stairways, Gables, ancient carved stones. These rocks speak to us still today, not won by time nor by history. To listen, Since the beginning of time, There's Agrigento, in Sicilian ' Garcia ', that looks from the sea to the Acropolis (the ancient Akragas) following a trajectory of unusual beauty. It's a Sicily ocher, parched by the Sun, where everything is more real and more violent: the colors, more vivid, the sea green to yellow sand at stones cracked, NET flavors of extra virgin olive oil and toasted almonds, fresh fish and wine mineral and aromatic, the vibrant sounds of the fishermen who fall into port, of pastors who call to rally the sheep, the guides who constantly tell the history of Sicily. That is also my story.

For me, that Gozo, It's wonderful to have the good fortune to be able to tell you in this personal space my land to those who already love her and to those who still don't know her. This time we speak of a Sicily ' slow ', where the slowness is a virtue, where have the time to walk, look around, enjoy, Savor and learn is a satisfying needs. So, today, my story starts from this piece of land that was called Magna Greece, where Agrigento in the fifth century BC it became a city beautiful, rich, sumptuous. Driving through the road that will take you to Valley of the temples, you're never prepared for what you'll see while, chatting and listening to the radio, raise your gaze: you will be impressed at the heart, as a bullet. The temples are there, as in the 5th century BC., with their Doric columns, the bleachers, the triglyphs and metopes: look at the sea, as has always been, and they watch you, so small before history. I could bore you (seen my college history) with detailed descriptions of how the Valley during its heyday, tell you that the ten temples were decorated with pediments, they were colored, the zone then clashed Hellenistic constructions, Romana, Christian, but I won't say anything. I'll leave you alone, to admire the Temple of Concord, Hera, the remains of one of Heracles, Zeus Olympus e dei Dioscuri, stroll along the streets at one time crossed by processions and prayers, Watch the sea and the agaves in bloom. When you visit the Valley of the temples, It is worth contacting a guide, because the simple, Although ecstatic, Valley vision cannot suffice to make you understand why this place is so awesome and because both joined of goods included in Unesco. Walking through the Valley don't forget to greet the goats Girgentane, that are kept in the Archaeological Park: is a race of Asian origin, today in danger of extinction, with long, spiral horns. A race that you are trying to recover. Their milk, of modest amount than normal goats, It's delicate. The Slow Food Foundation has decided to establish a garrison for its protection and is promoting the production of cheeses made from this milk, also to help farmers increase their income, making this kind of sustainable farming.

The conclusion of the visit (and if the end in less than three hours there would certainly use again), don't think you have finished: awaits the Archaeological Museum of Agrigento, in whose area you will also find the Nikolai Church and the Oratory of Phalaris. The Museum is a must, If only to see what remains of the Telamons, the Giants 12-metre tall supporting on his shoulders the weight of the temples of Zeus. In the Museum, one of the most important in Sicily together with that of Syracuse, There are over 5,500 artefacts, some of them invaluable: ceramics, graves, marble slabs, funeral and everything that has been found in the necropolis and in the archaeological area of Agrigento. If you are interested in archaeology, the Valley of the temples and the regional Museum, alone, are certainly worth the trip. Asking me to tell the Sicily during a blog tour between path, Food and culture was Eden Hotels, I have hosted on two resort, showing me the best that my country has to offer, and that made me be revived so many emotions, be made known fact that I hadn't yet visited. The conclusion of the visit to the Museum, I leave you a good address for lunch or dinner: a local open (or rather re-opened) for a few weeks which is called Terracotta (as I write this, the site is still under construction). The uniqueness is not only in the use of raw Sicilian excellence, mostly strictly territorial backgrounds, but also in the place where: a former Church, Saint Peter's, that has now become a cultural space thanks to the Temenos Association, who owns the restaurant and the Café St. Peter.

And if the Valley of the temples for me was the confirmation of an everlasting love, the Scala dei Turchi was a real bonus. I know just the coast of Agrigento, better than ragusan, and I was enchanted by the bays and coves of fine golden sand, the sea green, the rocks scattered in the water. In this panorama in itself already affected, the Scala dei Turchi: a rocky cliff completely composed of white marl, carved stepped from the hands of the most skilled of suggestively sculptors: the wind. The name comes from the Moorish incursions occurred in 1500 in Sicily, but the site rose to prominence in the Sicilian tourist landscape for the adventures of commissario Montalbano invented by writer Andrea Camilleri. The White Rock, CalcArea, is cool even under the relentless summer sun and can scale easily to get to the top: from there the view extends to infinity in the blue of the sea. Finished bathroom, treat yourself to an aperitif on the beach with some small whim based on fish: If there are two of, It will be a romantic moment, otherwise you will experience just the small luxury of a fresh octopus salad and a glass of bubbles (better if Sicily, What Charm by Firriato) in front of a roaring sea.

If you prefer the sea green, then I suggest you another destination that I was unknown: the sughereta of Niscemi. Just move to the province, from Agrigento in Caltanissetta, to find something unique in Sicily: a reserve of almost three thousand acres of oak forest, an evergreen oak, from where you get the Cork. The place is charming: In addition to Oaks there is the rich Mediterranean vegetation of rock rose, Myrtle, Rosemary, Thyme, Erica, agaves. And seeing those logs flayed, stripped naked, It's really impressive. Inside is concealed a cork oak who allegedly 400 years, a respectable age even for an oak tree (that usually lives quietly until one hundred years), to the point that scholars are analyzing his genetic. The reserve is managed by the forest ranger, but the Cork is simply collected and then sold out of from Sicily, mostly companies working the Cork in Sardinia, where there is one of the most important European productions of this natural material necessary for the wine industry. Unfortunately, She didn't become the sughereta an undertaking, that could create jobs in the area and, Maybe, to create an original product that speaks of our Sicily. To visit rely on the Organization and competence of the passionate Environmental education and training center Niscemi.

Where to sleep? When I saw the Falconara charming house & resort I had a deja vu: There I had been, many years ago, When trying to visit the Castello di Falconara and finding it closed, I decided to take a break for lunch. Come in today and find everything unchanged, the Castle always overlooking the sea, fine sand, the blue water, was comforting. The Falconara is a stunning hotel, offers various offers from long stays with airplane flight to those using the spa and beach. President!. I recommend if you are looking for tranquility, Discreet Luxury and subtle and a typical Sicilian atmosphere. Located in a place where it is easy to reach both the Agrigento both Ragusa. A dip in the pool (but I dare you to resist the charms of the sea), a superb breakfast, a fine fish dinner, a massage in the Spa and you'll be ready for another destination to explore the next day. In this my land, which is beautiful and poignant, I love so much more the more you are far.

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Ferdinand Rizzo October 22, 2015 - 12:42

Alive, Thank God, in Sicily, but I would be every day around to enjoy it as much as I can.
But no! to work.
Hi Ada, I understand how you are missing.

Ada Parisi October 22, 2015 - 13:44

EH… think of me, 15 years away and I have to work! A hug, ADA

Ferdi October 21, 2015 - 19:23

I didn't know about your blog at the time you wrote this post, but I am very familiar with the places you describe, from agrigento in porto empedocle, realmonte and la scala dei turchi and further down in siculiana, Eraclea minoa, up to sciacca, Mazara del vallo, marsala, etc.
And see photos and. summer colors only increases, especially in these gloomy days, the nostalgia of the beautiful days spent on the beaches and with the smell and taste of the sea and its fruits still in the nose and in the mouth.
I'll have to go back at the first opportunity.
Thanks Ada.

Ada Parisi October 22, 2015 - 10:37

Hi Ferdinand, but you live in Sicily? Why do you talk as if you had the… Miss me too… ADA

Andrea 19 July 2015 - 19:20

Sicily, and what about more …………We went once in 2003, dragged and fascinated by the INSPECTOR MONTALBANO, with Sicilian friends Cammarata, to which we in the North we did make a real tour de force to see as much as possible in 20 days. WONDERFUL LAND, Sun sea food culture……….. fond memories, UNFORGETTABLE journey filled with emotions

Ada Parisi 20 July 2015 - 10:14

Thank you Andrea for these beautiful words on my island. Spare IO, because I lived eight years in Milan and I learned to love the beauty of North Italy, and especially architectures that in Sicily there for historical reasons. I hope in your next trip to Sicily, Surely there are still so many things to see and so many memories to keep. ADA


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